refrig and double oven next to each other

cookingbuffNovember 2, 2012

Just got a preliminary drawing of a remodel and I am wondering if anyone has their double oven/oven right next to their refrigerator. Do you like it? Any thoughts? I don't know how functional it would be when there is no counter space next to the oven.

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I do but my kitchen was planned 13 years ago. Not sure if I would so again. However my island is right behind both the fridge and double oven so I have some place to put my supplies.

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This is one of the elements of our "old" kitchen that I was determined to change. We had refrigerator right next to a double oven, next to the range top. There was no landing area for any of these 3 appliances. It was one of the things I disliked the most. I will admit that it could work if you have a peninsula or island close enough so you could do a 180 when loading or unloading the oven or the fridge, or some counter space on one side of the ovens.

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Palimpsest usually tells the story of a friend's kitchen set up this way where the fridge door opened into the oven handle and left a dent.

Will your fridge swing away from the ovens?

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breezygirl- I was thinking of getting a french door refrig which is what I have now. The plans that were drawn shows one door refrig swinging away from the oven. I have to think about this whole arrangement.

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I have it, no problem at all. Granted my kitchen is very new. I do have a landing zone across from the fridge and ovens - the island, or the counter beside the range. my double ovens are against a wall so it's a little awkward, but i'm ok with it. it's the dreaded corner. so far, so good.

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I've had it that way for several years and it works fine. Mostly it's due to the overall layout - I only have one corner in my kitchen (there is a walk way at each "corner".

My fridge is sxs so doors swing both ways. Have about 4" extra inches between, so the fridge door won't hit the oven handles unless someone really pushed the fridge door back farther than it naturally goes.

I have a small island in front of the appliances, and it works great as a landing are for both - and I have the ends of the counters on the adjacent walls. I have no counter space on the wall that the fridge and ovens are on.

What I love most about this arrangement is that we recessed the opening 2' into the room behind, so it appears the wall oven, fridge and pantry are built into the back wall of the kitchen, and don't stick out into the room.

View from the dining room (back entrance, not the main one) before I started work on the dining room.

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I've had it for 3 years with no problems. Island is my landing zone.

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Thanks so much for the input. My island would be the landing zone also.

nhbaskets- Is that a double oven or do you have regular oven and microwave/convection above?

Would love to see more pictures and more input!

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cookingbuff--Yes, it is a single oven and a convection micro. Also have warming drawer on bottom.

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Ours are next to each other. There is landing space on the island across from them and on the other side of the fridge.

By having them together, the counter of our L is a contiguous work area and the other end of our L is open giving a clear view out the family room windows. I like having the tall elements grouped together.

Our fridge is a regular depth French door. Since it is regular depth, the door doesn't get close to the oven handle at all when it's opened.

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For those who have the fridge and wall ovens next to each other.... Did you put a filler / spacer between them to keep the doors from banging? Or are they fine without it?


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