karen.ohioNovember 20, 2013

Just a small whine from me. As one who is so ready to be done with this project, why can't they get one piece of wood to look nice on my new floor? The last piece of the floor has been fixed twice and it still isn't right. Unfortunately, it is the threshold into my mother's apartment. This new floor includes the kitchen and new family room. Boo hoo, why oh why couldn't it have been in an unobtrusive place?

The rest of the floor is beautiful.


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Can you post a photo of the problem?

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Thanks for visiting! :-)

The flooring people are returning Monday to fix two problems. The one at the door and another that is in the middle of the floor. Uh oh. That one is like a big hangnail (splinter). It will be interesting to see how they deal with that. The other at the door needs more sanding to smooth out the wood. The entire floor will get another buffing and a third coat of Bona Naturale.

I post a picture of the floor Tuesday. If all goes well, we can move in.

I really need to be less picky, but my eye catches all of the little blips.


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It isn't wrong to want your home to be beautiful, especially since you PAID to get it that way. You would've been just as exacting if you had done the flooring yourself. We all would've been.

Here's hoping Monday's visit will be the last by the flooring people. Have they figured out what was wrong with that first piece of wood though? Was it cut with the wrong dimensions or something?

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The piece by my mother's space was the last piece to go in and this particular section had had hardwood, but it ran in the opposite direction, so the decision was made to tear it out and redo it to match the new addition. The pieces didn't go in straight. I told the architect and thought they would use filler to even the "seam". Lo and behold, the girl showed up to replace the pieces. (I thought a Dremel sander would align the edge.) instead of three pieces, she fit in two. Okay, but they were higher than the other floor. The finish guys were told it was higher, but they didn't bring a small sander. Hand scraping and an electric plane brought the height down, but they will be working on it again Monday. The other "splinter", I hope, will be unobtrusive. It does stick out in the open portion of the family room; however, I hope furniture, etc. will hide it. In my mind the doorway is more noticeable because I have to walk over it everyday. Tearing out the floor would be a nightmare, though, I suppose it could happen.

Question of the day:

Why can't professionals (any group of them) notice flaws in the materials before they install them in someone's house?

Everyone please keep your fingers crossed! Even the architect is coming out to supervise.

Karen. Whew! 4year old grand daughter wants to make cupcakes!

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No more whine! The floors were buffed, sanded, filled, and redone with Bona Naturale. They feel much better and look finished.


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