Wax paper left marks on my wood table...HELP !

MIssyVNovember 15, 2012

ACK!! I baked some cookies today and let them cool on wax paper on my wood kitchen table. When I cleaned up from baking I found nice little round prints from where EACH cookie cooled.

Has anyone ever encountered this? Is there anything I can do to remove them? There are 2 and a half dozen of them :)

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I have an old solid maple table that gets rough treatment. I set down coffee cups and wet plates and anything else you can imagine. I'll get rings from cups and glasses, but then they disappear. I don't know where they go. Sounds like your wax paper melted a bit from the cookies and ended up on the table. Surely it's just sitting on the surface and will eventually wear off.

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That's awful, I'd be in distress too! Maybe do a Google search and see what you can find out. Like linelle suggested, do you see what looks like a waxy residue or are they white scorch marks?

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If it is wax from the paper use some paint thinner.

If it is a heat mark into the finish it may fade.

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two words: wire racks.

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If it's wax which sounds likely
Two options - brown paper and an iron on mild heat-
or benzene (or lighter fluid)
can be a little tricky depending on how deep into the wood but I'd expect not that far unless you burned the cookies.
Likely will wear off too.
Then get a better sealer and as noted wire racks make for better cookies.

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Should have been clearer- put down brown paper, then run the iron over it- not too hot or long- pick up and see if you won

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I've heard that Howard Restor-a-Finish is a good product. It removes heat and water marks.


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If it is wax residue, I've used a paper towel & warm iron similar to jakuvall's recommendation. Paper towel soaked up the wax great.


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