Under sink trash pullout?

pondlilyNovember 8, 2010

I have a small kitchen and cabinets are at a premium, I'd like a trash/recycling pullout, but hate to loose a cabinet to one. Does anyone have this under the sink? My KD says they never work out under the sink. I'm guessing she's right, but I'm hoping it might be doable. Any other good use of under the sink cabinets? Thanks!

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I have one of these and like it. I used to have a plastic bag on the counter collecting waste when I cooked, but now I just pull the trash bin out, step aside, and the waste goes straight in.

The one I got is from IKEA. The width is 9.5" but you need to add a couple inches for the hinges. The height is 16" (watch out for the bottom of your sink). The depth is no problem--should fit in any standard 2' deep cab.

One final note: our sink cab. is 48" wide and the sink is 31" (centered). So we are able to have the trash can out while standing in front of the sink. If your sink cab. is only a little wider than the sink, you won't be able to do that.

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My cabinets are IKEA, and I used the instructions over at Ikeanfans.com to 'hack' the undersink cabinet for a pull-out. It uses a drawer mechanism - you need to mount a piece of wood in the centre of the cabinet base, to support the drawer slide. The cabinet door is mounted onto the drawer front, as it would normally for a pull-out anywhere else. I used a 12" depth drawer, because I forgot to insist the pipework be routed through the back instead of the base, so there wasn't room for the full depth drawer.

I think the same system could be adopted for any cabinetry. The other door is a regular opening door, so I can easily get access to anything at the back.

We've found it worked perfectly for our needs, as I really couldn't spare any other cabinet space for the trash (and the trash bin had lived under the sink in the old kitchen anyway.

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I have a rev a shelf garbage pullout under the sink and it works fine. Would I rather have a separate cabinet garbage pullout sure. But that was not happening in my small kitchen. It's much better than a stand alone trash pail.

It's in a not quite 27" wide sink base that also has a 2 tier chrome shelf pullout for cleansers, etc. I also have my dustbuster in there with its charger. I don't have (and don't want) a garbage disposal and I'm not sure it would all fit in there.

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Mine isn't installed yet. I have a 27" cabinet and had the plumber move all plumbing to the right side of the sink. I purchased an Elkay D bowl sink - ELUH2118 which has the drain in the back.
My trash pullout is made by Simplehuman - http://www.simplehuman.com/products/trash-cans/in--cabinet-cans/pull-out-can.html

It may not be ideal, but its better than the setup I have now.

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I had one before - my only trash in the kitchen - and it was very small. I also had one put in my new kitchen, in addition to another double pullout. Its just as big as the double trash pullout but I have a sink with an offset drain that left plenty of room on the left side. If you are careful of where you locate the pipes, you can do it. BUT, if its your only trash can you'll have to shift out of the way to allow others access when you're working at the sink.

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Placement of your drain, disposal and all other plumbing is critical if you want to try to use a trash pullout under the sink. It is do-able with a smaller pullout bin, a reasonable depth sink, a side or rear drain and careful measurement and planning. Lowe's carries a RevaShelf untit that would have worked for our cabinet. Something like lets you look at it and return it more easily than shipping something back if you decide it isn't what you want. We decided not to use the pullout since the bins would be so close to the bottom of the sink that every wrapper or piece of paper would require the whole thing to be pulled out. By not having the pullout shelf, we were able to use larger bins and have space between them and the bottom of the sink to slip in anything up to the size of a standard 16 oz can or a water bottle.

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I had a small one from Lowe's under the sink in my old kitchen - it pulled out when the door opened and fitted underneath regular old plumbing. I liked the fact that it was hidden and dog-proof but it was small and you had to step aside for someone to use it if you were working at the sink. Then we switched to a large Simple Human can: still dog-proof but it took up room in a walkway so not ideal.

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I had the one from Lowe's too. You have to buy the hardware that attaches the door to the pull-out separately (I didn't realize that and had to head back to the store while our carpenter waited for me). I used it for a couple of years while we waited to do our full kitchen remodel. I had a disposal and an insta-hot under there and it fit just fine. We loved it, it was well worth the little bit it cost.

In our new kitchen (almost done, just waiting for granite next week) we did a separate cabinet next to the sink because my husband wanted the biggest possible cans (50 qt instead of 35) and it's a double for recycling. Frankly, I was just fine with the under the sink but let DH get what he wanted. Now under my sink I have a rev-a-shelf composting bucket. It's attached to the door and the lid is attached inside. When you open the door it opens and you can scrape food in there and then it closes up when you close the door. We'll see how that goes. I don't have much luck convincing the rest of the family to separate out food scraps.

I think the point above about buying from Lowes so you can return it is a really good one.

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We have one under our prep sink. We wanted to have 2 trash cans--1 for garbage and 1 for recycling, but bc of plumbing we could only fit in one. We are so glad to have it there bc we use it all the time!

