Help with Range hood location

chris82November 7, 2012

We are having a hard time finalizing our kitchen plans because the only place for the range and Range hood is to the right of the hood. I don't like to the look of a small cabinet on both sides of the range hood and I want to avoid the under cabinet microwave. I think it will look out of place next to the window. Any suggestions?

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I meant to say to the right of the window.

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Could you do without the storage of the two small uppers? I think it would look fine if you located the range as shown in your second figure, but deleted the uppers.

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I agree with Angie, and then I would do a 36" hood. Also, your first drawing had glass uppers, what about in the second version, doing the glass in the corner cabinet.

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I like the thought of this, but will it make the window and the wall look boring?
I would imagine if we go this direction we will need to put the backsplash to the ceiling.

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I like option 2; number 1 looks very unbalanced to my eye. It would also look nice with no uppers if you can live with that. Me, I totally want uppers for oils and spices beside the range, but that's a personal preference and only you can answer how you want your kitchen to function.

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But looking at it again, is there a reason you can't put it on the middle wall and put your dishwasher beside the sink instead??

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We have our fridge on the far wall with a pantry and cannot move the dishwasher because then it would open into the fridge and there is not enough space. The wine rack is not going to be in the uppers either.

We have not committed to anything yet, so we are open to suggestions.

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Maybe this view is better. We are going to put valances across the windows and the cabinets are going to go to the ceiling to look built in.

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Can you post dimensions, and perhaps some of the layout gurus on the board can help you with some alternate suggestions.

I'm not sure I'd be willing to live with a dishwasher on a separate run from the sink. And wouldn't the same issue apply to not being able to open the oven as it would to the dishwasher?

I'd post dimensions to see if someone can come up with some alternate ideas for you if you can. But failing that I do like option 2 much better than option 1 from an aesthetic point of view.

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Dimensions attached of the kitchen. The layout has been moved around a lot, but the dimensions of the room are correct

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I am also looking for suggestions on where to put a microwave. I could always do a microwave drawer, but they are very expensive.

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Does it have to be that style of Range hood? Chimney style, I mean? Why not go under-cab style, then you get the above-hood cab connecting the 2 smaller cabinets together. Cab may just be filler/cover up for the vent pipe, but that wouldn't matter, if what you are objecting to is the "look"?

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Aha, now I see what you're layout is. I was reading it all wrong from the first diagrams. I thought that was a sink under the window beside the range, but now I see it's just shadow cast by a pendant light and the sink is to the left of the dw (unseen). I could not figure out why you would have the sink beside the stove, and the dw on another run, lol, so hence we were talking at cross purposes.

That said, I think I would try putting the sink where the pendant light is, and dw to the right of it. Then put the range on the middle wall beside the window with no uppers on that middle wall. At least to see what it looks like. I think the workflow would function better that way.

My concern with existing is that you're going to be prepping over the dishwasher, and having to move if another family member wants in/out of the dw would get annoying. Also the range is kind of far away from your prep space as you currently have it shown.

Putting the range on the middle wall and sink/dw on the outside wall would solve that problem and give you a better flow. I'm not 100% sure of the look though so you might try mocking it up to see what you think. I'd also look at putting the microwave beside the pantry on the fridge wall, experimenting with a look that brings a "hutch-like" enclosure right up to the end of that wall and not wrapping around the corner.

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Would it be possible to place your range centered on the wall where it currently is with 2 smaller, narrow windows on either side of the range hood instead of cabinets? I have begun to see many photos of new kitchens created this way without the traditional window over the sink. Just a thought.

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