Kitchen Sink Liner/Tray???

MileHighDivaNovember 1, 2011

I have water damage under my current kitchen sink from leaks and various plumbing issues. When my new cabinets are installed I want to protect my investment and minimize any potential damage in the future.

Has anyone used the kitchen sink liner/tray by rev a shelf? Did you feel it was worth it? It's around $60.00, is there a less expensive option? Do the TKO go bare or do they line the base of the kitchen sink cabinet?

Please share your insight and thoughts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Sink Liner/Tray

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I have ordered this one from Driptite. It was backordered, in fact I just got an email today that ithas been shipped to me. Sorry I can't report any experience with it yet (cabinets aren't in yet anyway), but it is cheaper, plus the sides are higher.

Here is a link that might be useful: Driptite Slide n' Fit Sink & Vanity Base Protector

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Iroll, Thanks! $35 including s&h is better than the $60 plus tax and s&h for the one above. When your cabinets and sink base protector are installed please report back.

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This is an update on the Driptite Slide n' Fit Sink & Vanity Base Protector, which was supposed to have been shipped to me.
I have never received it, and the only response I have had from the owner of the company was the false shipping information.
I tried to open a resolution through Paypal, but after jumping through their hoops and pasting all my email messages, etc., I got a message saying that this is not the sort of transaction one can dispute---?
So, I sincerely hope that no one else has placed an order with this company, or, if you did, did you receive your item?

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iroll, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a service issue with the Driptite company. Thank you for warning everyone not to order from them!

You should report them on Angie's List! I'm shocked that Paypal will not assist you with this issue and/or give you your money back. If they don't get involved in these types of issues, what kind do they get involved with?

I have not ordered the rev a shelf one yet, because I ordered an under sink organizer from Amazon. I'm not sure if the screws for the organizer will be too short to secure the organizer to the sink base cabinet with the liner in between. I keep neglecting to call rev a shelf during business hours to ask about this potential issue.

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I ordered a Driptite sink liner in November and never received it. I emailed the company and got no response. Do not purchase from this company!

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Anyone else have any suggestions? The KraftMaid ones look great, but I don't see anything that nice for sale separately. I think the Rev-a-Shelf ones look OK, better quality than DripTite's vaporware, but it doesn't come in enough sizes, just 30, 36, and 42" (which can be cut down to 27, 33, and 39").

We have Kohler Stages 33 and 45" sinks in 36" and 48" sink bases. The sinks' drains are WAY over on the right side, so I'm using the left half of the sink base for trash pullouts. I need 18" and 24" drip trays to cover the right half of the cabinets under the drain. Or I would need 36" and 48" if I chose to cover the whole bottom; either way, the 27-42" range misses one of the sizes I need.

I am tempted to have my counter guy fab up a slab with a sloped shower pan style slab that can be caulked into the cabinet. It would have a raised lip around the periphery, then be sloped forward and toward the center and have a lip that pours over out of the front of the cabinet. Hmmmm. Temptation.


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Hafele makes an undersink liner. I haven't seen it in person, but maybe someone on the forum has.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hafele Liner

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I used peel and stick vinyl tiles in the cabinet under the sink. Not glamorous, but it was a $10 job (perhaps less)! And it won't protect against major leaks, but at least it will catch any small drips from the sink, cleaning products, or loose bits of trash/recycling/compost. And, I don't feel bad cleaning it with a mop. No one looks under there but me.

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Ljwrar, thank you so much!!! I too have severely damaged wood in my sink base from plumbing leaks like the OP and in my new kitchen, I want to avoid that. Short of throwing thousands of dollars into a custom slab solution to protect a $500 cabinet, this sounds awesome! I like how it can be cut to custom sizes. Maybe even fold it up in the corners?

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David, if you try the Hafele liner, please let us know how it works out. Lisa

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I have Rutt cabinets and they came with a sink cabinet liner installed for me. From the looks of the Hafele liner linked above, I think that is the one that I have. It looks and works great.

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Lisa, I certainly will try to remember to report back, though in all honesty, I'm terribly forgetful.

Blue Devil, thanks for your report!

