Gaps on side of Bosch DW panel - what's the fix?

Mom23EsNovember 15, 2012

My cabinet panel finally arrived and was installed on my Bosch DW. There are gaps on each side of the DW. I've google searched gardenweb and found several other posts about people with Bosch and Miele DWs having the same problem, but I haven't found any fixes for the problem after the panel is installed. My builder said he would look at it and try to come up with a way to fill the gaps, but I'm wondering if anyone here has a clever idea on how to do this. Obviously we can't make the DW space smaller at this point, and the panel is what it is.

Any ideas on how to fill/hide the gaps?

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Bosch (and other euro DW's) typically have a way t fillthespcebetween the DW and the cabinet. That leaves the panel. If the basic Bosch panel specs are used then the gap from the panel is large which I gather is what you object to some cabinet(many) mfg use the Bosch spec and require that a model number be submitted when ordering a panel.
The most commonon solution I've found is to find ways to order panels to my spec. The gap still is often greater than the other reveals but less objectionable.
Sometimes a cab co. let's me specwhat I want, sometimes I give them a DW model that suits my spec, sometimes I order the panel as something else and don't tell em it is a DW.
Another choice is to make the dishwasher space narrower (according to Bosch specs) but that has other problems so I don't recommend it.
I have also had them use solid stock to fill the gap between the DW and the cabinet which disguises the issue a little, but haven't tried that on a Bosch only Asco.
So best case Nowis a new panel, keeping in mind that the maximum "safe" width is 23 3/4".

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Wow, that's a scary story. Not to hijack, but question for jakuvall -- is there a better DW for panelling? I had kind of narrowed it down to Bosch and Kitchenaid Superba.

Mom23Es, I hope you can get this resolved . . .

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The best DW's to panel are the euros.

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I have a paneled Bosch and there is no gap on the sides. The panel was made to the specs provided with the dishwasher. Here is a picture.

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