1930 Kitchen Facelift - ideas appreciated

deborahcNovember 23, 2012

Hi all,

We are buying this house for my daughter to live in while in college. I've to some ideas on how to spruce it up, but I'd love your input as well. I purchased the frigidaire appliance stainless package today at black Friday prices.

1. Reprinting all of the cabinets but keeping the original hardware. I'm thinking of a creamy white on the top and a bluish gray on the bottom. I haven't nailed down exact paint colors yet.

2. Removing the cabinet doors over the stove and cutting out the bottom shelf for the microwave.

3. Beadboard on soffits with crown molding at the top painted same color as cabinets

4. Butcher block counters

5. No idea on backsplash. Is more beadboard too much?

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What a sweet kitchen !! I love the original cabs...vent cutout below the sink is so charming . I would definitely keep the curved open shelves and the scallop over the sink area. Yes to painting the cabs if they need it and changing out the countertop also if it needs it. SInce this is for a college girl I wouldn't do more than necessary at present till she has lived with it for a bit.

Pretty window treatments and charming accessories..the eating area is WONDERFUL. Let her have fun flea marketing . She will enjoy making it her own.

There are some great paints out there by Rustoleum for redoing the countertop. Let her and her roommates, if she is going to have some, fix it all up. c

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Thanks! Here are a few more pictures

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Here is another view, I'm standing in the nook. My daughter said please fix it up for me, I have no time to think about it! So...okay if you force me :)

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Last picture! But I think the built in ironing board is just too cute. Some people have been taking the ironing board out ut and using the cabinet for spices. I'm definitely leaving it.

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The kitchen is adorable. Unless the paint is really in bad shape I wouldn't paint them. Same for the counter. If you do want to add a BS, I think bead board is the perfect choice.

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Cutting down the cabinet over the stove and still having it be robust enough to support an OTR could be problematic. The weight of the MW hangs from the bolts through the cabinet bottom. I think I'd try to find another place for a MW. Like maybe on a shelf in that pantry. If there is an outlet there. Or move that ironing board cabinet into the laundry area or a bedroom and put an Ikea freestanding cabinet in it's place and put a small MW on top of that. Then do some type of plate rack or open shelf above it.

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Nope wouldn't change a thing. The floors to the ceiling are wonderful and the cabs look to be in great shape and clean !! I would leave it all alone. LWO is right about the microwave...remodeling that space to try and accomodate the MW would be a mistake. Even one on the counter would be better . If on down the road someone decides to redo this home in the way it could be done to maximize every single original detail and add only what will enhance then so be it. But for your DD it is perfect. Color and accessories only ! c

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Thanks everyone. It looks much better in pictures than in "real life". The cabinets are really dirty! And they have big paint drips from past sloppy paint jobs. And they have a bad smell, kind of old musty greasy. Hard to explain! So they really need sanded and repaired.

My brother is a pretty decent carpenter, so I will let him check out the integrity of placing the microwave over the stove. It would be attached to the wall, not the upper cabinet. And I considered corbels to support the cabinet as well. My husband thinks this is too much work too, but adding outlets in plaster walls is major money,and there is an outlet above the stove.

The Formica countertops have burn marks all over them, it almost looks like they may have caught fire at some point. So they are beyond saving as well.

So paint and countertops are a must. The other is just fun :)

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What an adorable kitchen! That dining nook looks like a great spot to sit and do homework... or, play quarters? :)

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yep. It all looks good as is to me. Looks totally remodeled compared to the apts I lived in back when...

love the arches! looks like such a cute place. great floors too.

the cabs look fine. A good scrubbing (inside and out) should do them wonders. If not enough, a light sanding and fresh coat of white should do it. After cleaning the inside I'd stick some bowls of charcoal or even baking soda inside for a time before putting anything in them.

I just saw on DIY/I WANT THAT show tonight a kit to redo counters to look like concrete. A good cleaning, 2 skim coats of the 'concrete' in pkg (let dry and then light sanding between coats), then a food safe top coat that seals it and brings out the depth in it. they said about 250.00.

and unless she's going to be cooking up a storm there, it looks like she has enough counter top to put a mw on it. It looks to be about as much as I have in my new/old place.

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Elraes Miller

Wow, I would love that kitchen. And what fun to work on the eating area.

If you have to paint it, perhaps just sand and see if the paint can be matched. A good way to get the odor out of the insides is using TSP and then spray with a clear poly. If they are really in bad shape, TSP and wall paper in bead board, easy cleaning.

