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Kitchenin2013November 13, 2012

We are very close to the starting our kitchen remodel and I'm hoping to get some feedback on our current layout.

- The only window will be new construction and can be sized to whatever length; it faces the street.

- We would like to keep the appliances as close to their original places as possible.

- We also have a fireplace in the kitchen that we will not be moving.

- The cabinets will be custom.

Thank you very much in advance for any feedback you can offer.

Also, our original layout had a peninsula in lieu of the island and the wall of cabinets on the right, and a pantry towards the opening to the dining room. We were uncomfortable with the original layout because the pantry would block the opening and without the pantry, we would be short on cabinets.

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I think someone will suggest to move the DW to the right of the sink to get it out of the prep area. (right?)

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The DW is where our sink currently is now. We originally had the FDW to the right, but the clearance between it and the island became a concern.

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With only 3 feet between island and sink wall, the dishwasher will be a problem when open anywhere on that wall.

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What it I added a cabinet (i.e. trashcan cab) between the sink and dishwasher? I've always had the sink and dishwasher right next to each other. Is this problematic? We're extending our red oak floors into the kitchen. I suppose I can always put down a long rug.

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push the island to the right and hook it to that side run of cabinets which creates a G shape kitchen-the left side of kitchen opens up greatly-make deeper counter runs along sink wall if you wish. the area in front of fireplace and thru the pocket door to the right is only going to be a walkway anyway/so you get a nice baking alcove/zone on the inside of the G. You can curve out the end of the g for the couple of stools....

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