Reveal, Kksmama gets her own sink and hood!

kksmamaNovember 3, 2013

(edited to add paint and ucl light detail)

I thought about remodeling this kitchen from the day I bought the house in 2001. I never liked the appliances, counters, or cabinets and didn't want to invest time or money in a partial fix. I didn't know how bad the layout was, but did know that I wanted a real vent (not OTR recirculating) and second sink.

Flooring - Lauzon natural Sapele 5" planks, diagonal, engineered (pre-remodel)
Dishwasher - Kenmore (pre-remodel)
Rangetop - KGCU467VSS, propane Kitchenaid
Microwave - KCMS1655BSS countertop Kitchenaid purchased as 3rd appliance to qualify for rebate
Double oven - KEBS208SSS Kitchenaid floor model
42" counter depth fridge - KBFC42FSS Kitchenaid floor model
Hood - Kobe IN2642SQB-1200 (42"), custom cabinet surround
Counters - "Godiva" at my stoneyard, "Pretoria" elsewhere. Geologically it is metamorphic gneiss.
Pendants - Hudson Valley Haverhill 7311SN
Backsplash - Paragon Pearl Lace mini-brick from
Sinks - Blanco silgranite cinder, precis large bowl and precis cascade super single
Faucets - Grohe concetta (prep) and Blanco Culina
Pulls - Amerock Candler
Glass - 1/2" reeded
Seating - Restoration Hardware (outlet!) Toledo Bar Chairs and stool
Paint color - SW match for EK color Adobe
UCL - Hafele loox high intensity 4000k led tape 833.73.401
Demo Day July 9, Expected completion mid August, actual completion early November

My favorite things include: deep and tall custom drawers, tapmaster, utrusta (Ikea) openers for trash, wood hollow drawer inserts, and Silgranite sinks - none of which I would've ever known about if not for GW. Most favorite is my functional layout and fabulous one level island. I'll always be grateful to Huango and Buehl for helping me understand what I needed there, and for my trash.

The amount of help and support I received from this forum cannot be overstated. I'm so thankful for the ideas, encouragement, inspiration, camaraderie, co-miseration, laughs, and the reassurance that I was not crazy (or at least in excellent company if beingTKO is crazy).

My mistakes include: not thinking through the impact on coffee station and outlets when cabinet depths changed on the sink wall, not double checking measurements made by the designer (I have a stupid 3+" filler as a result), not specifying light rail and crown style, not being sufficiently assertive with the contractor.

I'm still working on the color of lighting strips and bulbs, and the colors in most of these photos aren't exactly right (IRL my floors aren't so red, the island not so dark). So I'm not entirely done, but close enough that we had relatives over for dinner and I loved how functional and comfortable it was to do so. After sharing the indecision and agonies of remodeling with all of you, I'm excited to share the happy ending!

Old kitchen:


New Kitchen:

My pullouts
charging drawer above potato and onion baskets (opposite fridge)

tall drawer for cutting boards, pizza pan, cookie sheets - this picture best captures the real color of the floor and island
deep and tall drawers for appliances and bakeware

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Lovely job. Gorgeoso splash and what great storage ideas. Way to go kks

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I wish I could think of a new adjective.....but your kitchen is gorgeous! I knew you had dark countertops but this is the first time I've seen your stone close up...GORGEOUS! One of the prettiest backsplashes I've seen. Few kitchens would be able to pull that backsplash off, but the combination of your hood & glass cabinet style are perfect with it. It truly is a beautiful piece of backspash jewelry. I would love to see the stone & backsplash together IRL. I'm going to end here & hope I typed fast enough to be the first to congratulate you. I just got online & was thrilled to see your reveal!

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Rococogurl beat me to it! Guess I was too wordy. Love your lower drawers with dividers and your potato & onion baskets. I don't see any outlets in your backsplash. I'll be adding the things that you had the foresight to do to my regrets list (charging drawer, more divided storage, outlets & lightswitches all over my backsplash). Absolutely love the Godiva!

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Thank you Rococogurl and Romy718, you were both so encouraging and helpful throughout the whole process. Romy, I'd love to show you the kitchen, drop me a line if you are near Tampa. Here are the outlets, and one of the yellow light strips that has to be replaced

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Oh it is just beautiful! The layout looks perfect -- congrats on getting your very own sink and hood and range aisle. :) Your cabinets are beautiful, especially the gorgeous island cabs with its gorgeous countertop. What a great space for hanging with your family and friends.

