How big is your island?

berryjamNovember 15, 2013

Would you mind sharing how large your island is and if you have the main sink, prep sink, cooktop, DW, trash, and seating there. If you could change anything, what would it be? Would you like it bigger? Smaller?

this is how i envision using mt kitchen and island. I would like my main prep and main sink in my island with the trash and DW, and while working, I could look over and see my children doing homework or playing. Currently my kitchen is small so the sink is to my left and I prep over the DW. It makes things conveniently located that I prep and clean at the same time and don't let dirty dishes sitting on my counters or sink. Then to the range wall I'd have my secondary sink on the same run for washing my pots and pan. The dish rack would go there as well and not take centre stage of the island. And since cleanup and prep together, there are no meat juices and stuff dripping on my floors to the "cleanup sink". But to have a trash, sink DW, prep and seating, what is the minimum size island needed?

Can someone else share how they use their prep sink, cleanup sink and DW. Any problems with dripping stuff and having a "long" trek across the kitchen from prep to cleaning. I just feel that if I have a separate clean up area, that takes a good 5-6 steps over, I may start piling dirty dishes there until I could get to it

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Mine is 93" x 37" but is free of everything you mentioned, except seating. I had a cooktop on the island before but it was unsafe as there was no room to the right or behind it, so I would say the main goal of this remodel was to move the cooktop off the island. If there is one thing I'm happy about with the remodel, it's the new layout w/ island seating (nothing else has wow'd me, except for my new crown/casing/base going in the entire first floor this week - LOVE IT!! But that's another story).

I also don't have a prep sink but I didn't think I needed one. I am loving having the huge counter with seating (4 stools) - husband parks his laptop and works there, and kids love eating there.... so easy for me to prepare and serve quick meals (as they are always off to some sports practice).

Only thing I would change is to make it wider, but really couldn't sacrifice the aisle width anymore (42" behind seating, 43" to range, 38-39" to sink).

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Jams - my in-process reno will have an island 90x40ish with the one and only sink and dishwasher. The original layout had an "L" with the range on the short wall and the sink on the other but so close to the range that you could cook and do dishes at the same time. I decided to break that up a bit and the sink and dishwasher were moved to the island.

My aisles are tighter, in part to keep traffic out of my way, and to easily turn without having multiple steps to stove or sink. I can only hope that it all works well. It's not scheduled to be complete until the end of the year - Hopefully it's sooner!

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Hi Ellen an mgoblue85, thanks for sharing. I'm hoping for a 90"+/- island too but it depends on the layout. If I do an "L", I can accommodate the bigger island, but if I make it a "U", it will only be 72".

Ellen, when you finish prepping on the island, how do you find transferring the clean-up stuff to the sink? Do you worry about drips.

Good luck mgoblues on your renos. I'm looking forward to seeing your reveal. I'm still in the planning stages and trying to walk through in my head how I'd use my new kitchen.

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My island is 63 x 90, it has a prep sink opposite the rangetop and seating on two sides. I have garbage and recycling on the right side of the sink, a drawer bank on the left. I like the size, but might reduce the width of drawer banks a few inches to make it smaller if I was starting over. I might also think about putting in a dish drawer for the prep sink, though I love my storage over there and would be reluctant to give up any of it. Don't forget to plan for electric, I use the plug mold on both short ends, and floor outlet on the side without the sink.

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kksmama - your layout is very similar to mine in many ways.

Our island is approximately 7x8. I do love this layout. There is a second trash pullout under the cleanup area. (I highly recommend two). It's (usually) so nice prepping with other people in the room / at the island (other times I wonder why everyone is in my room...).. DS is usually at the computer in the desk area, doing his homework (or playing games). DH sits at the end and reads his paper. Prep to cleanup does not feel like a long trek at all.

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The sink is only 38" behind the island, so it's just a matter of turning around. Also, I do some prepping right next to the range, and then turn 90 degrees and take 2 steps to the sink. So for me it hasn't been an issue. Now, I will admit I'm not the cook many people here are :). I will have to post back after Thanksgiving where we will have many cooks in the kitchen :).

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Our island has the sink, DW, trash and a 30" cabinet, along with an 18" eyebrow curve for counter stools.

The total countertop is 3'6" x 9'. The layout (L>R: 30" 4 drawer, 18" trash pullout, 36" sink, 24" dw) works well. I have plenty of room to prep near the sink

When we were designing the island, I wanted to make the overhang deeper (24" instead of 18"), but I allowed the granite guy to talk me out of it. In retrospect, I wish I had kept the depth, because I'd like to have more space between the back of the sink and the seating area.

We don't have a prep sink, so I can't comment on that part of your question.

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Ours will be 108" x 48" (9' x 4') it will have a 12" cabinet, then an 24" space for a dishwasher drawers, then 36" sink cabinet, 18" trash pullout and a 18" cabinet. Seating at the other end. These cabinets are the only lower cabinets, all other lowers in the kitchen will be drawers.

I've had similar island layouts but only 3' deep instead of the 4' in the new kitchen. Some things I would of liked to have added, but due to cost didn't was a microwave drawer on one of the sides of the island and a trash compactor. And also have the island sink facing the living room instead of the nook, but due to space we couldn't.

We will not have a prep sink, I will prep on the right side of island over the trash pullout. Both fridge and stove will be close by.

Here are the layouts:

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Mine will be small, 72" long and 36" deep. It has the dishwasher, main sink and trash. On the opposite (non-working) side, there will be 12" shelves for cookbooks and other storage. I never wanted island seating but I would love to have had another 24" of cabinet/storage space. Just doesn't work in my space, though.

(sorry, edited because I can't add)

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My concern would be dirty dishes on the plain view for everyone to see. If you're a really clean cook, it might be great. I, however, know my limitations! LOL

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