help!!! so indecisive....

GenerosiTeaNovember 14, 2012

First time poster but long time reader of the kitchen and home design. I joined because it's getting closer to decision time but we are too indecisive. We have been going back and forth about the cabinet color. I LOVE white kitchens (which is what I'm having in our forever home) and DH likes dark maple but he doesn't really care. We love both style when looking at the finished photos. I'm just afraid it would be too dark with the dark acid stain concrete floors.

The cabinets we will be getting would be cheaper for paint grade vs the raw stain grade. This won't be our forever home so we would like something that would attract buyers or renters. I know white shows stain while dark shows finger prints and smears, is this too much maintenance if we decide to rent it out? Can white go with stainless steel? Sorry for so many questions. The layout would be open to the living area, with one entire wall of cabinet/appliances and peninsula w/ sink.

help! we need a vote from the general public:

white vs dark?

flat/slab front or traditional door?


nervous newbie

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also forgot to mention:

the peninsula would have a stack stone veneer, granite countertop and step up wood bar

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I have stacked stone on my fireplace and I think it gives a somewhat rustic vibe. For that reason, I would suggest a more traditional door style over a slab door which can be more contemporary. I think white vs stained cabinetry is a very personal decision. If you know you want to get white cabs in your forever home, why not try the maple in your for now home. I am not sure what stain wood work with the concrete floors.

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Slab doors are veneered for grain match, and while they are durable enough for home use, I wouldn't trust them to stand up to careless renters. Ditto with paint. I love painted cabinets and plan to buy them for my kitchen, but paint can chip, stain cannot, and is therefore more durable in the long run.

To sum up, my recommendation would be for stained maple with a traditional Shaker door style in a home that might be rented out. It should not be difficult to pick the door stain to compliment your floor stain - if you want help just post some images. To lighten things up choose a white granite and bs tile, and a light colored paint.

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