Halfway through cab painting---mistake?

rovoNovember 9, 2012

Hello again, kitchen aficionados!

Many of you have kindly helped me along with my little budget kitchen facelift, and I now find myself in need of some further color guidance. (So as not to re-bore you yet again with all the details, I've linked my previous call for help at the bottom of this post).

In an attempt to choose a cab color that would go well with the new cooler toned river white granite and yet not clash with the warmer toned current wall color (BM HC 23) and furnishings in the adjoining nook and family room, I went with SW Repose grey for the uppers, and intended to use SW Dovetail on the lowers and flanking pantry and desk area. After much blood, sweat and tears in painting all of the uppers, I decided to do the lowers in repose grey and use the darker color only on the pantry/desk area because DH wasn't sure he liked the two-toned idea, and I thought I might tire of it quickly.

So, I feel like such a fool, but despite investing in a ton of sample colors and really trying to get it right, it just isn't. I like the Repose grey color with the countertops (despise SW paint, but that's another rant that I will save for later:), but it just doesn't work with the surrounding wall color. Additionally, the pearly grey doesn't give me the grey kitchen feel I was craving since it is light and reads nearly white in some light. Here is a pic of the kitchen in its current state:>

And here is one of the darker cab color on a door (that we won't be using) that I did a quick and dirty paint job on just to test the darker grey:

And finally, a shot from the kitchen to the adjoining rooms so that you can see the overall color scheme:

For those of you patient enough to stick with me so far, wwyd? I think I have 2 choices here: Finish painting the cabs in this color, and then paint the walls for the rooms in a warm grey, or repaint the cabs in the darker grey and leave the walls as they are. Either would labor intensive--12 foot ceilings vs. repainting cabs, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Please help:) Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous call for help

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If you repainted the cabinets in the darker gray, I don't think that would match your wall color (Yorkshire Tan) any better than what you have now. I think you should finish painting your cabinets in the lighter color and paint the walls gray.

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I would leave the cabs as is and repaint the walls. I agree with msrose that neither of the gray paint, or the counter really, work well with the wall color. Twelve foot ceilings notwithstanding, I have to think that painting the walls would be easier than repainting the cabs.

I see you have white backsplash tiles lined up, but with the cabs reading so white, why don't you think about bringing a darker gray into the kitchen via the backsplash? For a test, you could take some of the Dovetail and use it to paint the backsplash area. See what you think then.

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Sorry that this didn't turn out the way you hoped. Where I am sitting, it looks really good. I don't even mind the wall color.
But, since you asked, I would leave the cabinets and redo the walls in the gray. I think we should ask our resident gray expert, Beekeeperswife for her opinion for the wall color.
I am thinking that once you find the right gray, it will change the appearance of your cabinets and bring out the gray.

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I agree - Love that color but I think too much of it would make it a bit dark.

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I would do anything to avoid painting cabinets anymore than I absolutely had to, even if it meant dealing with 12-foot ceilings. Save a little money in the budget for a professional massage after that! Good luck!

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Pretty counters! I agree the reason they aren't reading the way you hoped is because you have them up against a warm paint color and everything else is cool. i think the paint looks great with your countertop...just repaint the room.

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it all looks good/even the wall color for it's touch of warmth. Nice glass doors there!!

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I like it as is. I also think the darker color would be nice. I think all the colors you've picked out are lovely, tasteful and harmonize well together. Search google images for interiors that are camel and gray (or wheat and gray, lots of them out there, and look great together and fit the warm feel of your interior. I would not repaint a huge 12' ceiling open floor plan. I also like your darker cabinet color with the wheat walls, really you can't go wrong with any of the colors you've chosen..... gather your courage and carry on, you knew what you were doing - just trust yourself.

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For a wall color, have you considered BM Pale Oak? It's beige but also gray - might straddle the difference in colors of adjoining room and kitchen.

I am drooling over your granite by the way. That is GOR-geous!

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I think the wall color and cabinets look fine together. Much nicer than the previous oak look. I also think adding the glass doors to those two cabinets was a very good decision. If it were my kitchen I would do the dark grey on the pantry and desk area and then instead of doing white subways, I would the darker grey into the kitchen area by using dark grey subway (the same or similar grey as the dark grey cabinets) for the backsplash. It looks like your granite has some wine colored specks in it. I would try to add some of that color in an accent piece or two.
I think you are probably overwhelmed and frustrated with your reno. Painting the cabinets yourself was a huge undertaking. I think your should finish the cabinets, then take a break and after you have lived with it for a while then reassess the wall color.

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Agree with Badgergal. The cabs look great and read grey on my monitor, fwiw. Looks like you're doing a good job painting them and I know what a job THAT is. I think Badger gave good advice: finish up and live with it for a bit. I know sometimes when I have an image in my minds eye and the real result isn't exactly that it seems disappointing initially.

A back splash might go a long way towards pulling the whole thing together nicely. Your granite is really nice and the hardware on the doors look good, too!

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Thanks everyone for the votes of confidence, and for not suggesting a cabinet repaint! Sounds like we have a consensus on that piece of it, at least.

I think I will march onward with the painting, take a look at a darker grey bs (great suggestion to paint it in the Dovetail, cawaps, thanks) and then take a long deep breath and enjoy the holidays before deciding whether/what color to repaint the room. I'll keep reminding myself that it doesn't have to be complete--and perfect--right this second. First world problems!

In the mean time, if you run across that perfect warm, carmely grey that will coordinate with an entire house of greenish brown decor and looks smashing with a cool grey countertop and cabs, please send it my way:)

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I also like the wall color. Love the idea of painting the backsplash the darker grey, finish up the hood, put the drawers in and see how it all looks together. Often, at this stage I find myself wondering what I was thinking, but when it's all done and together loving the outcome. Also, put your black canisters and dark basket/bowl on top of the fridge back out to bring some dimension back down to the lower area. MUCH better than the oak which I thought did not go with the wall color nearly as well !! LOVE love love your granite !!!

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I too love your countertops. I like the color of the cabinets you have currently. Either the light or the darker gray look great with your countertops. The color of your wall is pretty, however in looking back at your old kitchen it was lovely with the old cabinet color. I don't think it works with the new "cool" kitchen you have transformed in your home. I personally see nothing wrong with actually using a white color as a great neutral to transition your cool kitchen with your greenish brown home. I guess I'd continue on with the cool kitchen transformation and plan to paint the walls to complete the picture. Looking forward to seeing your final results!

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Thank you ALL so much for your ideas and kind words! I have really been second guessing myself and needed a dose of encouragement.

As a few of you have mentioned, maybe I'm in the stage where my initial vision just doesn't look exactly as I planned. With a few minor tweaks, and a little self trust (needed that kris-ma,thanks!) it will come together somehow.

Funny, but the cab color had gotten so orangey over time that it *looked* like oak, but is actually maple. Much easier to paint, I hear.

So I will gather my courage, pull myself up by my bootstraps, quit complaining, and keep on painting! I'm grateful to you all for helping pull me out of this little funk. I'll post more pics as I make progress!!!

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BM Revere Pewter is a taupey gray

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Revere Pewter

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I also love BM Edgecomb Gray

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Edgecomb Gray

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Thank you msrose. Luckily, I have both of those colors in small sample cans. Thought I might use them on the cabs, but why not reverse the equation? I'll try them, along with a bunch of others and ask for yet more opinions.

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