Gorgeous Scherr Doors - Need Suggestions on Door Hardware

tashamh2November 17, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe it's been 11 months since I started my kitchen remodeling dream. Thank goodness I found this website! Now I can finally see the finish line. And thanks to GW, I went from a kitchen that looked like this...

To a kitchen in a making that looks like this...

Still need to add the finishing touches. I'm in love with how it's coming together, especially the cabinet doors. I have to give a shout out to Tanner at Scherr Cabinets. He has to be the most patient and thorough man alive.

The doors are more substantial than I thought they would be and the door handles I had in mind don't seem to fit anymore. This is my inspiration picture. Can you recommend handles that will go with the kitchen? Also, what do you think about placing all of them horizontally like in the inspiration picture?

Modern Kitchen design by Vancouver Kitchen And Bath Old World Kitchens & Custom Cabinets

Thank you for all of your help!!!


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Sorry, no hardware recs, but I love your cabinet doors! Are those ikea boxes? Did you use that tape suff (can't think of its proper name) to hide the birch interiors, or do the doors fit so well you can't see them? That's my one beef with ikea cabs, those tell-tale gaps. Yours look great though!

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I think the hardware I have for my kitchen cabinets would look great in your kitchen too. They are Hickory Hardware's Greenwich collection. I didn't place them horizontally on my doors because I have curved cabinet doors but I think they would look good horizontally in your kitchen. They are available in the following lengths: 4-5/16, 6-3/8, 10, 13-1/4, and 19-1/4 inches. I purchased them at a local cabinet and door hardware specialty store at a better price than online sources and was able to get all sizes. Mine are a stainless steel finish.

Here's how they look horizontal on my drawers:

And vertical on doors:

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If you want oversized handles,I'd stick with small diameter and minimal protrusion. It's a galley-I wouldn't want chunky that protrudes so much it dominates. the european bar pulls in smallish diameter is what I'd look at...there are so many versions and sizes of those. I guess the cabs are too tall for knobs. [Love the serene space you created]

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Thanks, Olivesmom. This kitchen truly came about from suggestions gathered from this website. Yes, I used Ikea cabinet boxes. Here's a picture without the doors. No need for strips of tape. The doors hide the cabinet boxes. Scherr is used to working with Ikea cabinet boxes. You just send them the list of Ikea cabinets and the elevations and you wait for about 2 months. Well worth the wait. I saved about $10,000 going this route.

Badgergal - those are beautiful. They are subtle but sleek. I will see if they are sold locally because I need to have the handles picked out in the next few days.

Herbflavor - are you talking about these types of handles? Thank you for your compliment. After the kitchen started to come together, it forced me to renovate the rest of house. Not good for my bank account or sanity, but now I just love my house.

Modern Kitchen design by San Francisco General Contractor Dijeau Poage Construction

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I like to mimic the lines on the handles of the appliances if I am going with a similar materials. The lines on your fridge are very matchable but I can't really tell on your microwave and stove.

My cabinets are very similar to yours both color and style, in a smaller galley than yours. I am going with all handles, hanging them horizontally. I chose all one size and went with a 5" spread since most of my cabinet doors are about 15". No pics, been waiting for my handles since Sandy hit the east coast. Going to rattle their cage again Monday and find out where they are.

But if you are using your kitchen, blue tape pulls on your drawers are wonderful!!!

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Hags00 - that is such a great suggestion and actually my appliance handles match the shape of Badgergal's handles. Also, thank you for the tip on the alternative handles. I hope your shipment comes quickly.

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Just so pretty......

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wow beautiful, so modern and updated. You have successfully shown how a change from white to darker cabinet can make a small kitchen look bigger.

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tashamh2 - ha! your old hardware is what I'm planning to use in the future.

love your cabinet doors!

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what about the Ikea bar handles? They are very substantial looking.

Can you tell me what wood and stain you chose? thanks!

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CEFreeman - THANK YOU SO MUCH! And thank you for all of your guidance along the way. Thanks to you I have been to Community Forklift a few times and donated a lot of my old fixtures.

