KAW- quince !

trailrunnerbikerNovember 18, 2013

A friend gave me a huge sack of quince from his tree. I had some 2 yrs ago and then none last year. I was so glad to get them this year. I used my Mom's chinois and wooden pestle . I always use it for applesauce too. There are a number of different ways to use quince. The easiest is to wash them and then cut them up, leave the peel on. They are VERY HARD ....so be careful. Cover with water that has lemon in it as you work on them so they don't turn brown. Sweeten the water and cook till soft and dark rosy/rust in color. Strain off the juice and sweeten more and add more lemon juice and cook till it is jelled.

Take the remaining pulp and use the chinois to separate the seeds and peel. Sweeten one cup sugar to one cup pulp and 1 tsp lemon juice for each cup of pulp , cook till very very thick. I use my Maslin pan. It is the very best for cooking thick sauces as the bottom is heavy and prevents sticking. I also use my Mom's simmer plate. Bake the thick sauce to finish and this is called membrillo....yummmm....quince paste. Serve with strong sheep's milk cheese like Manchego. Here are some pics.


pretty jelly ! -

using the chinois :

almost done...note the color before cooking down:

sugar added to pulp:

see how pretty it gets as it cooks !

maslin pan is so clean and nice...no sticking-

3 pans of membrillo -

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very very jealous.....

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That looks amazing!!! I would LOVE to try some quince. I can't say I've ever had it.


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Neat..but what next? More pictures please....

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localeater..haha...get to the store and get some !

Nancy you too ;)

old bat....hmmm....I will have some of the jelly on yogurt tomorrow...I can take a pic :) or when we serve some of the membrillo on cheese...I am sorry it is so anticlimactic !!

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I don't think we ever get quince in my market! And it is definitely too late in the season now. How, I love a quince apple pie! That membrillo looks amazing and I so want some on a cheese plate: the sweet quince paste, the creamy tang of the manchego, the salty goodness of some salumi, maybe a handful of marcona almonds- heaven.

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local...our Fall here is SO late...these are the first ones off of the tree !! Our maples are just now turning color...it is a crazy year. It was mid 70's here today and a week or so ago it was 29 at night ....stranger and stranger.

I plan on having my DS1, the chef, make me some salumi to go with the membrillo. He is going to get a bunch of the quince for the restaurant. It will definitely find its way on to many plates here. I made quince -apple pie 2 yrs ago for Thanksgiving but it was SO bland. I did something wrong as this tastes amazing. Ah well. I have another basket of them waiting on me :)

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So sad that my quince bush got rust and had to be severely pruned -- hope that I don't have to pull it out entirely. I made membrillo 2 years ago and have to admit that it didn't last long. Also would just bake it with sugar and lemon, then spoon while still warm on ice cream -- heavenly!
Anyone that likes rhubarb should like quince.

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That looks so good. Thanks for sharing!

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Trail - you are amazing - Those membrillos are gorgeous. I am having a craving for some quesos with your membrillos!
I am on a consulting gig and ran on the trails and turns out it is Point Defiance 1, A2Gemini 0 as I sprained my ankle. Guess, I better stick to being a Roadie!

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Every time you do one of these "Kitchen at Work" posts I totally fall for it, Trail. KAW are my initials, and I always forget what it is stands for here!

Anyway, you sure do eat good at Trail's house. YUM.

I love quince. And one of my fave recipes is a pear tart with quince paste and pistachio brittle. Sigh.

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raee..I sure hope your bush comes back ! I have jars of the syrup now too...didn't make it sweet enough to gel. We like it slightly tart. You will have to post back if/when you get some quince.

Ginny ,..thank you ! It is good ;)

OH NO!! A2..I am so sorry. There is a learning curve for sure. You get well and give it another shot in the future on easy trails and work your way up. It is definitely something that you have to let your feet do the thinking. Whenever I overthought it I would turn my ankle too. Your feet know what to do. Good Luck !

haha,,..mnt ! I didn't think of that I knew the K and W part. We do eat well here. Love to cook and might as well do it up special rather than just get by. Pear and quince sounds very yum and so does that brittle. Thank you for posting. c

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This looks amazing! I wish I could taste it! My parents have quince in their yard and I've always wondered what one would do with them since I'd heard they were edible. Usually when I visit my dogs scarfs them up.

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thank you prickly ...your dog likes them...raw ????? They are extremely tart and hard !! Amazing dog LOL ! You need to pick up some and cook them...you will love them. c

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Trail - I saw some quince at market and was tempted but too much to do right now to try membrillos. Loved them in Spain.
Also, I used to run very rocky and rooty trails in the past but haven't done so recently. I am now training for Boston - so will avoid trails until my ankle heals. I am off the crutches and running (with magic tape). It is snowing now - so that adds another dimension.
Keep those KAWs coming!

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Don't know what Magic Tape is but I hope it really works magic !! Good for you doing Boston. I never did a marathon. I went from 10k to 50 k and just skipped the interim distances once I met trails. I am so sorry this happened. But you sound like you have it under control . Good Luck ! c

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