What's happening Deedles?

donaleenNovember 1, 2012

You've been mighty quiet. How is that wall with the fridge with the radio on top coming?

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I'd like to see an update on Deedles' plans, too :)

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Hi guys! I'm still here. Nothing new on the kitchen. DH's back gave out and I had to make him stop work for awhile so he could heal up. We were talking about the kitchen plans today if that counts!

I think we're going to focus on finishing up the little stuff like trim and tile and wallpaper on the bedroom/bathroom side before we gut the kitchen/living room side... most likely we'll start that after the holidays are over.

Thanks for checking on me!


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Glad you are here. Hoped DH's back is feeling strong soon. Enjoying restful holidays sounds like a great idea. I am hoping to be done by then, but I think there will be little things that carry on forever, and then of course there is creep- LOL

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