I like the molding and light rail. Slightly beefy without being frou-frou, and I think it looks great. Your glass cabs are spectacular. Appliances look great too!

Congrats on a wonderful remodel.

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Excellent job! Not only does it have form, but great function. I am green with envy on the storage layout.

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Stunning contrast between cabinetry and countertops. I love your backsplash, too! Your tall drawers for all your appliances near the ovens is so smart. Bravo on a functional and beautiful kitchen!

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Your change in floorplan has really opened up the space and just seems more functional. The counters and backsplash are beautiful. Maybe I can't read but what are the cabinets in the island - they are stunning against the floor.

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Oh my. That is stunning. Those angled cabinets on the cleanup run really finish off the space nicely! I love the stools you found too! It looks so much bigger, but I think that's because it's more open. It looks like it would be a joy to cook in!

Great job!

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Wow. I had a kitchen like that once and hated the set up. Just amazing how you recreated it to a functional space that looks so pretty and makes so much sense. A +

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Holly- Kay

Oh my gosh, what a truly stunning kitchen. I love your beautiful counters, cabinetry, and your backsplash is perfect with all the other elements of your kitchen. Candler is my all time favorite Amerock hardware. I love the deep drawers and the fantastic storage you have. I think it is perfection!

It was so much fun to read your posts during the process. You are always so witty and charming!

Congratulations on your lovely kitchen and best wishes for many happy hours spent there. Hugs.


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Thank you all so much! It is just beginning to sink in that the remodeling process has an endpoint.
Blfenton, the island cabinets are an espresso stained maple, custom done by the GC's shop.
Williamsem, that angled cabinet design was really hard to get done, my GC didn't want to do it that way and his employee who drew and ordered the cabinets caught my vision and then caught grief from his boss. Thank you for noticing.
The layout improvements are wonderful; I really didn't know how bad the peninsula and restricted flow was until I started hanging out here. Work zones makes sense to me in a way that the "triangle" never did. I also didn't know how much space was wasted with the cheap face frame cabinets and drawers. I'm really glad we didn't stain or paint and redo the counters, because if the aesthetics hadn't been so awful I may never have improved the function.
This was so hard, and I'm so relieved to hear that others find it attractive. I think we'll stay in this house another decade or longer, but my backup plan if the remodel hadn't turned out well was to sell and move! I just couldn't have been happy here if after all that time and money I didn't like the results. Thanks to all here who have helped me, I do!

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Thank you, Holly-kay! I have been so encouraged by the warmth and generosity in your posts and those of others here. Who knew that kitchen remodeling is so emotionally intense that the TKO need a support group?! It has been like being pregnant and giving birth - thank goodness for you and all the terrific kitchen doulas here!

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Beautiful! I especially love the dimensional aspect of your lovely bs. It is a great contrast to your gorgeous counters.

Congratulations on a wonderfully designed and lovely kitchen. Enjoy!

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Exquisite! You have a magazine kitchen that functions! Your attention to all the details has really paid off. I especially love your rich countertops, gorgeous backsplash, and angled wall. I am glad you shared the "before" photos so we can really appreciate the transformation. Your journey has been fun to share and it makes me feel better to know that other people are obsessing about the color led lights cast:) None of my friends IRL would understand:)

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Beautiful cabinets and counters. I love the color of your cabinets. Everything looks so nice together. And the charging drawer is a great idea.

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What a lovely kitchen! Those counters make my heart sing, and they look fabulous with both the crisp white cabinets and the luscious island ones.

Congratulations on such a successful reno.

P.S. I laughed out loud at the expression "kitchen doulas"!

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What a beautiful transformation!

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Very nice looking kitchen! i love all the attention to detail (such super baking and appliance drawers!), and your granite is absolutely beautiful!!!

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beautiful! from the post i thought you just got a new range and hood. haha.
i love all of your organization and the granite is so gorgeous, what is it called?

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I am just so impressed by all the attention to each detail, and how everything came together so perfectly. Should you move, that kitchen will sell your house.

I think the pros on this board stick around because of their satisfaction in guiding someone like you from that Before to the After, at least in design. All the color choices, selection of counters, BS, pendants, stools, the pull-out, corner cab, show your good taste.

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just stunning. i can't say anything else that others haven't said. your backsplash is the perfect eye candy to your counters and your storage ideas are awesome. congratulations on a spectacular job.

