Pre-buying a range - stupid or brilliant?

rmiriamNovember 7, 2012

I will be redoing my kitchen before too long - probably next summer. It currently has gas, but I know that I want an induction range when we do it. I saw this model at Lowes on clearance for $959, and it's available online, too! Seems too good to pass up, but is there any reason not to get it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung Induction

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Why not buy it in advance? If you have found exactly what you want and its on a once-in-a-lifetime sale. Go get it.

We have many, many, very smart customers who spend up to two years pre-buying all their appliances. There are thousands of dollars to be saved doing this.

Then you have the problem of designing your kitchen around the appliances, but since most are a standard size, how much of a problem is that?

For more tricks for budget kitchen remodeling, follow the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Remodeling on the Cheap

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I pre bought a range for a kitchen remodel once, and had some issues with rusting (was stored in the garage, in the crate), then, when we went to install, my contractor damaged a door, and when we tried to get a replacement door, that model was no longer available.

(Fortunately, the manufacturer had an old damaged returned door--that was less damaged than my door, which I was able to use--still...)

The other issue is that you might change your mind about what you want, or something new and better would come out. You also have to worry about storing it.

Personally, after my experience, I would not pre-buy again, though it depends on your personal situation, especially how far in advance you are of your project.

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When will the warranty expire?

What if it is DOA and you don't find out until months later?

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We would actually use it. The kitchen does not currently have any appliances, so I was going to hook up a cheapie gas stove to the existing line. If I buy this stove, the electrician will have to put in an outlet, which may have to be moved when we redo the kitchen (which I was trying to avoid), but we could skip spending a couple hundred dollars on a temporary range.

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Fori is not pleased

Do it. No need to waste an extra range! Having a new circuit installed (it probably will be more than just an outlet to an existing one) is a few bucks but can probably be partially reused when you remodel.

And you do have to cook on something. I don't think you'll regret doing this.

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do it.

And go to the post office, get one of those change of address packets...there is a 10% off your entire purchase coupon at Lowe's in it.


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Just check when your warranty of purchase, date of delivery or date of installation.
I bought all my appliances about 8mo prior to installation. Project was pushed back by the contractor. I had to delay delivery 3 times. I was able to get the store to initiate the warranty from date of delivery but they would not warranty from date of installation. Lost a few months on that.

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How much will you save by buying ahead?

If we're talking a small amount like $50, I'd say that's not nearly enough. You are taking some risk by buying ahead: As some other posters said, there is the possibility of receiving a bad model, possibility of it being damaged during installation. If you're talking a small amount of money -- $50, for example -- I'd say that savings isn't worth the risk.

On the other hand, if you're able to save a couple hundred, I'd absolutely go ahead and buy the item. If you can save a decent amount of money, the risk is worthwhile.

Only you know what's "enough" savings for you to take the risk.

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Yes for sure buy it .... the possibility of redoing an outlet is a lot cheaper than a second gas range that you'll only use for a year or so. Go for it and enjoy!

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If you have the place to store it and your remodel is *definitely*happening, go for it. I spent over a year and half reaerching and bargain hunting for appliances I wanted. I only started the design when most of the biggies were purchased and safe in the garage.


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Hi, rmiriam, I bought that same range at Best Buy a couple of months ago. It's been discontinued, and mine was the floor model. I was lucky and got it for under $700. There are some things to think about with floor models (mine had bent legs, not visible in the store), so keep that in mind; but if you are planning to start using it right away, you would find anything weird pretty quick.

It's a fun range to use if the burner configuration agrees with you (you said you'd seen it in person, right?).

You might want to get a quote from the electrician before you commit just in case it's more than you think to run the wiring.

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Thanks, everyone! Somehow, between when I saw the range for $950 at 12:00, and 4:30 when I went back to buy it, they had lowered the price to $497. Plus, they had a non-floor model available. So I jumped on it, and am pretty giddy about my steal :)

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Even better!
Bought mine several months in advance but it lived at the appliance dealer until ready to instal. Love small town stores.

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Wow. Shoulda bought 2. lol

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We did something similar but it was not a total remodel.

Buying a new combo oven/microwave wall oven was on our "to-do" list because ours was black and we were changing to stainless.

Our oven worked fine, there were plenty of things above it on the list.

But we were at HD or Lowes one night and they had this one for 1/2 price. They had planned to put it on display but the oven was 27" inches (or whatever the smaller size was for 1980's homes) and the hole they had cut out was for the larger current ovens.

We knew we would not be doing a total redo (unless we hit the lottery!) so we bought it. That was probably about 10 years ago.

So we have been enjoying it since!

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Wow, you snagged a deal! Have fun with it!

The most fun part of mine has been the pretty cast iron dutch oven I bought to go with it. :) That and the easy cleanup (I had coil before) and the boil-to-simmer in an instant and all that good induction stuff.

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I bought (or should say they are holding) all of my appliances in Sept....and they have not started framing yet....sure hope it was not stupid.

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Fori is not pleased

Ha! Do they have more?? :)

Yes, you did the right thing, and now you won't feel bad even if it costs an extra $453 to get the electrical set up.

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Nope - last one :) Anyone know of any other good appliances being discontinued?

The electrician is already there rewiring large chunks of the house, so I don't feel guilty at all throwing this in. Now off to shop for pots and pans!

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I got the same range and just used it for the 1st time tonight. I got a good deal, but not THAT good!

As for pots and pans, if you have a tight budget check out Tramontina Tri-ply clad at Walmart. I had to get all new pots and they have a nice 8 piece set for only $129. They compare favorably to AllClad and are recommended by Cooks Illustrated. As I've only used them to boil water for spaghetti, I can't speak from personal experience; but I've read very good things about them. They are heavy and very pretty.

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Greab buy! We bought our appliances in December 2011; they shipped in May 2012 and installed in July. The ovens had an issue so I called the retailer and withn 48 hours I had a call from a service company. Everything was under warranty. The double ovens and frig were floor models; and the rangetop was new because we needed an LP orfice.

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