Island not exactly centered with the range top

CT_NewbieNovember 3, 2013

So now that everything is in and the electrician has cut the holes for the pendant lights, I am realizing that the island is not exactly centered with the range top. The range top is 48" wide and the Island is only 42" wide and it is aligned more with the left side of the range top to allow for a 45" wide aisle between the right side of island and the wall with the sink. This means that the pendants won't line up with the stack of the hood, but will be to the left slightly. I am assuming they should be centered on the island. Although, I suppose the positive is that you'll be able to see the 10"wide stack of the hood a little clearer

Just for future reference, do you think it is odd that the island wasn't centered or was it really important for the aisle to be 45" wide or was it better not to directly block the hood? The aisle to the left is about 56" wide so maybe she felt it would be too wide if the island were centered? It has to be somewhat wide because my SubZero is on the other side of the right aisle so we want to be able to open the door without hitting the seats for the island


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I think it totally depends upon what view you will most see. I had the same thing happen with my old island and we chose to center the island off of the range because of the main viewpoint in the room. It gave me uneven aisles (45" and 50"), but I never really noticed that. I think I would have noticed more if the pendants had to be spaced unevenly over the island. Your 45" aisle between the sink and the island is an important size--she probably was aware of this.

If your pendants are hung slightly left of the rangehood's center and that viewpoint is not the main view into the kitchen, then you are probably fine. If the end of the island IS the main viewpoint, I would choose to center the pendants on the rangehood and have the pendants hung slightly off of the island center. Some people do this on purpose if the island is particularly wide and they have a sink area on one side that they want more "task" lighting for.

I think you are actually talking about 3" difference though right? If the 48" wide range vs 42" wide island leaving 6" and splitting the difference for the even spacing?

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My island is not centered with my rangetop and the aisles on either side of it are not the same width. My opposing walls facing the island aren't the same length and the fridge wall is definitely not symmetrical. I wouldn't change any of that. In addition, in the process of doing our kitchen we discovered the window was not centered on the wall and the light fixture over the sink wasn't centered. We'd lived here for 7 years at that point and not noticed those. A couple we did we didn't care about. What we did notice was that the kitchen looked better than it functioned.

You will never be so micro-focused on the details as you are now. The function and flow of the kitchen will always matter.

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Good practice by a kitchen designer would be to have things properly lined up and also allow for proper clearances.

Sometimes it's necessary to cheat one aspect or another. However, the cheat should not impact function or make things look off as you describe.

These are often small points and in some renos unavoidable. Perhaps some kitchens are 100% perfect but I spot issues in most I see -- here, on houzz, blogs and elsewhere.

One reason some kds (Mick De Giulio and a few others) get big bucks is the ability to deliver without those telltale aspects.

My own kitchen has issues. Over time we all learn to accept them.

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Thank you everyone! Firsthouse, I think the difference is actually 6" because I think the left side aligns with the left side of the range top. Had she centered the island, then the pendants would align with the hood.

You are right, I am micro focused now but we still might be able to impact some of the decisions such as the position of the lighting so best to know what the trade off should be

The main view from the family room and the eat in kitchen is the side of the island and then ultimately the hood. If you're facing the range top the island is sort of "portrait" positioned. Then in front of the island, I want to put a farm table "landscape" positioned. That will be more toward the right side as I want to keep the left aisle free for traffic to the family room. Also, I have a bump out on the right side of the EIK (but not the kitchen part) with french doors that lead to a sunroom so there's more room on the right.

Does everybody agree that I should cheat and align the pendants with the hood?

Also, if I were to shift the hood slightly to the left, how much can I shift without it being a noticeable difference given a 48" wide span of tile? I'm using a chimney stack hood which is supposed to be a focal point. Ironically, I think where the vent for the hood will come up on the 2nd floor will overlap maybe an inch in front of the master bathroom door frame.

Lastly, which lighting is used the most - the can lighting that is above the aisles or the pendant lighting or both? If the pendant lighting usage doesn't matter that much, that would also be a rationale for cheating it to the right a little.

Thank you!

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1 in a 100 kitchens allows both to align. Usually "U" shape kitchen. In new construction if designed in to the space by the architect sure it should happen. But remodel? Nobody has a magic wand.

