Help, please. Gross odor in micro drawer. My fault.

katieobNovember 7, 2012

Hi all.

Two days ago, I spilled an entire large Starbucks skinny vanilla latte in the Sharp Microwave Drawer. I had to leave it there for a few hours because kiddos were already loaded in the car and I was heating up my untouched coffee to gulp on the way to a birthday party. Later, I cleaned it all up thoroughly. It looks spotless. But there is a horrible odor in there and it's so bad when I use it.


Thanks, as always.


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The milk leaked through to the bottom. I think you'll have to take it apart to clean it out...

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If it leaked through the casing, you'll have to take it apart somehow.

If not: put half a lemon in a bowl of water and microwave it for 5 minutes. Wipe the inside dry, and repeat as necessary. The lemon steam certainly cleans the insides, and with luck it may kill the smell. Can you leave the drawer open overnight as well?

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ditto on the lemon in water suggestion. When I ate bacon, and used to "nuke" it, I'd follow up with lemon in water on high power to deodorize the MW.

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my little one tried to make cup of soup -you know the kind that comes with the plastic with wrap around it, well she used no water and left all the wrappings on, the plastic smell was so bad, for so long, but it does eventually go away! i would leave it open for a week or so to air out after you do the lemon trick. good luck! god knows we all need our coffee to keep us going! LOL!

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Sophie Wheeler

Disassemble and clean. That sour milk smell will never go away otherwise, even if you do the lemon.

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If you've cleaned it thoroughly, I would recommend using one of these traditional odor absorbers.

1 - leave a bowl (about 1 cup) of white vinegar inside overnight with drawer door closed

2 - leave a bowl of baking soda inside overnight (door closed)

3 - sprinkle ground coffee (3-4 tablespoons) on a plate, leave overnight

I've used these methods to absorb orders in trash cans, laundry room, etc and have had success. I've never had to do it in the microwave - don't have the drawer style - but if it were mine, I'd try these.

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With milk spills, as long as the residue is there, you have to clean-up it. The soured milk smell never goes away other wise. I would assume it is a sealed unit, no? Trying calling tech support for the microwave too, there may be a cleaverer way to unscrew something and give it a good spray and wipe.


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Please try this: In small spray bottle mix water with baking soda (enough so it dissolves but not too much so it becomes a paste). Spray everywhere and let it sit for awhile, then wipe.

We have used this solution for milk spills since our daughter was born 22 years ago and spit up all the time. Also got rid of the smell when daughter #2 had an unfortunate Go-gurt incident in the car.

Additional bonus: we discovered this solution also cleans many stains out of carpeting (even old ones). Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Thank you everyone for your great suggestions.

I've done the lemon and the open air. Helped. I'm moving on to the baking soda, coffee, and baking soda/water next. Hoping to avoid taking it apart- looks very complicated:)

Appreciate the help, as always.

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