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flevyNovember 3, 2012

We are in the middle of the installation. And little things keep coming up. Like one cabinet was shipped without a toe kick area. One base cabinet was made incorrectly. And now, one of the wall cabinet openings is not tall enough. I sent the KD the specs for the tv that would be going into the opening. The opening is 1" too short. The carpenters could modify the cabinet and make the opening one inch larger and all would be well.

But I think I'm just annoyed. The cabinets were not cheap and I expect that they will be correct. The factory already admitted that they cut the fridge panels incorrectly and that has to be remade. We accepted the incorrect base cabinet (I ordered a 3D, it came as a trash can) and the carpenters fixed the toe kick cabinet.

Are all of these modifications just part of the kitchen installation? If I ask to have the wall cabinet remade, it will probably take 2-3 weeks including shipping. Of course, no wall cabinet means no crown molding yet either. So what say you....just suck it up and have the carpenters modify the cabinet or have it remade and wait the few weeks?

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Have them remade correctly and wait. A few weeks really isn't much...we had to replace a cabinet that the granite installers damaged irreparably. We had to wait approx 4 weeks.

In the end, it won't really matter - you'll have the right cabinets, built correctly, and still under warranty (more on that in a minute).

When the kitchen is done and you are living in it every day, you don't want to look at things and regret your impatience...making do b/c you're too impatient to wait for the correct cabinet to be made and shipped to you. What's 2 or 3 weeks compared to the years and years of living with the cabinets?

BTW...To me, one of the biggest issues and what would annoy me the most on and off long after the kitchen is done is the base cabinet - the one that is a trash pullout, not a 3-drawer base like you ordered....that's the one I would have made the biggest noise about.

A note about "fixing" cabinets. Most likely the cabinets your GC modified are no longer under warranty - the warranty is void now that your GC modified it. Many, if not all, cabinet manufacturers will void the warranty on any cabinet you modify - whether it's to scribe it to fit a sink that's too big for the sink base or cutting into it to make the opening bigger.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I hadn't considered the warranty. To be honest, I didn't know there was a warranty on the cabinets.

As for the base cabinet, I suppose the reason I'm not too upset is because when I was ordering them, I was 50/50 on 3D/Trash. Depending upon the day, I would change my mind. When I ordered, I ordered the 3D. But then about 2 weeks later, I found myself wishing I had ordered the Trash. In the end, I suppose that cabinet worked itself out. But I'm annoyed that the order was shipped incorrectly.

I'm waiting to hear from the KD about the wall cabinet. I tend to agree with you that I'd like to wait the few weeks.

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Pearls of wisdom from Buehl - thank you!

My GC said every single cabinet order, whether it was through a KD or done by her favorite local custom cabinet guy, has had some problems. My guess, if the cabinets are done correctly as per the order, it is just darn lucky....the rest of us will have a few issues but it will be corrected.

Flevy, didn't you order a Lacanche? Any word on date of arrival???

Patience, a minor form of frustration disguised as a virtue.

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Zippity-do-dah----yes, good memory. I did order a Lacanche. It was scheduled to ship last week into JFK. Sandy had other plans for the airport...LOL. So now it's supposed to leave this week and hopefully will be to me by the end of the week or early next week.

I'm actually a little relieved to hear that that your GC feels that way. I was beginning to think that maybe my cabinets or my KD really managed to screw up my kitchen.

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Gosh, I ordered custom RTA cabs from Scherr's, and there was not a single discrepancy anywhere in the entire order. Everything (down to tiny little components and hardware) that I needed was there in the order.

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Once, when I had the money, I ordered 7 cabinets from a very reputable cabinet company.

When it was all said and done months later, I had (wait for it) TWENTY SEVEN CABINETS total, because they were either the wrong height, wrong depth, wrong number of drawers, and wrong door/drawers.

Ironically, they'll just throw the wrong ones out, so the place from where I ordered them gave me all the wrong ones. I can tell you, none of the ended up going to waste. But I have more built-ins now than one can imagine!

Hang in there. Make them make it right.

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