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You must think you've died and gone to heaven (can I say that?) when you walk into that kitchen. I know that's what I'd be thinking. I love how you have transformed your space - beauty and function combined. Well done.

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It is so kind of you all to post these compliments, and I really appreciate it! Don't tell my friends or family, but I actually do care more about your opinions than theirs, because I know you know.
Michoumonster, the yard called my stone "Godiva" and said it was from India but I think they are the only ones to call it that. Pretoria seems to be a more common name, and some slabs aren't as black, and have more scattered movement.
One of my relatives incredulously told me they knew someone who spent "three whole hours" searching "just" for their slabs. I don't think I said "slacker" out loud.

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Wow, it's hard to believe it's the same kitchen! The upper glass cabinets fill the space so nicely and really balance that gorgeous back splash. Sooo happy for you!

Three whole hours searching for slabs? Now that's funny.

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Love the functionality. But so beautiful as well.

Love the drawers for the cutting boards, appliances...well, just all of it.

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absolutely gorgeous. really, so lovely! I had no idea about the utrusta! Now that's another "must have" for me!

thanks for sharing :)

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Holly- Kay

KK, too funny that slacker didn't come out of your mouth. I spent probably five weeks looking for the perfect pulls. I only told one friend and she thought I was crazy. From then on out I only shared my dilemma with other TKO-ers.

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Fantastic layout - super efficient galley/U shape for prep and cooking with a separate a separate cleanup area off to the side and great counter seating. If there's a more functional layout for a kitchen, I'd like to see it.

Really like the finishes too.

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That's really incredible! I LOVE that backsplash. I have a sample of that exact stuff and it is SO pretty. I said in a different thread that it's so pretty it could be made into jewelry.. wouldn't it be a nice bracelet with the different little stones? I digress.

Wow. The storage. Awesome kitchen, well done. Wish I had room for the deep drawers that you have there. It all looks wonderful and functional and very well-planned out and beautiful. Have fun (how could you not?), you've earned it.

(Now, you'll have to post some 'kitchen at work' stuff, haha)

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I've returned over and over again to your photos, to absorb all the wonderful details we see in your kitchen. You've done a fabulous job on it all. I seem to just stare at your backsplash in awe, as I'm timid, and you're luminary.

Wonderful job, kksmama!

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You always learn something new at GW! I had to look up "doula". Funny. Still debating the tapmaster. Which model did you get? Does it take up much space underneath the sink?

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Its beautiful, so well done!!

I LOVE white kitchens with a warm deep wall color. Your cabinetry is beautiful, and your counters are so unique and stunning. Totally jealous of all your storage.

I just noticed the artwork in your old kitchen....I kinda like it...?! Do you plan on putting any of those back in the new kitchen?

I enjoyed reading about your "mistakes" (though to my eye there are absolutely none visible), just bc I feel like I made so many and its sometimes nice to hear others still make them, even after being TKO and "TGWO" !!

great job, enjoy!!

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Carsonheim, I love the utrusta but it was the first time installing one for my carpenters, and it took a lot of man hours to get them working well. The GC is therefore not a fan.

Romy718, tapmaster was easily installed by the plumber and has been flawless since (after a slight delayed response in the first few days - I think it needed to prime or something). I wish they were cheaper, I'd put them throughout the house and give away as gifts. Breezy and others have a great thread on it, I bumped my report but have linked the better one. They take up next to no room - I'll try to add a picture to the good thread later.

Homebuyer23, that is so sweet of you to notice! I will use the art, all done by my daughter, but allow a decorator to place it in my house. Getting aesthetics right is extremely difficult for me, so all the compliments here are amazing. I love my kitchen and understand how I got here, but through this process I've become even more respectful of others' talents, and intend to use them!

Sparklingwater, I thought about your amazing kitchen while out in Yosemite. It was a quick trip and I didn't get to see the Ansel Adams gallery so I'll wait for more pictures of your "timid" (this is new slang for classical, timeless elegance?) kitchen.

Deedles, I agree about that material and am hoping I, or my daughters, will get around to doing something creative with the scraps.
Red_lover and Groucho, thank you. I loved learning about work flow and storage here. At one point my GC wanted to make the counters deep - but not the drawers. Those extra inches effectively double what I can store on that wall because many appliances and pots have bases around 10-12" and I can fit 2 rows instead of one. Someone else had explained it on GW, and it made all the difference for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Which tapmaster model?

