Please recommend a sealer for my backsplash/grout

marfthaNovember 10, 2012

My contractor finished grouting my new backsplash yesterday. The backsplash is a mosaic tile comprised of glass, stone (marble, I think), foil painted tiles, and "deco" tiles. Many of the painted and deco tiles have an uneven/rough surface, so, given that with the stone tiles in the mix, I want to seal the backsplash as well as the grout. (The grout used was Mapei Keracolor U (unsanded).)

I've read good things about Miracle Sealant 511 impregnating sealer, but the specs only mention use on sanded grout. Can it be used on unsanded grout?

Do I need to use 2 different sealers -- one foe the grout, and another for just the tiles? I really hope not, because my tiles are only 1/2" x 1/2.

I'm also unsure how long to wait before I seal. I've read anything from 72 hours to 30 days.

TIA for any suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Backsplash pics

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Miracle Grout Shield Non-Sanded

Why are you sealing it and not the contractor that installed the tile?? IMO, it's the contractors job to finish, not yours.

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Umm, it looks like that product is a grout additive, to be mixed in with the grout instead of water, and since the grouting is already done, that won't work.

I'm looking for a sealer that I can apply to both my tile and non sanded grout to seal both, and something that is OK to use on the glass tiles in the backsplash.


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