Final picture show suggestions

a2geminiNovember 10, 2012

Hi all,

I want to organize my pictures for a final reveal and need suggestions.

As with most of us, I have way too many pictures. You have also seen some of the pictures in other posts - but not all, nor do you want to see them all!!!

Most live in iphoto, photostream, or photobucket. I have Picasso and Dropbox accounts and probably a few more. My old windows computer has some form of photoshop on it - but it is dying.

I have seen some really nice organized slide shows and photo shows.

What recommendations would you make about how to go about this process.

I am decent on the computer and have access to both Mac and Windows.

We could start a thread - who took the most pictures during their reno.


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Oh, this is such a thoughtful question. Thank you so much for initiating this conversation.
Personally, I love it when people include before and after shots from the same perspective. I also love it when people pan in to the details; hardware, faucet, backsplash, lighting. It is really hard to fully appreciate the finishes and textures without those detailed close ups.
Can't wait to see you slide show.

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I like to see the pictures inline and don't usually click on photobucket-slideshow linked ones. I would say put them in photobucket but use the copy&paste functions to show your key 10-to-15 or so most representative pics inline if you don't want to narrow it down further.

I'm in the camp that feels it's hard to have too many pictures in a reveal thread. We love to look at kitchens here! Just put in all the ones you think will show it off best. :-)

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I seldom click on slide shows. I am still on slow DSL and just don't have the "uumph" to see them. Post some in-line in the thread and then maybe link to a slide show? That way those of us with slow connections can still get to see the final reveal?

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Localeater said it perfectly. Show the details and tell us what we are looking at. Open the doors and drawers so we can see how the cabinets are actually being used. I found that to be really helpful when deciding on drawers.

Also I like to read about why people made the decisions that they did. Such as "I did this instead of the usual that" because....

Can't wait to see it.

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Yes, yes, yes to the pics of details. And tell us what your favorite things in the new kitchen are too.

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I was wondering about the same thing. For me, there is no such thing as too many photos, so maybe a good compromise is to have a link to full album, but still a good representation of photos in the thread.
I like to see closeups of details and also any special things (i.e. charging drawers, little nooks and uses of otherwise wasted space, etc.)

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I would like to make a recommendation that when you compile the album you "copy" the pictures to the new album and not "move" them. I have seen broken links to pictures in photobucket accounts and that is so frustrating when doing a search on GW for something, and the old post has missing picture links. My guess is that the image got moved, instead of copied to a new location, thus breaking the link.

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Agreed with lots of pics in the thread and pics of the drawers, cabs etc, etc. The internal pics that people have shown have given me lots of ideas so that is always appreciated.

I do look at slideshows but enjoy lots of pics in the thread better.

Who doesn't like to open up peoples cabinets and peek inside? I can't be the only one....

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Agree with Taggie, Local, Mary, etc. I rarely click on an external link, love to see them inline. And always wondering about's great when someone sources everything in the reveal.

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I want to second taggie's requests for insight into the "whys". What you love, what you regret, what you couldn't afford, what you might still splurge on, etc.

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Ditto to all the above. I do like kitchen picture books.

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I would prefer fewer pics here on GW and a link to Photobucket. I can't open pic-heavy threads at all, so I wind up seeing nothing.

It's much better to have a some representative pics on the thread so I can at least get a taste.



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I like them in thread with a link to more. But, be sure to size them correctly so they don't end up being huge pictures that we have to scroll up/down and left/right just to see all of one pic. The bonus is when the pictures are sized smaller, they are a smaller file size which loads faster for those on dial up. Also, when typing the coding for the pictures, be sure to include the height="300" coding (or whatever height). This presets the picture size as the thread loads so you don't have the text jumping as each picture loads when you are downthread. Note: the height coding doesn't affect file size, it makes it load better on the page. So if your pic is huge and has a big file size, the height coding will make it show up whatever size you specify, but it will still take a long time to load.

<img src=""; height="250">

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Great ideas. I will create a before and after post using size and shape recommendations. I will try to tell a story and my rationale without boring you all. . I will also link to photo bucket or other cloud environment. A bit of work to do first. Also having dinner guests tonight and plan to make my signature salmon dish with a few mods.

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If using photobucket what is a good size to choose? I seem to end up with too small or too large.

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Debrak2008, when I upload my pics from my camera to my computer they are usually around 90kb in size. I have my camera set at a small size image, at 640x480. They seem to load to photobucket well at that size. I think there may be some guidelines to photo sizing on "New to Kitchens..." post.

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Thanks enduring!
Hoping to pull together something soon.
For those who created a web page- what software did you use.

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