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Wow!! Soooo pretty! I absolutely love your backsplash…you couldn't have picked anything better. It's a real show stopper. Love the color brown that the cabinets are stained…it's the perfect shade. Also love counters, the divided storage for bakeware and the charging drawer. Was the divided storage something made by wood hollow or were those built in by the cabinet maker?

Great job:)

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Thank you, lckaisgir. The divided storage was made by the GC's shop, based on pictures I showed him from GW. Here are more details on mine:

Note that the drawer box here isn't full height, and so the dividers aren't either. This is working well for me.
On this one you can see that the front and back are just pieces with grooves, they aren't attached to the door box. Which is good, because these were made for a narrower drawer bank but I moved them and I don't mind that there is a little room on each side that shouldn't really be there.
While I'm at it, here is a photo that I think illustrates the value of the extra inches in my deep (front to back) drawers. They have a useful front to back distance of almost 23" (except for the notch for the gas line you can see in the lower corner). The standard front to back distance inside the box is 3" less and therefore wouldn't fit a second row of pots.

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Wow it's stunning! And I have total storage envy... the charging drawer... drawer for cutting boards... sigh.

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Beautiful! Love the stools.

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wow, what a gorgeous kitchen. I thought the backsplash was going to be a little same old, based on the description and then I saw it. Love it! The dimension on it is fantastic.

Great job!

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So many wonderful details! You really did a great job of combining beautiful form and excellent function. Love the texture of your backsplash and the exotic look of those counters.

Did I miss where you said what your ucl are?

P. S. Kitchen doulas is an apt description of almost everyone here!

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Thank you Chicagoans, Debrak, Cheify76, and ck_squared.

Ck, the lighting hasn't all been fixed, and doesn't really photograph well, anyway. But if you look closely at the picture you may see that the light on the cooking wall by the mixer is a nice white, but on the left of that wall (coffee maker) it is yellowish. On the sink wall, it is yellow on the far right and left, white above the sink and immediately to the left of it. And the pendants in the reveal photos had the warm light of incandescent bulbs (I think they were GE Reveal - I've changed them to 40 watt 3000k utilitech pro G25 vanity bulbs). All of this is much more obvious IRL. And the same tape also comes in a very cold, "daylight" 6500K which is noticeably blue. Mine will (eventually) be all the same, Hafele 833.73.401. The warmer, yellow above is the 833.73.400 and the daylight is 833.73.410.

So the contractor only really knew about the .400 and .410 as they are listed in his catalogue (2012 version, perhaps). The 401 must have been a mis-shipment that was installed without noticing the difference and lucky for me, because for my kitchen it is perfect. They came yesterday to change the .400 sections out for the 410 and we were shocked to see the blue light (above ovens tough to see but look at the glow above). It was only then that I got on the phone with Hafele, and learned about the .401 which now I'm sure is what I have and like. So there is a delay while we wait for more of that to be ordered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hafele loox high intensity led

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Thanks for the information. So now I know I want the cool white (whatever brand; I would assume they call it the same) lights because they offer truer colors. Especially after seeing yours and understanding what you have and watching a video online last night with examples of both.

Good luck with your last few to dos.

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Ck, I'm sorry to tell you but CRI (color rendering index) is a different metric. And contrary to my initial assumption, I'm fine with a lower CRI because I love the contrast in my gneiss and don't care to see the slight pinks or greens in it. I think different materials would be better highlighted by different lights.

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Wow, Kks - that is one fantastic kitchen!!! The backsplach IS like jewelry, it's so pretty. I wish I could touch it. Did I say fantastic...I meant fantabulous!!!! All that storage is dreamy. I love when function looks as good as works. Congrats!!!

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You can be assertive and they still won't listen. I have maybe three men on this job who listen to what I want and do it. The others listen and then do what they want. It is a good ol' boy network.


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KK - Awesome!!!
I love the color of your cabinets and I think you topped most of us (including my organized cabinets) with your exquisite slots for storage.
Love your granite and also love your handles and how they coordinate with your appliances!
Love that angled cabinet - that is awesome!
I might have missed it - what is your wall color?
We can't wait to see your KAW pictures posting! I am sure you will have lots of luscious dishes popping out of your kitchen!

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Say, on your deep pot drawers: have you got over travel glides for those and if so, what brand did you get? My cab guy suggested deeper drawers with OT glides. Looking at yours, I can see that it would definitely be worth it.

