4 inch granite backsplash AND tile?

thegooseNovember 19, 2007

We're thinking about using both a 4 inch granite backsplash AND tile above it in our soon to be completed renovation. (The attached photo shows some of the subway tiles that we're thinking about using)

I took a look at the Finished Backsplashes Slideshow at the Finished Kitchen Blog, and there seem to be very few folks that do it this way. Is this because it looks too busy? Too pricey (tile + granite)? We're not committed one way or the other (yet), as the granite backsplash is not glued down (and came free as compensation for a minor fabrication error).

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated? If we do go ahead with this look, should we keep it at 4", or have it cut down to something else (perhaps 2")?

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No 4" backsplash for a custom counter. The 4" is used in laminate prefabs, granite prefabs (no tile) etc. If you are doing a full backsplash, it should run from the counter to the cabinets (IMHO) :)

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plenty of people use 4" backsplashes - both with tile above and with just paint. doesn't have to be prefab. it is a matter of what YOU like. this question was just asked a couple of days ago. if you search you may find the thread with more responses.

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there are pictures of 2" splashes in this thread, but not with tile; i know some have been posted in backsplash threads, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2in backsplash

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I think tile looks better without the granite splash, but as was pointed out earlier, it's all personal opinion. If you like the tile with the 4", do it!

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Your kitchen is lovely. I like the granite splash with the bigger tile, but then again, maybe because that is exactly what we are planning if we tile. We have a 3 inch backsplash and I found some marble subway tile I absolutely love. But, we are DIY and getting lazy. We may use them in the bathroom if we ever redo it. If you do use that, please share the results.

The painted looks nice too. The tile I was looking at similar to that at The Tile Shop was about $10 a square foot.

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Somewhere floating around these first few pages is another thread where someone else asked exactly the same thing, and I posted three or four backsplashes I've installed where there was already a 4" splash.

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Here's the thread I spoke of:

Here is a link that might be useful: Need to see Tile Above Built- In Backsplash

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Thanks for all the feedback. We're going to skip the granite backsplash and go with all tile. We're almost done, and I'm looking forward to putting up photo's on the FKB.

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We have gone through the same decision (although we have soapstone, not granite) and are pretty decided on the no 4" backsplash from the countertop material. The reason is we think it makes the backsplash taller and airier to leave out the 4" granite. We haven't quite decided what we are gonna end up doing with our backsplash, but it is not going to be the 4" option.

Also, your window looks so great. May i ask how you accomplished the pushed out look with extra sill space? Is your house that wide or is the window sticking out on the other side? Eileen3g has a similar window in the Finished Kitchens Blog, but I couldn't get a hold of her. I should probably start a new topic for this, but I don't know how to accurately describe the situation. I'll give it a try.


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I think you made the right choice! Can't wait to see the final pictures. You're kitchen is gorgeous already. Can you tell me what paint color you used and what granite that is?


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msrose: The paint is Benjamin Moore Waterbury Cream HC-31 flat and the granite is Juparana Arandis.

pinar: Here's the view from outside the kitchen window, which reveals the secret behind the extra space past the sink.

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Check out this thread...is it susans02's home. If you scroll down far enough to see some up close pics, you'll see she has a granite splash and tile on top. We haven't done our kitchen yet, but I like this!

Here is a link that might be useful: susans02

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It is all a matter of personal preference. There are just as many custom templated counters with a backsplash as without.

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