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Wow, lots of ideas, I guess I could do this! I do need a "dog proof" trash, my guy is pretty good, but not ALWAYS! The sink I'm leaning toward is a 1 and 3/4 with rear drain and 9 1/2 and 8 inches depths.This sink specs says it needs a 33 inch cab base, my designer planned a 30 inch, will need to verify this with her. I really like that compost bin idea!Trash and recycling could go on the smaller sink side, and compost on the other, how great would that be! Thanks everyone ;)

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My main trash pullout is not under the sink, but I have a small pullout under the prep sink as well. I find it very useful, and since I'm usually the one prepping, nobody is ever inconvenienced by having to move for me to use it. You have to plan for it by running the pipes to the side, but it can be done and I feel that it's good use of the space.


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I use my current under sink cab for a bucket for recycling, and a couple cleaning products, my current trash is out in the kitchen. A good use of space is what I'm aiming for!

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We're hoping to do this too. Curious for those who've done it whether some of our decisions still to be made will make a huge difference...

How much difference does a rear drain versus center drain make if you are running your plumbing on the non-trash side? (No disposal involved, and we're picking between two sinks, one of each.) Similarly, how much does the depth of the sink matter---better to have a deeper sink with a rear drain or a shallower sink with a center drain (our two choices)?

Does anyone have a pullout on *both* sides of the sink? I can see some clear disadvantages to this (hard to reach in to get to things) but wonder if it might also have some pluses (put shallow can on each side of a bottom-mounted pullout, use back for lower things that can fit around plumbing).

Our trash and recycling are going under the sink for sure; we're just debating on whether they should be door-mounted pullout(s) or whether it is just as good to have doors there. Seems like there really are some pros to pullout trash (which we've never had).

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I have 8-gallon trash and recycling bins in pullouts under my prep sink. The cabs are Ikea, and I used the Ikeafans modification for my set-up. I also have a small disposal at this sink and a never-MT. We were able to fit it all because the GC flipped the orientation of the sink so that the rear drain is at the front. This allowed all of the plumbing to fit in a single plane. I love having trash and recycling by my prep area and do not find the placement under the sink to be inconvenient at all.

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Mine was just like Morton5 in our last house. Boy - do I miss that setup! Although mine was the main (and only) sink. There was plenty of room for the cans and all the other stuff one would expect to find under the sink (gloves, sponges, powder, liquids, etc.). Our new house has a kitchen that is much larger, but when we redo this kitchen, I plan on the pull-outs under the sink. They worked perfect IMO.

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If you don't have room for a separate trash pullout, then the next best thing is under the sink. While I really dislike this location, it's better than a stand-alone trash can the dogs can get into (our dogs figured out how to open the trash can in our old kitchen...they simply stepped on the foot lever. When that broke, they just used their noses to lift the cover.)

If you do have the room, a separate pullout is much better than trash under the sink... No having to move every time someone needs to get to the trash Bigger bins and two are possible w/an 18" cabinet...one for trash & one for recyclables...it sure beats letting the recyclables pile up waiting to be taken out to the garage or not recycling b/c it's too much of a hassle. Able to locate the trash & recycle in the Prep Zone and near the Cooking and Cleanup Zones. Far more trash & recyclables are generated during prepping and cooking than in cleanup...and prepping is #1. Additionally, you need access to the trash & recycle for longer periods of time while prepping and cooking.

I echo the others when I recommend checking out IkeaFans for the best information on modifying cabinets/installing a pullout...even if you don't have Ikea cabinets.

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Those pictures are very helpful, thanks morton5. Good point about locating near the prep area buehl, that makes sense. I appreciate all this info and friendly advice, this site is so educational!

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I'm just jumping in here so I can record this thread and get back to it for reference. Some good ideas here. I had never seen the Simple Human pull-out before.

We have a 37" base cabinet, and I hope to be able to get both a trash can and a recycle bin under the sink. I don't keep much else under my sink......just dish soap and dishwasher soap, BKF, and some stainless cleaner and a small drainer. So I think I should be able to do it. It seems that we have more recyclables now that we do trash, because our local company started accepting plastics #2-6 and cardboard. In my current kitchen I have to take them all out the garage, and that gets to be a pain. I'd like to be able to collect at least a few days worth of recycled material before having to go out and deposit it in the big bin in the garage.

Does anyone else store a container for recyclables under their sink?

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My trash pullout is on the left side of my sink and I bought a small IKEA trash can for the right side of my sink to hold bottles and cans for recycling. It fits nicely in front of the plumbing and I have to empty it every couple of days.

My sink cabinet is only 27" and fits all plumbing, the trash pullout, a large bottle of soap hooked to my Never MT, the little recycling container and a little room left over for granite and SS cleaner.

I've used that Simple Human trash pullout for almost a month and love it.

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30" sink cabinet - trash pullout on one side (an Ikea hack), the other has a regular swing open door, with the recycling bin (same size as the trash bin) in that side, along with a basket with the dishsoap and dishwasher tablets.

I opted for a pull out on one side only so that I could get at the plumbing more easily, if I ever needed to.

If I'd planned ahead better, and got the plumber to route the pipes differently I would have had a deeper pull-out to hold both trash and recycling bins. Oh well, too late now.

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