Too much wall?

hvhayNovember 2, 2012

Hi all! I posted a couple of weeks ago asking for opinions on my kitchen layout and got some great advice. We're on round 2 now and I'm pretty happy with what we have so far, but I have some reservations regarding the layout of the side entry/laundry/powder room. This latest version involves shifting the door from the side entry into the kitchen north by nearly 3 feet and I'm a little concerned with 1) whether 3 more feet of plain old wall is going to look strange there and 2) the amount of room that it carves out of the built-in china cabinet that we planned for that wall. Am I overthinking this? I didn't give it too much thought until I looked at a 3D mock-up and was just struck by just how much more WALL there is in this version. I mean I suppose I can put up a calendar or some art but all in all I'd rather have more china cabinet and less wall. As I see it, my options are to 1) deal with the wall, 2) keep the door where it is and lose part of the pantry/coats/bench area (this would mean that the outside door and the door to the kitchen would not be aligned... would that be too strange?), or 3) reconfigure this whole side entry/laundry/powder room space in some other way. Does anyone have any opinions or advice? (On an entirely unrelated note, we will not be having seating at the island.) Right now we are still at the stage of getting preliminary estimates so we can make changes as long as we don't start moving outside walls or making any other huge alterations. For reference, the whole side entry/laundry/powder room area is approximately 10' x 9'. Thanks for any input, about the wall or anything else besides!

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Wall space can be good, and I wish I'd planned more in my house. Art work, calendars, etc are important in running and enjoying the house. Some empty space can be nice. However, losing 3 ft of your cabinet hutch is a LOT, and I would probably elect not to do that.

I'd like to see the new plan to see how everything works. I don't think it'd be a big deal to have the doorways not line up. But hard to tell without seeing it.

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