Deck-mounted Pot Filler

fabbricNovember 16, 2012

Has anyone here used a deck mounted pot filler? If you have, would you please post pictures. i did a search but nothing came up.


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Mine is going in next week. If no one else responds I'll post pics then

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I did:

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That looks wonderful! Does it interfere at all and can it reach right across the cooktop?

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I haven't found it to interfere at all w/ anything I do. Granted, I don't really cook and don't ever have like 4-5 burners going- but in general, when we do use the cooktop, it is not in the way. It does reach all the burners although I tend to use it on a closer burner rather than stretching it all the way to the far corner.

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I'm not trying to be smart, I really want to know if this is something that should become a part of our kitchen - can someone help me to understand why you need a pot filler?

To me, the issue really isn't filling a pot and putting it on the burner, but more taking it off if it's full of hot water. I mean, even if I have a pot filler to fill it initially, ultimately I still need to move the heavy pot to the sink to drain out the water, right?

Is there something I'm overlooking?

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Andreak, I think you have a valid concern. A better solution might be a long hose attached to the faucet at a nearby prep sink that can reach the pots. Emptying those heavy pots is a very good reason to have a prep sink nearby the stove.

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andreak100 the pot filler fills a pot much faster than a faucet b/c it has a higher flow rate.
I also really like the way they look, which was the reason I got mine.

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Hello Fabb,

I have an entire page dedicated to pot fillers on my site! Hopefully it will shed light on the different types and what to watch out for design wise.... I am a kitchen designer and the page details what I have learned about installing them!

They're cool... My clients love them...

Here is a link that might be useful: What to know about Pot Fillers!

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