4' Granite backsplash removal...

gmp3November 28, 2011

We purchased a home with verde butterfly granite, I am not replacing it. There is a 4" backsplash installed. Is it possible to have this removed or to add a tile backsplash above it?

Also, I am adding a 54" run of cabinets next to the fridge and a pantry. Should I put a granite backsplash to match there or can I put up tile only in that area...will that look weird?

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People sometimes do tile above a four-inch granite backsplash. I don't love the look. My understanding is that it can pose real problems to remove these four-inch backsplashes. On your last question, I would think it would feel strange to have different backsplash in different places-- maybe it depends on the layout and whether these things would be viewed near each other, but it would definitely make me nervous.

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You can certainly tile above the 4" backsplash, many people do. I would ask a few fabricators about removing it and see what they have to say. If it can be done, it's probably best left to the pros. If you remove it and tile then both areas will be the same. If you can't remove it, will you be able to match the granite to put it on the other side? Maybe get some colored paper in the color of tile you want and tape to the backslashes as they are now(one side with the 4" and the other side without) and see how it looks.

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Thanks everyone.

Anyone have pics of tile above the 4" backsplash?

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Here's the backsplash we helped our friends install in their kitchen. The counters are a granite-look laminate with a 4" backsplash they didn't want to remove.

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Hmmm that looks nice but I think the trick would be to do a backsplash that is similar to the granite. Might be too dark with the existing Verde butterfly and my soon to be black lower cabs.

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You should be able to remove the 4" backsplash as well. I know the Young House Love peeps just did this awhile back during their new kitchen renovation.

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You can remove the 4" splash yourself quite easily. In most cases the weight of it keeps it in place. It should not be glued to the wall like with laminate or solid surface. Simply cut the silicone with a razor knife where it meets the wall and counter and pry away from the wall with a stiff putty knife. If you want to damage the wall a little as possible on pry where the studs are.

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We just removed a granite backsplash and it wasn't hard - glued to the wall but fairly easy to take off. The problem to consider is that granite installations often rely on the backsplash to fill any gap left between the counter and the wall. Tile tends to be much thinner than the standard 3/4" backsplash, so you might find yourself with gaps that the tile won't cover.

For a fairly common color of granite, you could look for backsplash pieces at one of the prefab granite sellers. Should not be too expensive if you decide to add a backsplash to the new 54" area.

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The 54" run is replacing a 30" cabinet, so I guess we will experiment on that area when we take the 30" cabinet and counter down. Thanks everyone.

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Another recent thread on 4" stone backsplashes.

I don't like them in general, and wouldn't do one if you plan to tile above. As mentioned trailrunner is one member without a bs, just paint. Anywhere you don't plan to put tile, even along the side wall if you have one in your kitchen, your installers should caulk any gap to prevent spills from running in. If you go without the 4" strip and are considering just paint above, make sure you tell the templater as they template your counters. They should make notes of that on your template so the stone is cut closer to the walls than it otherwise might.

Here is a link that might be useful: 4

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Oops. Posted to the wrong thread. Sorry!

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