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schwefelNovember 19, 2012

The wife and I are looking buying a REO that, for all practical puposes, does not have a kitchen. Below is the best that we have been able to come up with, based on doing kitchen design research and what we (don't) like about our existing. While I do plan on retaining a kitchen designer to help finalize, I would like get as far a long as possible, before that point.

Here are some notes on the layout:

- This layout is done with Lowes ( desginer. I am using it more for layout, than specific cabinets.

- The doorways (far right of both long walls) could be expanded/contracted if needed.)

- The opening in to the dining room (next the door on the top wall) could expanded/contracted if needed. (The door and opening are "connected" they just have to be 2 seperate entities in the designer so it looks like there is a partial wall between them.)

- The sink is in the lower left corner. (#4)

- The stove is #7

- The fridge is #12

- The dishwasher is next to the fridge)

- The black areas are counters/cabinets

- The white areas are the wall cabinets/tall utility cabinet/fridge)

- The upper right area is the pantry (it will be walled with a diaganal door)

- The cabinets labeled 11 and 10 will have a wider counter to accomodate seating

- Specific cabinets have not been determined yet. (I am hoping to find a good (price and quality) Amish or Mennonite craftsman.

- Anyone know and good Amish/Mennonite craftsman within ~120 miles of Milwaukee?

ANY and ALL suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,


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Why the sink in the corner instead of next to the dishwasher? If it was under 14, it would not only be more convenient to do dishes, but create more prep space between sink and stove. I would move the sink and put 90-degree cabinets in the corner for nicer storage (easier accessibility and larger openings), more counter frontage, and more floorspace.

Is that a window behind 17? Will there be no other windows in the kitchen?

I'd consider putting the fridge where #1 is, for a more open feel and more light in the kitchen. But I understand the advantages of keeping it on the perimeter if non-cooks need to access it without invading the work area.

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I see some things I would do differently but some basics could be clarified for starters: what is the area that is blank,off to the right? Where is the dining room that you refer to,and how is it used day-to-day? the space appears to be windowless-is that right? Are there no outside walls
that make up this kitchen? What are your plans for venting?
Where does the lower passage/opening lead to in the home? I'm thinking the upper passage is to the dining room. I wouldn't care for the corner sink in this kitchen-that's a one person sink and that individual gets stuck in the corner for those functions...the kitchen is large enough to avoid that last resort set up. Why have a pantry and then another pantry just outside of it? Put at least a 9 inch base cabinet between dishwasher and fridge. If indeed these will be windowless walls,I'm thinking a U shape kitchen because at the open side of the U it can blend with another area,like family room/dining zone/etc which will make the space feel better and more enjoyable to work in.
What is the plan for the area that is blank to the right?Go back and look for the "how to's" of posting from buehl among the entries on the first page. Was there a kitchen in this part of the house that was gutted or something like that?

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I have the sink in the corner to keep it as close to the window as reasonable. When I was going through the layouts, having the non-corner sink in front of the window did not seem to leave enough room to work at the sink with adjacent counter from the 90 deg corner.

As for the dishwasher, it's place is not set in stone. While I did not want to have it directly next to the sink, I could certainly move it closer.

Yes, that is a window and it is the only one in the kitchen.

I thought about that, but as you surmised, I wanted to keep it accessable to non kitchen users without getting in the way.

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The blank area off to the right, if by that you mean you mean the open area, it is just that, an open area. That would be where traffic would move though he kitchen, between the living room and dining room. Though, it is possible that we may put a small table there.

The dining room is at the top.

Day to day usage would be family meals and likely kids and/or me eating breakfast. (Breakfast bar area on the peninsula.) Larger meal would occationally be made. My wife would be the primary cook, though I could see my daughter assisting as she gets older.

In my original post it appears that I forgot to identify the window. The window, the only window at that, is right by 17. Therefore the right wall would be the exterior wall.

The range (at #7) would have have a hood that vents directly outside.

The reason I went with the corner sink it have it at/near the window. (When I tried layouts with a 90 deg in that corner, putting the sink directly in front of the window, there did not seem to be enough space to the left to work comfortably nor did there appear to be enough space between the sink and stove.

The lower passage goes to the family/living room.

The "pantry" (tall utility cabinet) next to the pantry is to be a non-food storage area. (i.e. cleaning supplied, chenicals, other non-food goods and such.

Regarding 9in base between the sink and DW, thank you.

Well, the kitchen has mostly gutted. As I said, it is an REO property. The homeowners ran out of money when they were remodeling. At least, that is how it appears. My plans are to finish the gutting and completely redo it. As of right now, the sink is on the right wall.

I am looking more at some of the how-to's, but I am not finding stuff from buehl. My I am not looking in the right place. Could you provide an example link or two?



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the post says "new to kitchens?".... especially with a gutted space it's good to show plumbing/gas lines/windows and their dimensions/doorways and their dimensions/all wall dimensions/adjacent rooms and their use. This allows potential great uses of the space that others can offer you.For instance-you have almost half the space available as a walkway....with a different plan that waste of space could be eliminated. Explain and give the dimensions for that opening at the top-it looks like a large patio door with transom windows next to it,but you said it's to the dining room???? how wide is it-are you running the peninsula right across some of the opening? Perhaps the kitchen could be lend itself to an island instead?

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Jason, I live in Pewaukee and had my cabinets made by Amish cabinetmakers located about 80 miles from my house. It was:
Miller Cabinet Shop
W4974 Hwy 44
Markesan, WI 53946
They do not have a phone or use a computer. So you will have to write them a letter. They will borrow a phone to call you if needed so give them your phone number. You could also just take a drive to their shop but sometimes they are not there because of install or other events. It is a very small shop but they do have some cabinets on display. Even if they are not there the door is open and you can go in, look around and leave them a note.

I highly recommend them. The quality and workmanship is outstanding. everything fit to perfection. Their prices can not be beat. They are usually booked out 6 weeks or more so you need to get in touch with them sooner rather than later to start the ball rolling.

If you would like to see my cabinets in person or want more info click on my name to send me an email.

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I will search for those posts. Thank you.

The openning at the top wall was explained by this in the orginal post:

- The doorways (far right of both long walls) could be expanded/contracted if needed.)

- The opening in to the dining room (next the door on the top wall) could expanded/contracted if needed. (The door and opening are "connected" they just have to be 2 seperate entities in the designer so it looks like there is a partial wall between them.)

Maybe I did not do a good job of explaining it though. If you are standing in the kitchn and looking towards the dining room, it would look like the attached. As I said originally, the exact widths the doorways and opening can be adjusted to be larger or smaller. (Exacly how wide they could go, I do not know at this point. I will be finding out, though.)


Thank you for the info. The wife and I may take out up on your generous offer.


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I am having trouble understanding your doorways/ access to Dr, etc. Could you post your whole layout for this level of the house and label the diagram.

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