If it is critical because both are seen from far off and one could tell then some cheat is reasonable but not much. If it can't be cheated enough,shows from a real POV and is disconcerting then don't emphasize the discrepancey with pendants.
Is there a place in the space, where you will be able to see it? Often?

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Absolutely could not say without photos taken with views. Don't make mistake of thinking the view is only in one direction. It will be in more than one.

Also would need photos of pendants. Cheats can be easier/more difficult depending on the scale/height/color/style of those.

Most hoods are not focal points. But it can depend on the alignments with entry ways etc.

Fortunately, tolerance for most of the little things increases over time.

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On your plan asking about the mudroom it appears that the range is centered 86.5" from sink wall and island is 89. It appear that it could be seen from the other room if standing in a line with the pendants. It won't be particularly noticeable, would be mor if island were turned.
If it still bothers, assuming pendants are a decent size, in scale with the space, given 9' ceiling you should get enough spread from the light to cover the island. So the a cheat wouldn't show in the light field, only when in line looking down the middle of the island. Your call- either is ok IMO-depends on what bugs you more.
Looks as if a few tweaks could have gotten them closer(within an inch)-aligning centers might have been pushing things.

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For me, it's not necessarily about how everything lines up exactly but also how does it feel when you look at it. Is it weighted properly when viewing the wall. Few kitchens or spaces are lined up exactly.

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Thank you everyone. Here is the view of the kitchen. The hood stack is 10". The RH Harmon pendants (will be next photo) have to be hung at 33" off the countertop because of the screw in rod size combo. Otherwise it would have had to have been much higher, like 39"?

The hood is being hung at 36" because of DH's height (really he only needs it upt to 34/35"). Unfortunately, the hood had a dent in it and I am really hoping will return and provide a new on.

I might have to make a decision now since the electrician is here.. He says people usually center pendants with the island

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This should be the Harmon pendant (on the floor). The light cans would have to be moved 3" and then patched. Which could screw up the timing on painting the ceiling a little.


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Sophie Wheeler

If you want the hood to be the focal point of the room, then skip doing the pendants. They compete for attention. Especially with another pendant in the breakfast area close by. It's too many things hanging from the ceiling. Do recessed spotlights instead. If you want the pendants to be the focal point, then do a wood hood instead of a metal chimney hood.

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ITA with hollysprings. You can so easily end up having too danged much dangling in your sight lines.

We had the same issue with hood and pendants, and our offset would have been very visible from the family room and a couple of other angles. I was heartbroken when my KD said "no pendants for this kitchen!" But now I see she was wise. Our space did not permit us to move things around. So we put a pendant to match our eat-in table fixture (also dangling!) over our sink, and I am so glad now. It looks clean and uncluttered, with clear sight lines all around.

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Is the island centered with the sink? Probably not. Either way, I'd hang the pendants over the island...that's where you need the light. Your kitchen is beautiful and you want to see what you're prepping. Once you get the 'stuff' in there, I don't think you'll notice either way.

If it were me...and it bothered me after everything else were done...I'd paint the island a soft pastel blue or green...and make it the obvious focal point it should be :)

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Thank you all! The electrician put up one of the pendants and once the stone was in, the overhang from it reduced the effect of the island being slightly off center. You're right, after looking at it from different angles, it wasn't noticeable. Even looking straight on it was hard to tell that the pendants were slightly off. And the further away one went, the less noticeable. Plus, DH was worried about banging into the pendants if we moved them too far right so that constrained the amount we could move them further, making it not practical or worth the effort to move them at this point. So I feel much better about leaving them. The KD said since we had so many appliances on the island she had felt we needed the extra aisle space and that makes sense.

I see your point about pendants competing with the hood and part of my dilemma but we do love them both. and since it is a pretty big space we felt like we wanted pendants in the middle. Admittedly, it does mean the hood gets a bit of a backseat (but not for side views). We're changing the fixture for the EIK to be a simple round white drum. Hopefully, that way, it won't be trying to compete with the shiny metal pendants/hood.

I wanted to post a pic but my laptop isn't recognizing my camera phone any more so I can't upload.

Thank you everyone! I feel a lot better about it

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