I agree with the MW being somewhere on the counter. Or build a shelf to sit it in on the far right of kitchen, under a cabinet. You can get some great ones as good as an OTR for half the price. And not have to worry about the existing outlet, which needs to be on it's own circuit.

My opinion about the microwave is I hate mine OTR and am currently moving the range over. When cooking it seems like someone is always trying to get into it at the same time and large pots are a pain on the stove. Plus I am at an age that I'm afraid something is going to be dropped on the stove when removing.

Enjoy the work, the kitchen is adorable and well worth it. I'd love to see the rest of the house.

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Good ideas on the smell removers. I'll give those a try.

I'm just SURE my daughter won't be playing quarters on the table- hehehehe

I have some other house pics on tumblr. I am going crazy over what color to,paint the outside. It has to have a complete outside reno- new roof, fireplace repointed, windows rebuilt and repaired and painted. I can't find any houses like this one on the Internet. All of the others have cute brick peaks.

I'm pondering painting the peak in front a slightly lighter shade than the rest of the house to make it stand out. I've got time to make this decision, since we can't work on the outside until Spring. Unless we have a crazy warm winter again.

What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Tudor Revival

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Lucky lucky girl, I hope she knows it!

As mentioned above, TSP in hot water scrub down is needed before you do anything else. Then you will have some idea of what really needs to be done. If the paint is old oil based, the insides may not need a new coat after scrubbing because oil based paints are very durable. Lining the shelves with something cute may be all that is needed.

The handles look absolutely original, and I can say from previous experience that you may have a very tough time finding replacements that match the hole spacing, so if the chrome is in good condition, clean them well and reuse - they are really nice vintage pulls. Same goes for the hinges.

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OMG..what a gem !! Those fabulous bathrooms..the tile...the woodwork..those light fixtures ! Oh...the door hardware...oh...oh...I sure hope that you are keeping it all. The medicine cabinets. What a treasure. All it needs is elbow grease...I wouldn't change a thing. I hope the fireplaces can be restored to working order.

We have a couple houses in our neighborhood that are very similar. If I get a chance I will take some pics for you.

That house is a gem and when restored will be worth a pretty penny . What part of the country ? c

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I know, I fell in love the first time I saw it! And it had been on the market since July without 1 offer. Are people blind? :) if so I'm really happy!

I am keeping absolutely everything. Even the plastic tiles in the bathroom that are supposedly becoming collectible. All the lights are original except 2 sconces in the black/white bathroom. I'm going to try and find some on eBay to replace those with. They put blue and white sconces in a black/white tiled bath! Ugh

I love the round front door and the crystal door handles. Only one door is missing its original doorknob, so I'm going to try and find a replacement for it as well.

It is in the Chauncey- stadium streets historic district in West Lafayette Indiana. So it is in the National Historic Register as a contributing property for the area. We are applying for a 20% tax credit for the Renovations which will help a little bit.

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I'd check carefully about any renovations. Some friends have a historic home and they have had to have custom windows built, had to have exterior colors approved, and ran into very large expense for minor exterior fixes. I don't think interior was a problem, but make sure you understand the rules.

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For replacement hardware and lots of eye candy check Robinson's. I got all of my hardware from him and he is near you ! Odessa MI. Great house and you are so lucky...so is DD !

Here is a link that might be useful: Robinson's

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I absolutely love the black and white bathroom!

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sure is a nice kitchen...

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

I thought I had posted this link but I don't see it so it must have been a dream

Here is a link that might be useful: 1939

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Thanks for the links and suggestions! I love the retro 1939 kitchen, and the antique store inventory is pretty amazing. I may give them a call about sconces for the black and white bathroom.

I just can't love Formica though, even if it is historical :). I think I'll stick with the butcher block counters.

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I owned an old house for many years, this was a very fun and helpful web site.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love that kitchen! With the exception of the faucets and stove hood, I wouldn't change much, either. I like the idea of a beadboard backsplash--I have painted beadboard, and I find it's easy to keep clean. I considered using beadboard on the soffits over the cabinets, but I didn't want to call attention to that area. I painted the soffits and molding the same color as the upper cabinets, too.

I live in So.Ohio, so the Tudor Revival style is familiar--there are several very similar charmers a couple of blocks from my mother's house.

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What did you decide to do in the kitchen? And what about the exterior? Your pictures were great. I have a similar 1930s home and am trying to figure out what to do about the cedar shingle siding.

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