Quartz that looks like Marble... Corian? Granite?

2LittleFishiesNovember 2, 2011

I plan to get marble... Looking at Vermont Danby (Imperial Danby) due to it's better absorption rate than the Italian Marbles. I also like the caramel/gold veining as I plan on off white cabinets. That's my plan- today... lol

However, we have some time and before committing I want to look at the alternatives. If I really like one maybe I'll go with it being the upkeep would be much easier than marble and less worries.

I know about the quartzites and have seen some in person. (white princess, superwhite, etc...) Also the white granites, like Bianco Romano and Kashmir White.. I HAVEN'T ruled those out but still they are not quite "it". I don't want anything too busy or shiny.

Today, I ordered samples of Silestone Lagoon and Witch Hazel. ( I heard the Lyra isn't too nice? ) I also ordered Cambria Torquay which I received today. Definitely could be a possibility although I was hoping I would LOVE it more at first look. I saw the Okite Bianco Carrara and didn't like it. I also don't like the Caesarstone Misty Carrara. Too gray.

I ordered Corian Rain Cloud as I've seen pics here and it looks really nice. I just don't know if Corian is a good direction to go in? Is Corian considered not as desirable as granite/marble/or even quartz?

Any others I should look at? I really appreciate your help! I think I've read most of the marble discussions here. LOL I just love it- and wish I didn't?

Below I'll put my inspiration kitchen photos so you can see my direction. : )

Here is a link that might be useful: I N S P I R A T I O N P H O T O S

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I put Bianco River silestone in about six months ago. I really like it. I love how it just wipes up, does not stain, and requires no sealing. Really care free. I did not want a counter top I had to be careful of, or required upkeep. I do however think marble is just beautiful.

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Hi, I went through a "white phase" and really looked at all the granites and some marble. My husband really didn't want light colored, so I switched gears and am really happy with my decision.

But I still love Moon Night--do a search for "Slush Moon Night"on this board. I also really loved Glacier White, which is similar to Moon Night; see my link. I liked Floratta White but a little less so; it was a little quieter.

Hopefully Breezygirl will see this because she knows all the different whites better than I do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glacier White Granite at Cosmos

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lesliep- I just ordered a sample : ) Do you have any photos?

colorfast- Thanks! I found Slush's moon night and it's beautiful, however too gray for me.

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Sophie Wheeler

Both Formica and Wilsonart have new laminates that are VERY credible representations of marble. And they are a LOT cheaper, as well as never etch.

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Cambria Torquay is awfully close to marble. I've seen some slabs IRL and they have lots of variation in colour and pattern.That's what we're using in our kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Torquay

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lisa0527- Yes- that's why I hear. I got a 12" square and it does look really good! I think it's not so much the pattern that's an issue but it just isn't the same feel as marble (of course- b/c it's NOT marble lol) I also wish it were less polished but I don't think Cambria comes any different. If you have other pics of a full slab in use (I've seen the stock photos) please share them : )
When will you be getting yours? Oh, I'm hoping there's a bit more of the gold caramel mixed in than what I can see on my sample???
Best of luck! ...and THANKS!

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I have the Corian Rain Cloud and really love it. Everyone who sees it is amazed it is Corian and the compliments are effusive. I also notice that people stroke the counters while talking to me, so I guess they like the feel of it as well. It feels silky to me and I like that it is warmer to the touch than some other choices (and quieter).

Just a warning, the sample seemed to have more taupe in it, esp. the underside. It looks so much better as a full display. The little sample almost put us off, but going back to see the display kitchen set us straight. You can't get the feel of it without an expanse of it. You also won't appreciate the invisible seams from a little sample.

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Dianalo- Do you have any photos? Sounds great : )

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Don't jump down my throat, but from this thread and another of yours I read the other day, I think you really want marble. We could rattle off more than a handful of marble-ish looking granites and quartzites, but sounds like you've seen most and ruled them out. (Side note, have you ruled them out based on online photos or have you seen them IRL? A few photos of a particular named stone might not look good to you, but the right slab IRL could scream "the one" if you saw it.)

