I want to move stuff in now...should I wait?

debrak_2008November 6, 2012

I'm getting frustated that I still can't move into my kitchen. I use the stove somewhat but the plumbing is not done so no sink or DW. The refrigerator and all the old cabinets (filled with stuff) are in the dining room which is where I prepare and we eat. I have to use the bathroom sink for some stuff and then do dishes in the basement.

I want to start moving stuff into the new cabinets but DH wants me to wait. The plumbing is the priority so he wants to get that done first, then I said to do the range hood next, then the hardware. DD thinks we should do the hardware before the range hood. And thats the issue, the hardware. DH doesn't want stuff in the cabinets without the hardware as he thinks it will make a mess when he drills the holes. DD thinks I should wait too.

This remodel is starting to really stress me out along with my DS. DD is able to handle the chaos surprizingly. DH just keeps moving along. I have no idea what a tenative date would be. I would like to think the sink would be done this weekend but I think DH will be out of town.

If you made it this far, thats for listening.

Should I just wait what could be a few more weeks? After plumbing what next? We have the range hood, open shelving (microwave), refrigerator (needs water line), hardware, trim work, etc.

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Don't move anything in until the kitchen is done, or almost done. It just gets in the way and complicates matters.

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I know how you feel. I am the same way. I'll second that you should wait (do as I say, not as I do, :D).

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I'm in the same boat, itching to move stuff in; but your husband is right. Anything you move in now will just get coated in construction dust.

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Honestly, if the things in the cabinets get dusty, take everything out, clean, and put back. If you're starting to use the kitchen, why not? Good luck!

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Wait, wait, wait!

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Hardware as in knobs and pulls and hinges? How much dust can that make? Seems like a vacuum would be able to handle it. I'd probably have stuff in there already, lol.

hang in there.

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wait til the knobs/pulls are on. sink, etc - that's no biggie. get the knobs/pulls drilled, and get the sink/faucet going, and consequently the dishwasher. your life will be changed over night.

don't worry about the hood, microwave, etc.

it's so tempting and frustrating at the end!

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Oh, contraire!! I used my kitchen for weeks before my hardware was installed. The drilling for holes and install didn't make that much mess. For the most part, I just moved a couple of things in the drawer and wiped. It only took a few minutes, but was worth being able to put all my junk away. Course, I had working plumbing, range hood, and MW though so the kitchen was completely usable otherwise.

After plumbing, I think I'd do hardware next then range hood. Fridge water line, trim work, and open shelving can wait.

I'm sorry the end is dragging on so slowly for you! How frustrating!

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OK decided to wait. Temporarily progress has stopped. I'm going to focus my attention on fiquiring out the open shelving. I thought about it and I don't see what I will gain by putting stuff in cabinets now. If I did then stuff will be even more spread out around the house then it already is. Just gets frustating and I just need to do something to keep my sanity.

Thank you all for your posts!

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