Recommended Finish for Wood Island with Cooktop

eugenie11November 2, 2011

My wooden island hasn't been finished yet, and my contractor tells me it will be fine with my induction cooktop as long as I don't put a hot pan on the wood. It won't burn, but it will leave a white ring.

I wasn't in the habit of putting hot pans on my old counter top, either, but I wonder if any hot liquid - spills, spatters - will affect the wood finish, or if there is a special finish that is superior to others to protect the wood from cooking/heat contact.

Trailrunner - you cook a lot, with wood surrounding your cooktop - do you finish the wood with something special?

Would love to hear anyone's experiences, preferences, recommendations.


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Will food ever come in direct contact with the wood? Chances are the answer is yes. You need something food-safe. Trailrunner, Rhome410, and many, many others have used a product called Waterlox. If you search the forum for that word, you'll find many threads. There have been at least two in the past week.

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Thank you, breezy - I have indeed read many posts here about Waterlox, but I will not be finishing the top myself. The wood is apparently sealed, but not yet stained and varnished.

Can you put Waterlox on top of that? From what I've read, it sounds like people apply many coats of it to the raw wood, as a sealer. I think my wood top may already be beyond that point.

And my top isn't butcher block, it is walnut planks, described to me as something that will look, ultimately, like "a dining room table."

But I will search through old posts and see what I discover.

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