I don't care for manmade counters, but I think you're on the right track for the ones that resemble marble. It doesn't sound like any of them are really grabbing you either. I keep hearing "I want marble" when I read your posts. Just sayin'.

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Hi breezygirl! You are 100% right! (and I would never jump down your throat : )
I DO want marble but there are always people around me saying not to do it. I have looked at some of my "neighbor's" marble. Most look great but one of them in particular not so much. Tons of etching- not here and there but BIG splotches that when the light hits it right looks pretty BAD. That being said, those people say they are slobs. lol My husband and I are the furthest thing from that. We use cutting boards, etc... no matter WHAT counter we have. (Even on our really old formica). DH is a neat freak. That is Good but I worry he won't be happy with any issues that may arise with the marble. I have told him the negatives but to be honest I don't dwell on them TOO much. LOL Also, we have soon to be 4 and 6 yr olds. I worry about having to keep on top of them. We will be eating at the island daily.

I think if I can leave the island (or one spot) with another "safe" material I'd feel better knowing the kids can spill OJ, etc.. without me freaking out. I certainly DON"T expect the marble will stay perfect and I think I am okay with that knowing that that is what marble IS. If we had another surface that got ruined with wrong cleaning solution or crazy glue, or something else- that would be upsetting of course, but with marble I guess you have to know what you're getting into and just go with it! I'm just still a bit scared to spend so much $ and have buyers remorse later (although I don't think I will b/c I LOVE it so much!)

If we do another surface on the island I guess it wouldn't be any of the above as they would clash with the marble. As others have mentioned, we could do wood or a solid quartz that matches the marble. Hopefully something honed.

Lastly, My concern about doing wood (or something very different from the marble) on my island is if having two different cabinet AND counter colors might be too much.

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The slabs I saw had quite a lot of caramel...almost more than I wanted (I was thinking more gray). My sample had an even mix, the sample at the distributors was almost all gray and the slabs had a lot of variation, which added to the natural look. If you go to Houzz and search for Torquay I believe there is at least one kitchen with it installed.

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I would have agreed with breezy totally until we saw the Corian Rain Cloud in a display kitchen. Dh fell in love and when I walked over, I saw why.
I had been sorely disappointed in Misty Carrera quartz and the other man made options. I'd have bet a lot of money not to be swayed by another manmade option (Torquay was not in existence then, but has too much beige in it for us anyway).

The RC does not pretend to be marble, but it has a marble type vibe. No one thinks it is marble when they see it, yet they like it anyway. It gives a white appearance without being plain white or showing up every single crumb from miles away. I clean my counters frequently, but hate how a solid color shows up too much even during prepping and cooking. I sometimes clean up and am surprised at how much got on them when I look closely after dinner while wiping everything down.
We have 2 young boys and the bottom line is I did not want to be the nagging or stressed out mom about them using the counters in our kitchen. I trust dh and I to use cutting boards and clean up quickly after, but not them. They may be good at some point in time about using a more delicate counter, but they are not anytime soon going to fall into that category. Their friends who come over may not be as well trained either and I did not want to be a kitchen cop nipping at everyone's heels about the counters.
I love marble and did it in our master bathroom. I would even be ok with normal etching, but I was worried about large scale disasters. If your kids are fastidious, YMMV.

Here is the pic I have on Photobucket of one of our counters. I am not home to take better pictures.

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Just my opinion, but I think the manmade versions of natural stone generally look like wannabe versions. Sort of like you wanted to go for the real thing, but either cheaped out or wimped out. I'm a big fan of quartz, but I think the nicest quartz is quartz that doesn't pretend to be something else. Same with Corian. If you want something that really looks and feels like marble, it will probably have to be marble.

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Sophie Wheeler

Which is the real stone?

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Have you ever lived with marble, anywhere in the house? Maybe you should start with a small piece and see how you like it. A lot of people recommend buying a 'test sample' and using it, as you would in the kitchen. Spill a few things and see how easily they clean up and if they etch.

