Any rules of how the pulls are placed on the cabinet door/drawer?

thedorkNovember 4, 2013

I need your advice on whether there are any rules of how to place pulls on slab cabinet doors - how many inches from the bottom of the door or from the side? Or it's just how I like it?

Same question for the drawers - where you place the pull on the second and third drawer down? How far down from the edge of the drawer? Thank you!

PS I am including the pic if the pull

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I like them 1.5 - 3.5" from the edge, where the pertinent edge is different for different fronts: top for drawers, top and side for lower cabs, bottom & side for upper cabs.

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For drawers I like a centered pull on the top drawer and then placing the other pulls the same distance down on each of the lower drawers. So the top is centered and the others below are a couple inches (or whatever) from the top edge of the drawer.

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I've been wondering about you Dork. I can't wait to see your walnuts ;> cabinets.

PS I went with pull tabs mounted over the top of the slab.

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The only rule is you put them where you like them. Everyone has a different opinion. I, for instance, do not like it the way deedles does it. To me, that looks like a mistake. But that's okay. If we all liked everything the same way, the world would be very boring :) Try mocking it up with tape and perhaps pieces of cardboard to simulate the pull. Or look at a lot of pictures and really focus on the hardware.

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Thank you all! They are installing them tomorrow so I was hoping to get some advice today :)

I will post some pics soon - hardware and pendants are still missing. I have some old pic when they were installing the tile.

I wanted to do finder pulls but I am not sure why the stainless tone of the pulls and the green were not going well together. The bronze was looking better but it's very hard to find not very dark bronze for finger pulls. Most of the ones that I like are brushed nickel etc.

I guess drawers are easy but the uppers...

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The ones one the drawers will be places horizontally and the ones on uppers, Lazy Susans, under sink vertically.

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I have a pulls that are similar in style to the ones you are using. My doors are not slab but if they were I think I still would have put the pulls in the same location. The bottom edge of my upper door pulls is 2" from the bottom edge of the cabinet door. (on my base doors the top edge of the pull is 2" from the top edge of the cabinet door. Here is a visual of the uppers for you:

Since I personally don't care for the look of pulls in the middle of the drawer, I had my pulls mounted near the top on both the slab drawers and five piece drawers. The pulls are one inch fro the top edge of the drawers.
Here's how that configuration looks:

If you do a google search with the terms gardenweb and pull placement you should be able to find lots of previous posts with pictures and opinions.
As you will see there is no rule. All you need to do is decide the look you like.

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Thank you for the pics! I guess I don't care so much about the look but also to be comfortable to grab etc.

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Wow, that is going to be one sweet kitchen! I love that tile, can't wait to see more of it!

With the look you have going, you could even go a bit out of the box for the uppers, like horizontal or 45 degree angle, which are both pretty comfortable.

I know someone posted some great vintage cabs with angled pulls recently, I just can't find the pic.

I'm sure you've seen Breezy's horizontal pulls.

Here's another I found looking for the angled pic

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