Peninsulas--Bad news for multi-cooks?

laughablemomentsNovember 8, 2012

Are peninsula kitchens a bad idea for folks who like to cook together? What is the min. distance between the legs of the peninsula and the back counter recommended for multiple cooks to work in a peninsular kitchen??? I'm picturing a U shape with the fridge across the aisle on its own wall. I a plan. Which I might later when the baby isn't sleeping and the copier won't bother her. (Light sleepers- how does this happen in this busy household?)

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We currently have a peninsula kitchen, and while it is very efficient, from my perspective, having multiple cooks in the kitchen at once is a nightmare. Our kitchen is small (12x10), but the setup is exactly what you are talking about. If you have a longer space where you can separate the distance from the stove/cooktop and the sink, then I think it works well. Just my 2 cents.

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I have a peninsula in my U-shaped kitchen with a fridge on the opposite wall. However, the kitchen is 20' long and 9' wide. Multiple cooks is not a problem.

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In my experience, it's the flow that doesn't work as well with a peninsula. My sister remodeled her kitchen and changed peninsula for island because the peninsula let people flow in, but not back out!

If you make a peninsula kitchen large enough for your growing crowd, I think you'd lose a lot of efficiency and that usually means traffic tie-ups and lots of things dripping across the floor.

I thought you'd made good strides on an island plan?

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My kitchen is a combination "U" + wall opposite the "U" - with both legs a peninsula. It's great for multiple cooks! A couple of years ago, we had thirteen 12-year old girls all cooking in the kitchen at one time...the other moms were amazed at how well my kitchen worked with all those girls working at once!

Day-to-day use, we often have at least two people working in the "U" at one my DH cleaning up across the way.

We had originally wanted an island but came to realize that a kitchen 11' wide really cannot support an island + cabs on both sides of the kitchen...or even cabs on one side + island with seats.

I am SO glad we went with a double-peninsula kitchen!!!

There are three things, though, that I think make my kitchen work so well.

(1) The two legs of the "U" are 10' apart

(2) The legs of the "U" are shallow so people are never really trapped

(3) Only the Prep & Cooking Zones are in the "U", not the Cleanup Zone. The Cleanup Zone is on the wall opposite the base of the "U".

Oh...a fourth....

(4) I have a prep sink in the "U" (the main/cleanup sink is in the Cleanup Zone).

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I think U-shape kitchens can work very well, depending on the layout. Same thing with a peninsula. Looking forward to seeing your plan :)

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Thank you for your input everyone! It sounds like if there is enough room between the "legs" it can work. Maybe? : )

Beuhl, I'm very visual, so I also appreciate seeing your layout. A pack of 13 yo girls working happily in there sounds like resounding success.

Rhome, you are correct in thinking I was making progress on an island plan (in our living room). That's now past tense. Mocking things up pays off. I blocked off the bottom of the picture window the way it would have to be in there to make the plan work, and we all HATED the loss of view through the reduced window. Moving the kitchen to the living room is now out of the equation.

So, with the kitchen in its current location, we keep coming back to forms of this plan. Prep sink in the peninsula, cleanup area along the wall to the left side of the page. I'd love all of your eyes to check it out. Thank you.

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Ya. Not a layout guru but I've settled on a similar plan to yours for our 15x11 kitchen. U for the stove/prep and cleanup sink/fridge across the aisle along one wall. I like that it keeps people OUT of my cooking area, lol. From your layout it looks like there is plenty of space for 2 people in there? Is the island staying in the center?

One thing that was pointed out to me here as far as prep sinks go: space to the right is helpful. I thought that idea had merit. Whomever told me that said they wish they had a bit more room to the right of their prep sink for stacking, say, veggies for washing prior to prepping. I've altered my peninsula to accommodate that space. Just a thought.

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Molly Phillips

@buel...thanks for posting your layout. We are adding a peninsula after wanting an island. Would have been SO much cheaper, as now we have to change countertops and cabinets instead of just having a custom piece of furniture for an island built while keeping the current stuff we have, but this is a better layout for the next 20 years. So I'm hoping a peninsula isn't bad for multi-cooks!

I agree, though - probably splitting up the prep and clean up areas is what makes that layout work.

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