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kickingup555November 20, 2011

Remodeling our kitchen and am now to the sink decision. I am going with a Swanstone granite sink with the left side being large and 10" deep and the right is medium/small and 7" deep with a lower divide between the two basins. Our dishwasher is immediately to the left of the sink and the garbage is to the left of the dishwasher (though I could always put a small 2nd one under the sink if need be). What I am wondering is which side should I put the disposal in. I forsee the large left side for "storing" dishes that will go into the dishwasher and for cleaning large pots, cookie sheets, etc. and the other side for the occassional times I may do a small load by hand, hand-washing, and rinsing of vegies. Any ideas? What do others have and why doesn't or does it work?

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Oh, and I've only ever had a dishwasher on the right of the sink, but with the remodel it will work best to the left. How will that be for me being right-handed?

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Ergonomically, it actually works best for a right hander to have the DW to the left of the sink. But your sink needs to have the larger and smaller basins reversed for less body twisting. You'll store the dirty dishes in the large basin, pick them up with your left hand, scrape with your more dextrous right hand into the disposal on the left and then load the DW on the left. The small basin will hardly get used. But a small prep sink elsewhere in the right spot would maximize your prep ability without compromising your cleanup area.

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I have a similar setup to you dishwasher on the left, large sink on left, and smaller sink on right. I put the disposal on the rhs smaller basin as I often have soapy water in the large basin as I use the smaller basin for prep.

I do think the trash would work better on the rhs though, since then you can easily reach the trash as you're clearing and rinsing, without having to step around an open dw door.

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I definitely feel reassured about having put the dishwasher to the left. *breathes easy* If I would have left it on the rt side then I would not be able to acces the upper cabinets that will house the dishes so it only made sense to move it to the left. Thank less worry.

I do wish the manufacturer made those sinks in the reverse since I feel the reverse would be handier when washing large pots, etc as is what I will use it alot for. However, they don't and have only found them like that in the stainless steel and I don't want stainless again or the cast iron sinks which I didn't particularly care for either. Probably after I have it installed, they will wise-up and start making them that way. That'll be my luck. LOL

I don't have a real good spot on the right side for the garbage as immediately to the rt of the sink are drawers, then a corner w/lazy susan. I can either put an small one under the sink in addition to the one on the left which is in a taller pantry like cabinet with the garbage inset in a pullout drawer. Just to the right of that corner lazy susan is just a standard lower cabinet with an adjustable shelf so I suppose I could not have a shelf in there and use it for the garbage.

When I was planning it (the cabinets are not yet installed, but are almost finished-custom built), I just basically flip-flopped our current set-up and adding on to the right side where there were no cabinets. Although after you mentioned about getting around the open DW door to get to the garbage, it made me realize that we have run into that. A little late now, but I guess not all is lost. I can try it that way and always improvise some other way like those I've mentioned to make it work since I can't really change the layout now. Should have gotten on here sooner, huh?

I thought planning a new kitchen would be so fun, but it is soooooo stressful. There are just so many things to think about and decisions to be made that it's crazy! Thanks for the input and will gladly take much more!

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