How deep should my sink be?

momand3boysNovember 24, 2012

I remember seeing a post a few years back that recommended sink depth based on your height. Can anyone find it for me? I've had no luck so far. I'm 5'10" and afraid to go with a Silgranit which have deep sinks. Tx!

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I think more important than your height is how far above the floor your hands are. Standing straight up, I can touch the bottom of my sink.

How deep is your current sink? Is it comfortable? Is your current sink overmount or undermount?

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Keep in mind that the same sink in a top-mount version will have a higher bottom, because it sits on top of the counter, than a under-mount version.
Managing back and neck trouble also is something to consider, if you have any.

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Rachiele has a height/depth ratio on their site. I'll link below.

I am about 5'8" and have a cleanup sink that ended up about 11" deep once it was undermounted in my 4cm stone. It's deep. I wish it was a bit shallower, but Blanco doesn't give you any depth choice in silgranit. I'm happy with my sink and wouldn't make a different decision just because I'd like the sink a bit shallower.

If you like sink grids (I don't), using one will effectively make your sink less deep for many tasks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink depth/height table

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I currently have a 7" sink and am looking forward to installing a silgranit sink (10") with my upcoming renovation. I currently have a single sink and hate having to handwash items in it. If I fill the sink with water, I can only have about 3" of sudsy water in it, which fills up quickly as I have to rinse above the water. I know others just don't use a sink with water in it (only soap and running water) but I don't use this method or like it---it doesn't allow dishes to soak while cleaning.

I can put the grid in the silgranit sink to make it not as deep, if desired. I think you need to examine how you use your sink to determine what you need. Good luck!

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