Multi-hued white subway backsplash?

kathecNovember 8, 2012

A couple of years ago I bought 40 sq ft of Daltile Rittenhouse Square tile in Almond for $40 on craigslist. Also, I got about 30 sq ft of 4x4 crackle tile in white and 12 sq ft of a subway mosaic. I "think" I want to somehow make a backsplash marrying these tiles. One way I was thinking was to do a field using the almond and a combo of white subways and use the 4x4 squares and mosaic behind the range.

This idea is just forming, but I wanted to see if anyone has done or has pics of a multi-hue backsplash in a variety of whites. So far I've seen a thread where this was mentioned, but sadly no pictures.

The cabinet color is a custom mixed off white on the creamy/yellow end. The final countertops have not been picked yet, but we're "pretty" sure we're going with snowdrift granite.

Crackle tiles

Cabinet with subway

Cabinet with crackle and subway

Sorry about the pictures, just snapped the last two.


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Sounds like an interesting possibility. What are you thinking about a grout color? Maybe gray to pick up the color in your stone?

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Are you trying to get different tones(sort of like tile before mass production)See Angie's thread(scroll all the way down then go up until you see cream square tiles)Angie made up a board of 2 cream tiles(I think 2 didn't work well)I would make up a large board, it's the best way to see how the variation looks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Angie's post

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Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking. Old tile used to have variations in shading and I'd like something that mixes organically. I had seen Angie's post yesterday too. I saw her sample boards of the two together. I'm thinking to mix at least 3 colors. I checked my mosaic very closely and it appears that the two shapes are different shades too. The octagon is warmer white than the rectangle.

Unfortunately, this crackle tile was from Home Depot Expo. I got it when they were going out of business. I have tried looking for more tile online and found out the company the tile is from - Banan-Appeal was bought out and their old tile lines discontinued.

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Kathec, I did not post when I first saw your thread because I did not have a specific suggestion. Clearly, I think it is a great idea! However, I am not sure how to help you, nor do I know of successful cases.

Just for more background, have you seen my older thread where I discuss this look (of variegated colors)? It is linked below.

Best of luck!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Towards a unified theory of tile

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