Where did you get your Kohler Whitehaven sink?

donaleenNovember 3, 2012

We want a tall apron 36" Kohler Whitehaven in "cane sugar". It looks like the best way to get it is from Build.Com/FaucetDirect.com.

Did anyone get one of these Kohler K-6489 online?

My DH has fallen in love with the color cane sugar. You have to pay a premium for the color.



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Mine, along with my toilets and faucets, came from faucetline.com. They gave me a really good break on shipping when I asked, and called me immediately when things were delayed.

Good luck!


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Was going to order our Whitehaven online but found one locally for an even better price - just had to pick it up. We have white, though - I doubt local places would have a variety of colors to choose from in stock. Doesn't hurt to ask!

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We got our biscuit 30" locally as well. I was going to order online but my dh called a local supply place and they were willing to get close enough that we had them order it and I picked it up.

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My plumber. Less expensive than pricing online at that time.

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I have to advocate for the local shops too. While I didn't get any of my kitchen fixtures locally, I have since been getting many of my bathroom supplies and fixtures locally. They are matching the prices I'm finding online, and they are easy to work with. I hate mail returns and I'd much rather drive to the shop to return an item. Plus my plumber has a relationship with the shop too, and he doesn't care if I buy the item or he gets it for me. He lets me choose. I like this flexibility.

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Thanks everybody. Sent an email to our plumber to see what he can do. Called Fergusons but they wouldn't consider price matching. Have a call in to a local shop... they say that they can order Kohler but they don't put it in their showroom because Kohler insists that most of their display pieces be Kohler (bad Kohler).

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Fergusons prices are ridiculous. I hope the plumber works out for you!


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Ferguson's was also barely civil. They told me I shouldn't be allowed to buy from build.com/faucetdirect.com, which are somehow related to them, according to the guy I spoke to at build.com.

I tried Fergusons because it was the one place I found that had a showroom where I could see one. I thought I owed it to them to try and buy there.

But they annoyed me.

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I felt the same way!! I tried to do business with them, but they acted like my money was only good if it came from a designer.....sorry! Looking back, I am so thankful there wasn't one other person to let me down, LOL!!


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Me too (Ferguson didn't seem to want my business!) I think I looked on Kohler's Web site for local suppliers, and just called a few places. My GC picked it up for me.

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I bought mine through a local showroom but they had me pick it up at a distribution center. I paid $669 for the 36" in white. When I went and picked the sink up and from talking to one of the ladies there, I realized I could have just bought the sink directly from them. Since I bought it through the showroom there was a mark up. I still got it for a good price. If you have a Keenan Supply in your area check them out. One of the other things, since they are the distribution center for Kohler they have less of a wait time on the sink. So for instance, when I called two showrooms for pricing and availability they said it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get it. Keenan said, if I changed my mind about the size (36"), it would take about a week. Trucks come to them all the time. I got pricing from them on some faucets and they were a bit lower then the showrooms pricing so I will use them for my faucet.

Springroz, how to you like your faucet? Yours is one of the ones that I am considering and wanted to know how you like it. Are you happy with the spout reach? Thanks!

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wow, that's a great tip. I'll give it a try.

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