Island overhang

sdishiiNovember 30, 2012

Our island is 9'x4' we have 24"cabs and then 12" cabs on seating side, both the cabinet people and the granite installers say a 12 inch overhang is completely fine, the cabinets are in already and there is no where to put corbals. Is a 12" overhang fine with 3 cm granite or even 2 cm granite ( my husband likes the 4 cm edge)? If this could crack, should we do a 10" overhang instead with 2 or 3cm?
I have heard that at least 70% of counter needs to be under cabinets, (that would mean 12" would work)is this true though?
Thanks for all your help, there is so much conflicting info.

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My island is 9x4 as well. We are doing a walnut top with a 15" overhang. Many have said 12" is fine but in reality more is better. I think whether or not the island is counter height or bar height makes a difference too. I think with bar height you can get away with less overhang. Also will you be eating at the island regularly?

Our cabinet maker insisted we do a skirt around the seating area. I didn't want corbels to get in the way so we removed them from the plan. Stone is even heavier so you want to make sure you have great support.

I can't imagine not having any kind of support under the 12". I don't know all the rules about this though. I do know that people lean on the edge - even to get up from sitting- and I'd think there would be a possibility of your stone cracking.

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12" does not require support in 3cm, but I think it looks better with some sort of support.

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