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Hello everyone,
I ordered the Rev a Shelf liner/tray to protect the lovely pristine cabinets under my sink. I like the fact that it funnels water towards the front of the cabinet so that you will notice a leak when it happens, instead of discovering it months later when you start wondering where that musty/moldy smell is coming from. The Rev a Shelf liner seems superior to the Hafele for that reason -- the Hafela liner catches water and holds it, instead of funneling it.

BUT -- I also crave under sink pullouts to organize cleaning supplies etc. I searched thru the various cleaning caddies and cleverly ordered the Rev a Shelf 548-10, which mounts on the wall so I would not have to punch holes for screws thru the liner -- which would seem to defeat the purpose of the liner. But it seems the 548-10 has been discontinued, so I now have the liner but no compatible side mounted pullout/organizer :-(

MileHighDiva, you mention that you were concerned the screws on your undersink organizer would be too short to go thru the organizer and secure it to the cabinet base. Did you go ahead with this? How did it work out? Do you think you compromised the liner by putting screws thru it?

I now have my eye on a trash pullout too. Each of these pullouts has a footprint of about 10x20 inches, so I'm thinking about cutting a pair of 10 x 20 rectangles out of some sort of rubbery material to put underneath the liner. The material might close around the screw and act as a gasket, and I guess I could put a gasket on top of the liner too (for sure need longer screws now!)

But more important, I think the rectangular pieces would raise the liner up a little bit on the sides so that any water leaks would be channeled towards the center, so the liner would still serve it's purpose even tho it has screw holes. What do you think?

I'm a bit concerned, tho, that the material I put under the liner to raise it might absorb water instead, and hold it there -- which would not be a good situation. I was thinking about cutting up an old yoga sticky mat for this purpose, but maybe there is another better material out there.

Or, I could order the Hafele mat, which looks like it could be cut to fit around the pullouts without compromising its purpose. The Rev a Shelf liner is designed like the classic drain mat that goes under a dish drainer; it channels water instead of catching or absorbing it. I can't quite tell if the Hafele just catches water or absorbs it somehow -- the website says the dimples can "collect" up to a gallon of water per six square feet. Those are some dimples!

Any ideas? Thanks all!

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I think it might be wise to use some sort of water sensor devise and regular liner, if you're prone to leaks. Generally leaks occur right after install of something new or years and years down the road. I put paper towels or even better is that colored construction paper kids use. You can see even the most minor leaks with it. After those are all fixed, you should be safe for a long time.

Irol, I had a problem with paypal too, and they are really too hard to deal with, so I called my credit card company and they said they would handle the matter. They told me Paypal cannot charge you for something you didn't receive, and they have much more clout than an individual customer.

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We just installed the Hafele one ... it's "stainless" looking with dimples. It's looks amazing. The claim is that with the dimples it can hold 1 gal. of water over 6 sq. ft.

I don't plan on testing that anytime soon :)

Pic is from the catalog - will post my own this weekend.

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I bought an end piece of vinyl flooring to put under the sinks. Have always done that. Looks nice and is easy to clean. I love the look of some of these liners (Hafele for one), but not sure I want to pay that much.

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If you hire a competent plumber and check under your sink every now and then, this product is unnecessary.

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Agree with Treb - but I also know from experience that soap bottles and other cleaning things can lean, get sticky, and they make a mess. I'd rather clean a piece of PET and worry less about the cabinet.

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marco- that is a very attractive product. Please do post your pics when you do your installation. We suffered damage, not from a plumbing mishap, but an electrician who dropped a tool and caused a pinhole leak in my stainless sink. I like the thought of having a liner now, but never saw one this nice until you posted. Thanks.

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Marco - Thanks for the pic, and I'd love to see a photo of it installed in your kitchen. It does look attractive, which is not how I'd describe the Rev a Shelf product -- functional is more what comes to mind. Are the dimples just depressions that hold water, or is is some magic super absorbent material? A standard 36 inch sink cabinet would be about 6 square feet. Can't quite imagine a gallon of water in those little dimples.

My impression is that the Hafele liner is more flexible and would be easier to cut than the Rev a Shelf. The Rev a Shelf is very rigid material.