May I ask how deep is the drawer with your green dutch oven in it?

thanks, this is very helpful as I'm nailing down the last few inches of drawers for my cabs right now.

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Deedles, I've been traveling a lot but will give you more measurements when I'm home tomorrow. I read a lot on GW about "deep" drawers and struggled in part because we use "deep" to mean both the front to back distance and the top to bottom distance. And then there is the usable top to bottom distance which is larger than the drawer box and the usable front to back distance which is much less than the base cabinet.

My cooking wall cabinets are 28" front to back, with drawers with interior front to back usable space of almost 23" - regular is more like 19.5" of usable interior space in 24" front to back deep cabinets. Many GWs get "deeper" countertop space by setting their bases 4" off the wall, but that alone won't get you more drawer space. I don't know the brand of my glides, but they are side mounted and soft close and my GC isn't a fan of them, he greatly prefers under mount glides and used them on all the other drawer banks that are standard depth.

Usable top to bottom depth, the measure of how tall things can be and still allow the drawer to close, is usually greater than the drawer box and less than the drawer face (for full overlay). I was very concerned with usable top to bottom depth, because I wanted to fit my appliances, and baking pans and sheets on their sides. When I measured, I found that having 16" of clearance would work for most appliances and cookie sheets/pizza pans, and 10" or 11" would work for most other things including pots with their lids on top, and baking pans on their sides. I followed Angela12345's advice to measure, using boxes, and gratefully pass it along.

Here is a link that might be useful: Everything I Wanted to Know About Drawers

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Thank you A2gemini and Mgoblue85! I love my backsplash even more now that I insisted that the expert tile guy come and clean it up and seal it. And I love the angled cabinet, too, all the more so because I had to be assertive in the beginning to get them to design and build it. Karen.ohio, you are right, of course. I wish that being being paid, or being treated with warmth, respect, and appreciation was what it took for workers to do a great job. It is, for some, but certainly not for all.

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Deedles, that drawer has a drawer box of 8", which with side mounted glides means the inside of the drawer has a clearance of 9 3/4" (the front, which is only a matter of aesthetics and not function, is 11 1/2"). The lower drawers have the same 8" box, 12 1/2" front, but a useful interior height/depth/clearance of 11" - which is just barely enough for the large pyrex lasagna pan which says it is 10.5 x 14 (but that is the bottom and the top is 11" wide).

Sorry for all the level of detail, I hope it makes sense and is useful. I think I got lucky with some of this, and would encourage others to be very specific with their cabinet makers about exactly what they are specifying and why.

A2gemini, the paint is a copy of EK Adobe. For me, it is just the right warm/cool balance (I lean more towards cool).

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Absolutely gorgeous! It's amazing how you got so much more function out of the same space. Really impressive layout. Now I have granite envy--yours is simply stunning!

Enjoy your beautiful kitchen.

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Thank you, Repac! I really owe all of the good in my kitchen to GW, especially encouraging people like you who were so generous in sharing their experience and photos.

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delete duplicate

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Kksmama, I missed this somehow. So glad you posted the link on the knobs and pulls thread. As someone said above, this is a Knockout! Right outta the park.
The function is better and the aesthetics are to die for gorgeous. I just love the way your backsplash sparkles off your counter.
Thanks for showing too how you've organized your deep drawers. Now I have to go look up those organizing systems you wrote that you used.

I'd also like to add that your previous kitchen is exactly my brother and sis-in-laws current kitchen. The live in the house with 6 kids and the kitchen is traffic central all the time, with not enough room to eat at the table between the end of that peninsula and the sliding glass door to the deck. I'm going to copy your reveal post and picture and send it to them with your permission. Please?

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Thank you, mlweaving_Marji, your compliments are so sweet! Of course I'm flattered and thrilled if what I've done can be helpful to another family, especially one with six children. I still think the second sink and venting hood are among the most important parts of the remodel.

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Wow, gorgeous kitchen transformation! Hard to believe it's the same space. Sooo much to love; the backsplash is to die for, so jealous and envy all those deep drawers!

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You have an exceptionally beautiful kitchen. All of your searches and worries have really paid off. I love the bright white UCLs instead of the warmer yellowish color too. Great job!

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I think I can't find what your cabinets are? I absolutely LOVE LOVE the finish on them.

It's pretty amazing the difference just moving a few things makes. I thought your before looked fine, but expected the builder grade cabinets to go. I didn't expect such a dramatic change.

You've done a lovely job. So pretty!

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