second guessing a few layout decisions

justmakeitNovember 11, 2012

The overall layout is pretty much definitive, so it's too late for me to reconsider excellent anti-peninsula or pro-open-floorplan proposals. It's a smallish kitchen, and we're empty-nesters (at least for now), and I'm the only cook. So here are my questions:

1. Is the prep sink (close to the upper wall on peninsula) so awkwardly placed that it won't be of much use? My reasoning for having a prep sink is that I want to prep on the peninsula, overlooking DH at the table. But I don't want to lose valuable storage real estate by putting the sink on the working end of the peninsula.

2. If I lose the prep sink, will moving dripping vegetables from the clean-up sink to the peninsula be so annoying that I end up never using the peninsula?

3. I scootched the clean-up sink way down on the window run so that I'd have a secondary spot to prep between it and the stove, looking out the window. Now I'm slightly worried that I'll feel exposed with my back lined up with the doorway to the dining room at the other end of the kitchen. Is that a ridiculous concern? If it isn't, is it worth flipping the sink and the dishwasher and reducing the space to the stove?

Thanks for all your shared kitchen wisdom!

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table area is 81 inches by 79, plus a bit----are you really okay with that? Anyway, DO center the sink-allowing counter to the right of it.....perhaps eliminate the 12 inches to left of fridge[move fridge over]....the counter to the right of sink can be landing for items coming out of fridge. Pull the microwave over to right of fridge. DO eliminate completely the prep sink,as the centered sink will be in a good spot and you have it generously sized. I hear ya with your first few sentences, but could you tighten up the U-bring the peninsula side in,as much as you can,even 6 or 8 inches,to increase the table area width?

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Herbflavor -- Thanks so much for the suggestions. I would love to get a few more inches in the eating space! Do you think it will be a problem having less room around the range? Or would it be better to go down to a 30" range? I know there's some rule or other about how much landing space you need near the range, but I'm assuming I'll have that in any case because of it being at the end of the U?

Is your suggestion to move the microwave in order to get it closer to the cooking area? Honestly, I can't find a good place for that appliance!

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I don't know, Circuspeanut had that round prep sink in the corner just like yours is drawn and I think she liked it alright. You might find it handy. I'm looking forward to having one when we remodel our kitchen.

Below is a thread with her sink if you scroll down a bit.

Agree with centering the sink and scootching the fridge over.

Here is a link that might be useful: corner prep sink

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I agree, move the fridge to the right and eliminate the 12" counter - it's prime clutter-gathering space.

Move the sink back to center and enlarge the counter there so it forms a landing zone for the fridge. Move the DW to the right of the sink so it's out of the angle by the stove. Having it in the angle will make for a point of constant fuss. No one can open the DW while someone is standing at the stove the way it is laid out now.

Make sure fridge is hanged on right so you're not reachng around the door, if you use sink counter as landing space.

I'm not sure the prep sink is in a bad location, but given your small kitchen you may not need it.

Especially as I suggest that you might benefit from making the interior of the U a bit smaller by making the counters and cabs a bit deeper. This obviously shrinks the travel distances within the the U by 6-12".

How about making the sink run 27" deep (30 is a possibility, too?) Extra deep counters improve efficiency as there's space behind the usual working zone. And of course you may be able to have custom-depth cabs which adds to their functionality.

On the peninsula you could subtract the same amount of inches from the space to the left of the stove (to make the space on either side of it match.) You could either enlarge the peninsula surface, or just keep it the same but give yourself a few more inches of leeway around the table, which is sorely needed.

I second the question of whether you need such a large round table.

I was wondering if you had considered having an L-shaped banquette with a rectangular table and a chair on the narrow and may be two along the free long side. When you're not having a lot of people, you might it handy to have the table slipped closer to the banquette. For everyday when it's just you and your DH, one could sit on the end and one on the lond side in chairs if you like. You could also have some deep storage built in to the seat boxes of the banquette, either accessible from the end (morgue drawers) or from flaps that lift up in the seats.