I agree with you, Treb, but this kitchen is going to be a rental property, so I won't be able to check periodically. If I were living here I'd probably put some vinyl flooring down to protect from spilled cleaning materials and call it a day. I think I have a good plumber, and will be able to test it out for a month or so before I move out, so hopefully any install issues will surface. We started this kitchen remodel thinking we would be living here - Cherry cabinets and stainless steel counter tops, Blue Star range and Ventahood -- now my husband's job is taking us to Hong Kong for three years. (Which is totally awesome!) So I'm being perhaps over cautious about protecting the cabinets. Thanks for the comments.

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As promised, here's our final install.

AND ... it's already saved my cabinets. We had a very small drip coming out from the reverse osmosis system over the weekend - all of it caught in the dimples!

And yes, we packed that baby fill. Instant hot, disposal, Never MT, reverse osmosis, and Moen control box. There's still some room left for cleaning supplies.

I got the amazing deal on the disposal from a tip here on GW - and of course the NeverMT (soooo happy with that!).

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marcojohnson - do you have pipes coming up from the bottom? my kd said i couldn't use a revashelf in my cab because the pipes come up throug the bottom of the cab but that is a very common way to do it so i was shocked that it was only for cabs with no pipes. can you cut your mat?

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The tile guy is suggesting putting the left over tile under the sink... good idea? bad idea?

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Hi Ardcp - You are back to my original question, which -- tho it's been an interesting discussion -- has not been addressed. The question was: if you put holes in it will it still work? I was asking about setting screws thru it to secure a trash can pullout, as -- until yesterday -- I had no plumbing going thru the floor. Yesterday the plumber put the copper line for the fridge icemaker thru the cabinet floor. I asked my GC to have him move it, and he suggested that I just cut around it and use silicone to seal it. Gotta love caulk. I'm still going to have the 1/4 inch copper pipe moved to the side, there is plenty of room behind the dishwasher, but I think I will go ahead with the screws for the pullout and just goop them up with silicone when I set them.

To answer your question, I think your kd is right. The rev a shelf is extremely hard and seems that it would be brittle to cut. I think cutting around pipes would really defeat the purpose. I have not seen the Hafele version in person (tho in photos it looks much sexier than the rev a shelf) and I wonder if that might suit your needs. It looks like it might be easier to cut, and as it's designed to hold water instead of channeling it, cutting thru it may not defeat it's purpose.

Another option, tho, is a water leak alert. I ordered a WaterDefense Water Leak Detection Alarm from home depot to put behind the fridge. It's about $20 and has about 97 reviews, 4 1/2 to 5 stars. You might go with some lino to keep it clean, and an alarm to alert you of any water leaks.

And KarMar00 -- wow. Tile might be even sexier than the Hafele. But I'd really like to know how he intends to install it. Is he going to create a basin, to hold water and channel it to the front? What about the plumbing? Or are you just putting down the a few extra tiles to keep it clean?

We really have two themes going in this thread, one on preventing serious damage from an undetected water leak, and the other on protecting the cabinet from the kind of sticky, dirty, spillable stuff that tends to get stored under a sink.

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I purchased the rev a shelf and have my water line to fridge coming up from bottom of cabinet. Contractor did cut a small hole for it so I could slide it in. I still feel it will be helpful in preventing some water damage to cabinet if it ever occurs but will also prevent bottom from staining or leaks from products I have in cabinet, but of course it would be better if there where no cutouts. I think the rev a shelf looks great.

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I also do keep a watch dog water alarm under sink. The rev a shelf wasn't hard for him to cut. When he was done, I used a small cordless dremmel to smooth out where he cut and it was very easy. My sink base is 27 1/4 so he had to cut a little off each side too.

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Hi Jancy, Thanks for the info regarding cutting thru it. And I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult your rev a shelf. That's what I have too, in almond, and it is great. I'm happy with it, but I guess grass being greener, I think the Hafele SS version with the dots is kinda more cool looking. But then, I've only seen photos. Sometimes real life is not quite up to expectations :-)

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No insult taken at all Welred. Your post didn't read insulting at all. I have the grey rev a shelf. I also think the Hafele looks great, actually to me it looks nicer in the photos but haven't seen one in real life either. I do remember looking at them on line but I can't remember why I didn't get that one.
With so much crap that'll end up in that cabinet - after a while I won't even be able to see what liner I have!!

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welred- Just the few tiles that are left over from the backslash to protect from spills, etc. and I guess chalk around the plumbing? Looks good on paper maybe, but it seems so permanent.

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