Dickinson Sink Owners--What GD hardware did you use?

fran123November 16, 2012

Thanks to all of you who have posted on the topic of farmhouse sinks and faucets, etc. I have read and reread all the posts and ended up ordering a Dickinson (k6546-4u) sink and Waterhouse faucet set (in Antique Brass).

What do fellow Dickinson sink owners do about garbage disposer flanges? Kohler seems only to make one GD flange and stopper for this sink (k-11352), but I don't really like it because it lacks a strainer and there's limited choice of finishes. I would love to be able to match (more or less) my Antique Brass hardware.

Can we use any GD flange on the 8-inch deep Dickinson or must we use the extended flange types such as those required for the deeper fire clay sinks? Has anyone paired their Dickinson wth a non-kohler GD fixture? What about a basket strainer?

Many thanks

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My GD came with the flange that works just fine, sso I have an extra Kohler, because I thought, as did the salesperson who originally ordered my sink. It comes with the GD!


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Oops--of course my first message should read "...I ordered a Dickinson sink and WaterSTONE faucet set..." and, thank you, Karen. Maybe I should open up the GD box and see if I have a useable flange, too. I became worried when my plumber confidently proclaimed a regular-size flange wouldn't work with my Dickinson apron sink.

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Fran- you will love the waterstone faucet - thought I was going to have to look up another faucet style- lol

We do not have a Dickinson sink but did buy an after market flange for our blanco sink to match our waterstone faucet.

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