My White kitchen....Pics

gaphappyNovember 10, 2010

Anyone have suggestions for a backsplash? My cabinets are Painted BM Acadia White.....Still not sure if I should add color or go with White Ceramic...My countertops are Granite in Silver Pearl, Any help would be appreciated

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I love how it looks right now! Beautiful :-)

Could you find a tile that is similar to your paint color - it would blend beautifully!

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I will be installing the same granite. The granite people are coming to template next week...I can't you like yours? I also have white cabinets and redwood stained wood floors.

I was thinking about white subway tiles with a white on white pattern over the cooktop. I am sort of stuck on that look. Are you afraid that has been overdone? I am a little concerned that it is...but it's so clean and fresh!

Do you have any other ideas?

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Your kitchen is just lovely! I don't know if I'd even add a backsplash...everything looks just wonderful, as is :)

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i love my kitchen however I do have my doubts with the granite...Its very hard to keep clean being so dark always smudges and looks cloudy at times, If I had to do it over I would have gone lighter for darn sure! Maybe Im too Fussy but i have 2 young kids that I am forever telling to Mind the counters......teehee
I visualize White on my backsplash however I see the apple green tiles and drool.....Im not a trend setter just buy what I love but I am scared of color.....

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I'm just drooling over your kitchen. No backspash ideas.

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I like the way it looks now to be honest! But I have to do you vent? Am I missing a downdraft?

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I thought about the spots as well, but Ithought black pearl would be better than black absolute. I am super fussy too, why do you think the granite looks cloudy? Could it be the cleaning products? I am also afraid of picking a color...white is safe and I have seen enough pictures on this site to know it looks beautiful. Where did you see the apple green tiles? Was it on this website? What other tile options are you considering?
Your kitchen is did a fabulous job so far!

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The lighting is superb, which the kitchen deserves.

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Beautiful. I don't think it needs anything else.

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Where is your chandelier from?? I love it - and everything else!

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I had black in a previous kitchen. Try Ecover Glass and Surface cleaner. It doesn't leave the white like other things tend to do.

Beautiful job!

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I think it looks great as is! Great job! Love the way it all blends together.

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Gosh thank you guys so much...Im blushing....
I have tried truely almost everything on my granite and it still is very hard to keep clean ...u name it i tried it...truely If i were to do it again i would go lighter granite. My chandelier is From....Canadian Tire $250.00 and No I do Not have a vent,Never have and wasnt sure Id need it and so far havent regreted it.

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I have a dark, shiny granite without much surface pattern (Antique almost looks black until you see it butted up against our black cooktop. My DH still swears it's a black granite. LOL!) in our current home. I will not be putting it in our house build for the reasons you state. The best products I've found to clean/shine it to perfection is Target's Method Granite spray in the black bottle along with a microfiber cloth. It works every time but it's a pain to have to do it after every smudge, etc. When dark granite is perfectly clean, it's STUNNING. But when it's smudgy, it drives me NUTS. So I spend more time than I care to with that darned spray and a cloth. The spray doesn't work as well with a paper towel as it leaves streaks.

Your kitchen is gorgeous BTW! Nice choices! I'd love to see your granite in better light. I'm not familiar with it. Thanks!

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Beautiful! I love it as is too and didn't notice there wasn't a backsplash until I read your comment. That's the look I want, but am afraid of the dark granite for the same reason you mention and that white painted wood won't be durable, especially with kids. Any worries about that or do you think white is just as durable as stained wood? Gaphappy were your cabinets painted on site or before they were installed? That is one dream kitchen!

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I would love a green backsplash. Don't be afraid of color. It will give just enough of a "splash" (pun intended) to really make the kitchen sing.

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I like the wall measuring stick and that you kept it in your new kitchen! Wait, how old is your kitchen? It looks spankin' new and beautiful.

I'm not one to go without a backsplash even though it looks like most of your dirty work is done across on the prepping/cooking side of the kitchen and not the window wall. I think white subway's would be beautiful. If you want white with a little interest, check out beekeeperswife's kitchen with her beveled arabesque tile. Gorgeous!

Colors? Apple green definetly work. Any colors in adjoining rooms that you could pull out in a backsplash? The red on the table looks good so maybe if you do a white BS you could put splashes of color in accessories. But it looks so serene and pulled together now with your warm accessories.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bee's kitchen

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That's a really pretty kitchen! I have to agree w/the others that say it's perfect as is. So maybe all you need is a simple white backsplash. Your accessories provide the accent colors and it all comes together beautifully.

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It looks lovely!

(No real backsplash advice, except the siggestion to keep it simple and "clean" to echo the look and tone you've created so far).

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Oh it's gorgeous! Add me to the list of those who think it looks wonderful "as is" without a backsplash. Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.

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Beautiful galley. Why not do white on the tall wall and apple green mosaic on the tiny knee wall for a splash of color that is only visible in the kitch?

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Beautiful kitchen! I was thinking along the same lines as sabjimata, something simple on the back wall and a pop of color on the knee wall.

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I think it looks lovely as is, but if you want to add apple green, I think I'd really like that too.
Here is a very rough mockup of what adding green would do. Obviously, it would not glow like this came out, but at least you have a slight idea...

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I love your kitchen! With or without a backsplash it's really special.

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What a magazine worthy kitchen! I love the bar and your pendents. What are the lines on the wall in the above picture?

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Thank you all for your kind words, The lines on the column are growth lines for my kids...When we demo`d the old kitchen i almost cried when we couldnt keep the chart, so i measured and did the transfer to the new wall...
THANK YOU for the mock up backsplash it gives me a great idea of how it would look. We just completed our kitchen this summer and we truely are enjoying it!!

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Nice job. You don't need a backsplash.

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We had the cabinets painted before installation, and they are amazingly durable!
I will take close ups of my granite for any of you who are interested

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Gaphappy!!! Your kitchen is simply stunning. LOVE IT!! Can you please tell me where you got your cabinets?! Gorgeous!!

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Beautiful! I'm partial to crackle finish subway tile with the beveled edge - adds texture. But I also think the tile my mom picked out for her kitchen would look amazing. It's slim horizonal tiles in white carrera, travertine, and black glass. I think it would look stunning with your cabinets and granite. I left a message and asked her to tell me the brand and color so I can find a picture online for you.

I also like sold glass backsplash. Have you seen that? It's painted on the backside.

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newbieremodeler , I live Near Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, And we had our cabinets Custom made by a hutterite colony ER Furnishings, they did a fantastic job, Superb quality.

Brittu,Yes I have seen the glass tiles I heart them so much, I just picked my sisters Backsplash for her espresso cabinets and went with a light mocha it was amazing.

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