Kitchen granite/fireplace surround HELP please!

belladomNovember 2, 2012

I have a small house with an open floor plan and the stone walkway, kitchen granite and tile and cabinets and fireplace can all be seen from several angles. I can't decide on a cast stone type of fireplace surround, or tile, or just leave it alone.

Any recommendations are very much welcome!

Here's the fireplace, center back:

Here's my house:

More you can see the busy granite:

Here's the walkway:

Here are 2 cast stone type mantles that can come in white, travertine or limestone:


The Clarissa:

And, an example of a stone firelace:

Thanks very much!!!

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I think the bordeaux would look great with all your elements.

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I like the Bordeaux too.

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Wow... thanks for answering... I like the Bordeaux too. I forgot to mention it sticks out 10" at the top and tapers to about 4" at the bottom... Do you think I have room for 10" depth in my 12' x12' room that opens out but is still small????

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I can't tell from the pictures how much of the black fireplace front is something that can be covered and how much is opening or vents. The windows are pretty close on either side - how much room do you have for the surround? It seems like one might overlap the windows - if the legs fit, there still is where something like where the Bordeaux flares out wider for the mantle.

We did a very simple surround by facing it with remnants from our kitchen quartzite. We felt that the stone at the side had to cover at least 6" to not look too skimpy with the fireplace front. I think we ended up making it around 8".

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Actually the bordeaux legs don't flare out more than the mantle and it would fit; these 2 are the only ones that fit from the company though it would be tight as the windows are close. I would like to do the kitchen leftover granite but the granite is too busy for me to live with so I'm looking for something more simple. And this is taking me way too long. The outside of the house is also a contemporary Craftsman type with a lot of straight lines so I'm wondering if that matters. But the kitchen cabinets have some curves. Help1!

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Bordeaux is my vote too.(even though usually I would prefer stone)

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I like the concrete one too. Could you pull in your granite for the floor piece that is typically done with brick?

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