I think another surface on the island is a very good idea, especially since you have young children. They'll probably get less careful (not more so) as they get older and start bringing their friends over. Something easy to clean that doesn't etch would be a good choice on the island :)

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Okay, Holly, what's the answer to your photo quiz? I can't tell and like them all.

If you held a knife to my throat, I would maybe guess Kitchen Number 2 and Sample Number 3 are the Corian/manmade surfaces. But I still like them all, just the same.

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If I had to guess, I'd say the second kitchen and second sample were less likely to be real.

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Sophie Wheeler

In both cases, picture number 2 is the laminate. Formica 180FX in Calcatta Marble for the kitchen shot, and Wilsonart Carrerra Bianco for the "slab". The Formica is the more matte of the two, simulating honed marble. The Wilsonart has the HD finish to it, which is a mix of medium glosses. The Wilsonart is supposed to have the more scratch resistant finish, but I personally like the repeat and pattern of the Formica better.

Both are about 1/4 to 1/3 the price of actual fabricated marble, and could be thought as easier care because you need not worry about citrus juices or salad dressing or strawberries or any other organic stains. Anything that will damage laminate permanatly would also damage marble permanantly, with the exception of very hot pans which can burn laminate.

Here's another image of Wilsonart's Calcutta Marble and Black Alicante, which greatly resembles soapstone.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Fori is not pleased

The faux marbles look real in pictures, but less so in person. They aren't BAD but I don't think you'll fool anyone in person. I don't mind man made, but fake usually doesn't work for me.

I'd put that Danby on the backsplash as a big dramatic feature and use a neutral matching Corian or something as the actual work top. (I mixed "Bardiglio" with stainless steel, but you're going more traditional it seems.)

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Thanks Everyone! This is all plenty to think about. My head is spinning!!! I'll get it together at some point I suppose. I meet with a few Kitchen Designers next week so that may help !

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OK. I received my Corian samples today.. Rain Cloud and Witch Hazel... I have to say I REALLY LIKE them!!!!!!!!! I'm shocked!!! Better than the Cambria Torquay.
I have 10" samples of the both of them next to a 12" Vermont Danby and they are so much more like the Danby than the Torquay. I think what I love is the texture and background are so similar to the Danby and not shiny like the quartz (Torquay). It's more of a creamy feel than the quartz I've seen. I don't mean by touch, but the look of the product itself. AM I CRAZY? I'm going to take photos of the 4 of them together.
I thought the witch hazel would look darker than the rain cloud but my samples are very similar. The WH just looks a bit more golden in the veining.
And the RC, more gray. Thoughts? A lot of Pics buy may help others as well... Oh, I have 1 large and 2 small samples of Danby so whenever you see the little squares with the big- that's Danby. I look forward to your feedback
: )

Here is a link that might be useful: Corian/Torquay/Danby

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As a marble lover at heart (but chickened out because we have three small kids too), I will always vote for the real thing, but definitely understand the reasoning behind finding a look-a-like.

That being said, I looked at all your pics and the one I can say "wouldn't be for me" is the Torquay, which to be honest surprised me a bit after all the hype I have heard about it. I did like the others though!

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I like the Rain Cloud and Witch Hazel better than the Torquay, too. As dianalo said, they have a marble type vibe, but they don't look like they're trying to pass themselves off as marble. We came very close to getting the Witch Hazel for our bathroom vanity.

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I feel the same way. I feel the Torquay does look like a wannabe whereas the others just give off their own vibe which happens to be similar (not same) as marble. I find them to be warm looking and not so modern.

Without putting down other's materials, I feel like Corian is looked down upon usually although I did read a few articles about it making a comeback soon. lol Is it easy to work with/clean? Does it scratch or stain? I'll have to read up on it. Most in my NJ area have granite or even marble. As much as we are doing this for ourselves, I'd hate for people to see my Corian as a downside to what will be my new and fab kitchen! : ) I'd still love to use some marble- even in our dining room- but I was pleasantly surprised by the Corian and if it would make our family's life easier it may be worth it & still give us the look we're going for. hmmmm. I'll have to ponder this.

