Quality Custom Cabinetry?

SherylJNovember 5, 2013

Is anyone familiar with this company? Our KD highly recommends them and what I've seen looks beautiful, but with such a big expenditure, I want to do my due diligence.

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Is it QCC- Quality Custom Cabinetry- located in New Holland, PA?

If that's the same company then I can readily recommend them. In 1988 we put on a 1000 sq ft addition and the kitchen was completely gutted and tripled in size. My DH knew the owner of a small kitchen design store and that's where we went to select our cabinets.

He carried the QCC line and another one with a lower price. These cabinets have held up beautifully for 25 years - the boxes are solidly built and and the finish is still beautiful. Of course there are some nicks, scratches and gouges - but that's normal wear and tear for a family of 6 and let's see - 5 or 6 dogs in 25 years.

Six years ago we renovated the kitchen again. We enlarged the windows, replaced the sinks and appliances, installed granite counters and ripped out the soffits and the old floor. In order to install the wet bed the contractor removed all the cabinets and stored them in the garage.

Many of the workers on the job commented on the quality of the cabinets - the boxes were well built, sturdy and true. They didn't have any trouble taking them down, carting them to the garage and then reassembling everything 3 weeks later.

Last year we replaced our 25 year old Sub Zero and the new BI36 is taller. I loved the matching wood panels on my fridge and freezer and didn't want a monolithic slab of stainless so we decided to see if we could order a new wood panel that would match the rest of our cabinets. The fellow who did our kitchen in 1988 had retired and closed shop. We called QCC and luckily there was another dealer in the area.

I still had all the original paperwork from the initial cabinet purchase along with the color brochure showing the color and name of the panel style. Both the panel and the color had been discontinued. But QCC had no problem custom milling a matching door and color. They asked us to send them a drawer front so that they could duplicate the color exactly. We're now looking at house plans for a vacation home and we plan on using QCC again.

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Yes, that's them. Thank you so much for your response. What a great recommendation! I'm so excited to get going. We'll be finalizing our order with them next week!

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I'm a KD and carry them so I'm naturally biased.
On my side of things the technical support and service is par none. I have more confidence in them than any brand I've ever handled.

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Another rave. Thanks so much. I am feeling better and better about this decision!

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