Sofla - thank you. While I love white kitchens, there was no way I was going white after staring at those hideous cabinets for the last 10 years. It was a daring move because I too was concerned that the dark wood would weigh down the room. I wanted glass uppers but my budget couldn't handle it. So, I plan to brighten it up the kitchen with colorful accessories. I think having a light tile floor also helps.

DesertSteph - My old handles served me well. I loved the quirkiness of them; they went well with my old, playful light fixture. Please send pics when you are done.

Scrappy25 - I was leaning toward Ikea handles. I need to go back and pick out a few samples. The exact Scherr door is 400 DOOR - FLAT 1/4 SHAKER with Profile Edge A in Cherry wood. I sent them a sample chip from Diamond Cabinetry in Cherry Cinnamon that I got at Great Indoors before they closed shop. I ordered 2 sample doors from Scherr before I decided to go with this one. I was considering a slab door but it was too modern - my house was built in 1906. They deducted the cost of the sample doors from the final order. It was VERY easy working with them. However, we just discovered that 2 of the doors are the wrong size. Not sure how long it will take to get replacements. Hopefully, not another 2 months. Ugh!

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tashamh2: I replied previously with my hardware info and realized right after hitting the submit button that I failed to tell you how fabulous your kitchen looks. I love how it has some modernness to it but also looks warm and inviting. It's hard to believe it is the same space.
I looked closer at your appliances after you mentioned them in a reply and see that they are GE Profile. I also have the Profile appliances so I can attest to the fact the the Greenwich pulls I used mimic the appliance handles very closely. The store that I bought my hardware from sells them at 30% off list. So if you end up going with those pulls make sure you get a discount. Delivery time was one week. Good luck on your hardware hunt.

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'they went well with my old, playful light fixture. Please send pics when you are done. '

I didn't even think about them going with anything - I just liked them. The size and projection makes them easy on my hands. BUT, I think they will pick up the slight curve in the over the sink light I've decided on.

I'm sure I'll post a pic or 2 eventually. I don't think I'll get to redoing the cabinets until maybe the spring. Then I'll have to decide on ORB or nickel. I did get 1 handle to put on a door to try it out.

I think your light counter top, floor, walls and the lighting in your kitchen will keep it on the light side.

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Beautiful kitchen! We are using IKEA for built ins around our fireplace. Badgers handles would be beautiful. Congratulations.

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Tash- your new kitchen is looking awesome. I love badger's handles and almost switched but stayed with Baldwin arch pulls in ORB.
I coordinated with my faucet.

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Badgergal - that means a lot coming from you because I drool every time I see pics of your kitchen. LOVE IT! I'm hunting down those handles. I bought a sample of a similarly shaped pull at Home Depot and they look really good in my kitchen. But the Home Depot version isn't as sleek as the Hickory Hardware version.

Motherof3sons - thank you. I have a new found love for Ikea. I had no idea how customizable their products are. My contractor is converting deep drawers into a trash pullout...another tip I found on this website. I would love to see pics of your fireplace. I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze in built-ins around my fireplace.

a2gemini - thank you so much. I never thought about the faucet handle. my faucet handle is pretty basic.

Off to hunt down pulls!

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wow, your kitchen looks great. Huge improvement from the old. If you're after that same chunky modern look as your inspiration picture, they look like a Linnea brand to me:


or maybe Emtek:

if you're just after clean, modern and square - not so much the chunky look. I just installed some of these in my lndry and they are really nice.

hope that helps. It's looking great!

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Thank you for those suggestions, Engjake. The first one is lovely but WAY outside of my budget. Love the Top Knobs one you chose.

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Something I haven't seen mentioned on here is when deciding on pulls to consider if anyone in your family wears large chunky rings. My husband is a big guy and his wedding ring is a large chunky gold thing. I bought Amerock pulls for my kitchen and after two years the most used ones have all kinds of little dings. You can only see the dings at certain times a day when the light hits them just right but it's getting more noticeable. I'm not up to scratch on the hardier guts of a pull but it maybe something to look into. I did buy a few extra's though as mine were moderately priced.

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