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I'm in the NY metro area, and unfortunately I think many do look down on Corian. I put Corian in one of our baths anyway, because it was the look I wanted and didn't care. But to give an example, friends of ours moved out of a condo with a simple, nice Corian countertop into a house with one of the ugliest granites I have ever seen. They don't even like the granite themselves, but they still see it as a huge upgrade. I believe many people think like that.

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sas95- that stinks. I don't know. I'm so tired of thinking about countertops! lol

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Since none of the manmades looked like the real deal, we went into it looking for something that was pretty as its own thing. We had heard that this one or that one looked like marble and were always disappointed when we saw them in person. If you are trying to have an actual marble, then these are not for you.
I think those that like marble type counters will probably like these because what they like about the marble is the movement and not being a solid tone. I like how they don't have a tight or regular pattern, so it is interesting how different areas are not clones. From a good distance, they appear to be a uniform color. The closer you get, the more variation you see.
The one way that Corian rules over every other counter is in the seams. They are nearly invisible and you certainly can't feel them. It is not perfect, as no counter is in every way, but it is working nicely for us. It is great if you have kids because if they bang something into it, it is not as loud and not as likely to shatter the object. It has not stained despite my son making red jello and not cleaning up well (dh was here to "supervise"- ha!). I did not see some of the problem until daylight the next day because I came home late. It does not etch either. You can get more of it any time you want. Our fabricator screwed up a few pieces and it was no problem to have him make more. We did not have to worry about lots or having them sell it out from under us.

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I was looking at a showroom today and saw a new quartz (new to me at least) made by Cimstone, called Sienna. Another entry in the quartz looking like marble category. It was pretty nice...not as gray as most options. They also had a picture of Compac Carrara (spanish brand of quartz) which looked amazing, but they didn't have a sample.2 more to check out if you're heading that way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Compac quartz

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Fori is not pleased

It's easy to care for, stains come out and scratches don't show in lighter colors and the whole thing can be DIY polished if needed. The integrated sinks are really nice and keep water hot. Not that that comes up much, but the plastic is a nice insulator!

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I too am going through this same decision. I also have the samples of WH & RC and really like the softness and feel of the corian. Also, the sandalwood is very nice, but maybe too dark. My sister in law has corian and is very happy with it. I love the marble too and it is a hard decision! Keep me posted as to what you decide. I HAVE to make a decision this week.

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ksarah- Good luck! I don't have to decide for a couple of months but really want to make a decision b/c it's already been a couple of months that I've been thinking about it! lol Let me know what YOU decide!

I do really like the Corian but am not thrilled with putting in a product that seems to be looked down upon or seen as not high end enough. I know that probably sounds weird.

I'm hoping to still just go with the marble . Some posts make me feel very sure about it and then I read others that worry me a bit about that decision. I have read so many opinions but I guess you never really know until you do it yourself and live with it. (sigh)

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have you had the opportunity to get a sample of marble and play with it in your house? i think that process is invaluable. make sure to stain proof it first as you would in real life and then apply stuff you would use and see how it stands up. as others have said, marble staining can be prevented with sealers but etching is unavoidable so make some etches and see if you can live with them - look at them in your light and see how it looks. if you want a pefect looking surface than marble is not for you. if do you do not mind flaws and a lived in look, marble could be just the choice!

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Yes! I have 12" pieces of Carrara and Danby. Also some smaller pieces of various Danbys (Olympian White, Eureka Calcutta, and another I don't recall right now). All honed. The tile place rubbed some sealer on the larger two pieces - just one time so I don't think it was really a good sealing!
Anyway, after various tests no issues with staining, although I didn't leave overnight. I know accidents happen but I can't imagine too much sitting for that long in our kitchen without being wiped up.
Etching was immediate as I had heard. I plopped some tomato sauce and wiped off in 30 seconds and it had already etched. Clear as day. I also splattered lemon juice on it, etc. When the light from the window hit the marble those etches were not easy on the eyes. I have to admit.