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deedles -- circuspeanut's prep sink is exactly what gave me the idea for this one! Loved the made-to-fit cutting board she had for it.

The reason I don't want to move the fridge is that I'm really looking forward to the tall shallow pantry on its right. The pantry opens on the side, and will be perfect for all my canisters of legumes and beans. The fridge is a french door, and I think the counter to the left and the end of the peninsula should work well for landing areas.

liriodendron -- The counter on the sink/window wall is all 30 inches deep (wish the cabinets were, but they're the usual), so that should work well. But I agree that shrinking the inside of the U might be a good idea. I think I'd like to take the extra space in the dining area. Can't do a banquette because DH is anti-banquette and he has offered very few opinions about the kitchen other than that one. But the table really isn't that big, only 42 inches, and it's been working pretty well for us. If we stole a few more inches from the U and put them there, I think you're right that it would be much better functioning.

Thanks for the help!

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I think the prep sink will go un-used because it'll be awkward to reach -- I think it's especially akward because it's placed under shelves. Of course, I'm very short and would have more trouble reaching it than would most people. I think a prep sink is unnecessary in a kitchen of this size.

I would flip the stove and the main sink (and lose the prep sink). Placing the main sink in the more central position will eliminate the "dripping vegetables" question. Of course, that means that the dishwasher is going to have to stay pretty much where it is, putting the dishwasher catty-cornered to the sink. Acceptable, but not ideal.

I'll also second the idea of going down to a 30" range. Yeah, 36" would be nice, but not at the cost of other items in the kitchen. 30" is standard; it isn't petite.

As for extra-deep counters on the sink side -- why? You're gaining a bit of extra counterspace, but it's in the clean-up area -- it'd be more useful in the prep area. And under the cabinets, that extra depth's largely wasted: You'll get the extra storage from the 14" and 18" cabinets . . . but no extra space underneath for the sink and the dishwasher, and a corner's always a problem anyway -- this one's just deeper to reach into. I would move that extra depth over to the penninsula. There the extra countertop would mean more, and you'd have real extra storage in those cabinets.

Although I agree it's a natural clutter-spot, I would keep the small cabinet by the fridge -- but I'd make it organized clutter. I'd keep a basket for mail, several hooks for keys, maybe a shelf for sunglasses. You know what I mean -- oragnizational items to keep whatever clutter you have in your house (for me, it's paper -- mail, coupons, etc.). Be sure you have an electrical outlet in that spot; it'd be a good phone charging area.

I was going to suggest a banquette, which I personally love, but i see that your husband is against them. Would he go for a half-banquette? That is, put a bench against the wall (which would save space), but have two chairs on the opposite side, and he could always sit in a chair?

I would consider going down to a smaller table, but that's not something you have to decide today. You can start with what you already own, and this is easy to change later if you find it cramped.

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About the banquette...have you tried telling your DH that everyone is suggesting a banquette or a patial? Let him know he can still sit in a chair all he wants.

In our kitchen when I told my DH what was said about the refrigerator placement he changed his mind. I just stated what was said and the reason for it. I wasn't at that point trying to change his mind. Logic won out, and he said yes to the change.

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MrsPete -- I'm definitely leaning towards losing the prep sink, but I think I don't want to flip the stove and the main sink. I'd rather look out the windows when I'm at the sink, and I don't relish the mess having the range next to the windows would make. Those windows will be built out in a box, which is what's giving us the 30 inch deep counter over there. My kitchen's too small to manage a 30 inch deep counter otherwise :-)

I agree that a 30" range might be better for my space than a 36" range.

As for the "organized clutter" cabinet, I'm one step ahead of you -- we're putting that cabinet in the hall outside the kitchen. You're so right that it's needed -- I hate dumping my stuff on the kitchen counter when I come in!

debrak -- I'm laughing at your DH being won over by logic. Worth a try with mine :-)

Thanks for the help, friends!

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Its not just logic, its hearing it from someone else. Show him some photos. Good luck!

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