Mirrored kitchen backsplashes

nosoccermomNovember 25, 2013

Didn't want to highjack the other thread, but here are some more examples.

With the mirror door fridge

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I considered a gorgeous mosiac that had little mirrors in it. Loved it but it was pricey at $47.75 a Sq Ft.

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A mirrored fridge might help with weight control!

With the rest of it - seems like all of those mirrors would be a real pain to keep clean.

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I didn't see the other discussion, but aside from the maintenance issue it creates a very cluttered looking environment, imo. Kind of jumbled looking. I think all the reflections create dissonance, as they interrupt the natural visual flow of things.

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Unless the counter is clutter free the mirrors make the counters look they are are covered in junk. I like the BS tile with the mirrors. That would be as far as I could go with mirrors in the kitchen.

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We had a mirrored backsplash in our pre-remodel kitchen, put in circa 1986, torn out circa 2006. We loved it, but wouldn't do it again (frying latkes on the back burner cracked the mirror).

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I was thinking the mirrored mosiac would of looked nice on a fireplace or bathroom. The designers said they had done it also in kitchens for the whole backsplash and that was gorgeous. I considered it for a while. :)

I really like the second picture nosoccermom posted. If I was not the one who had to clean, it's kind of pretty.

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I saw one in a condo that a friend rented and it was overwhelming.

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I had it in one of my NYC apartments. The counters were typically bare (single in NYC) and so it actually looked really nice!

In a working kitchen, it's a little iffy. If you need to leave things on the counter, are they all things you'd like to see twice.

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The most effective use I saw was in a galley that had the sink and cooktop run facing an open peninsula, and the end of that room was a wall of glass in a high rise. The fridge, microwave and countertop appliances were on a separate counter through a doorway, but really adjacent.

Other than the faucet, it really reflected the windows opposite from most viewpoints. Nothing was left on that counter.

The worst was a U-shaped, very small kitchen (about 7x6) that also had a chase in one corner so there were actually 5 planes of mirror and the two opposite were not quite parallel. It was disconcerting. (especially combined with all open storage on the upper. Visual chaos.

I find the last picture pretty serene. I find the first picture sort of unpleasant. The multi mirrored one is going for a different effect altogether, and sometimes that can work, sometimes not.

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