However weeks later I decided to play further test with my samples. I took 1/2 lemon and rubbed it over the whole sample. Left for less than a minute and rinses. No more etches and it looked great to me. So, that made me feel better. Obviously, I can't go rubbing lemons all over my countertops every time there's an etch- but it made me feel that if a really bad spill (OJ) occurred I might be able to lessen the look if it's a bad one.

My samples although honed, still have a bit of a "shine". Not high polished but not as honed as I have seen some marble sinks for example. Now that I'm typing this, I am thinking of should re-etch the pieces (now that I already rubbed the whole lemon over them) and see how it looks.

It seems most tops I have seen (from people in my area) look great until it catches just the right light. I don't know. I'd like to think I can deal with it but I am usually a bit of a perfectionist. However, being I know all this going in, and I know that that is how marble IS I will just go with it. I am also hoping that although the first etch probably sticks out once the whole thing gets worn in it's not as noticeable.

Any comments from people who have been living with marble (especially with kids) would be welcomed. Do you have marble babushka?

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just a small vote for corian-type surfaces. i wanted marble, but husband didn't like the look... ended up just going corian in a solid color. we collect pottery and i am finding that the corian is SO much less clinky (as in-- oh-- did i break it?) on our dishes than natural stone. i also just love the way it feels. weird-- as we are 100% cotton/linen/natural type people-- but just love our first corian counters! my first choice would have been marble-- second would have been corian rain-cloud... so either would be great from my viewpoint...but loving the solid (fake)surface.

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I have a tale for you. Months ago I picked up a 5x5 sample of polished UNsealed Carrara marble. I put several things on it and let them sit a while then wiped them away. The lemon etched as did the soy sauce and the ketchup and wine left stains. At that time I tossed it and the Bianco Romano sample under the counter to deal with later, disappointed. I knew then that marble couldn't work for us.

About two months later as we were packing up the kitchen for our move, I found those forgotten samples again. The stains on the marble were completely gone. Vanished. I was kind of shocked. I've heard people say that but didn't really believe it. The stains he'd simply faded over that short period of time. The only things I saw were the etches. And then I thought that if it was honed, the etches would be less noticeable anyway.

That's when I officially reconsidered marble again. Knowing we'd have it sealed and not let wine sit for a day on a regular basis, etc. put my mind at ease. My husband is messy. I've talked to friends that have marble and really live with it. They love it and it looks good. I'm still considering it for these reasons.

I hope that helps you a tiny bit in case none of the substitutes will do.

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kawh707- Thanks for your post! It's great to hear you are enjoying your Corian- should we go in that direction : )

babs- Interesting tale! After sitting for several weeks, I even found the original etches I made had seemed to fade a bit. I can't believe stains actually vanished! : ) I really hope to go with the marble but if not I'm glad I was at least pleased with the look of the Corian Witch Hazel and Rain Cloud. The quartz products (so far) aren't really the look I am going for.

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I decided to try to re-etch those pieces of marble that I had etched weeks ago and then rubbed a lemon over the entire pieces- (leaving them un-etched again).

Anyway, when I squirted lemon drops over those pieces and left it awhile. They DIDN'T etch like the first time. Maybe VERY lightly but barely noticeable! Interesting.

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I love the look of marble as well but didn't even consider it for our new build because of our three kids. I know etching and staining would bother me and I didn't want to be the kind of mom who is always on my kids and husband for doing what you do in a kitchen. In fact, our rule for our youngest (3) is she can only eat and drink in the kitchen because that is where it doesn't matter if she makes a mess. My thinking was my love for the beauty of marble would probably fade fast if I was always stressing about every little spill and nagging my family. I also thought about entertaining and red wine. I would hate for a guest to feel uncomfortable for spilling but I imagine they would since everyone knows how easlily marble can stain. I looked at all of the white granites but ultimately decided to go dark with Brown Antique granite.

That's just my two cents and reasons for not going with marble. I'm sure your kitchen will be beautiful with whatever you choose and I look forward to seeing it! Good luck!

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cbusmomof3, we just moved out of our home that we had put antique brown granite in six years prior! It was SO pretty but kind of a pain in the butt on a daily basis too. We had a polished finish. So while sealing and staining was a complete non-issue, the only way to keep it streak/smudge free and clean looking was to use a micro-fiber cloth and some kind of cleaner after wiping up from eating, etc. to buff them clean and dry. Paper towels left streaks. Method's Daily Granite and microfiber cloths were my best friend and the last step every time I cleaned. I vowed in this house to go with a light surface because I was sick of the elbow grease I had to put in from the buffing with those counters. Having said that, I did get tons of compliments on those countertops! It's truly a gorgeous granite.

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babs711-That's funny, because I vowed to go light too, after having lived with a black granite! But I fell in love with Brown Antique and decided I could deal with the elbow grease when having company or the not so perfectly clean look when it was just the family at home. So, I kind of know what I'm getting into, but I hope I don't regret it!! The one thing I did know was that I couldn't deal with marble :-)

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I just moved from a home that had a butler pantry with the prep sink in marble. Old-ish (~80 years) and abused. And BEAUTIFUL! Really I love the look of something you can tell has been used and worked on. But I would hate to live in a showroom type house.

I'd get marble in a hot minute if I could afford it.

Hope you find what you love :)

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another thing to factor in as you decide - your coutertops can be re-honed in the future. so if your etching gets to be a bit much or you decide to sell and want to fluff the place up you could rehone in prep for a sale. that was helpful for me to know.

yes i do have marble. just finishing up my kitchen, in the process of moving back in so cannot speak to durabilty yet. just applied another coat of sealer yesterday. pic below. note i do not have kids, am a single professional so the decision process was a bit different for me.

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cbusmomof3- Thanks- yours are the reasons I sometimes think I should forget about the marble... : (

Baltra- do you have a photo? : )

babushka_cat- BEAUTIFUL marble! ENJOY it!

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Hey 2LittleFishies, I too love marble, but don't much mind the wear patterns it develops. I've been in houses with 60 year old soap stone and find it quite charming. Heck, I've been in houses with 200 year old marble counters - and still find the wear quite charming. My own Victorian has soapstone around the heat registers. They're a little dinged up but quite beautiful in my opinion.

I have a large, cutting board, bit of carrara marble that I use to roll out dough - maybe start with that and see where it takes you.

Don't know how old your house is but one of the good things about an older home is that nothing is really perfect and if it is perfect it looks rather out of place. So...things look fine when they are a little worn.

I remember going to England and staying in a house that was built in the 1400s - wear just means people have come before you and will come after you, it is a good reminder. So get what you like and what you want. If wear patterns and noticeable age on your counters isn't what you want get something else.

Remember, even durable things break, pit and fall apart.

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ok so i am DYING to know after reading this entire thread, DID you go with the marble or not? we are about to start work on our kitchen and I would LOVE to use honed marble but like you have waffled because of how folks say it wears. Would love to hear about your decision, thanks!!

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tahorne- Believe it or not, demolition hasn't even started! Hopefully soon!!
However, we are definitely using Vermont Danby marble on the perimeter with a walnut island. It is the one thing I will not sway on and hope I can afford it by the time ordering comes! : ) I have had a few pieces of it on my counters and have been fine with the way it wears.

Here are a few more links on marble:








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Thanks so much, Valerie, I appreciate it!! I will continue mulling it all over. And yes, I totally believe demo hasn't begun yet. These things always seem to take forever!! :-)

Do you recall what you thought of the quartzite called White Princess?? I have yet to see it in person but have seen several photos that look really lovely, much better than anything else. Trying to find a place locally I can go peek at it.

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Marble is gorgeous, but the etching in the kitchen is something that would make me even crazier than I am. We have chosen the spanish Quartz Compac Carrara. It does have more of a modern edge, but it looks incredible. Our cabs are going to be dove white with a darkish wood floor, so it all should look great together. It's in an old farmhouse that we are reno'ing.

In our last home we had a creamy marble in our bathroom and it held up very well, but the absence of tomato sauce or OJ probably helped a little and the fact that it wasn't white!

After reading your thread, hopefully there will be pictures one day. Good luck :)

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