Good countertop choices w. natural cherry

PeterH2November 16, 2011

Just got a sample cabinet in from Scherr's (very nice workmanship, BTW). It's natural cherry, because we just wanted to see the door style and construction details. We had intended to go with a medium stain, but now I have seen the natural wood, I'm wondering whether to save some $$ and stick with that.

So, what countertop would you put with (premium grade) natural cherry?

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There are many, many choices that look great with natural cherry.Think about what other colors, textures you have going on already. Good contrasts are blue, green, grey, black, cream. Oranges/ reds/ browns less so. Browse a granite yard (bring your door sample) and see what speaks to you. Natural cherry can be a bit busy, so you may not want alot of movement in your stone.

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We used soapstone Our cherry is not premium grade. See link below for thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural cherry and soapstone kitchen

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"Our cherry is not premium grade."

Looks pretty darn' premium to me - very nice! What a pity the Amish never made it to California.

The match with your soapstone works really well (and I really like the sink, esp. the sloped front). What kind of soapstone is that?

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"Think about what other colors, textures you have going on already."

None - it's a back-to-the-studs remodel, so our choices are infinite (which is actually a problem).

The cherry grain suggests fairly plain counters/tile to me, which makes me think quartz not granite. I had formed an attachment to Silestone "White North" before I saw the cabinet, but it looks way too cold against the cherry. Caesarstone 2200 "Desert Limestone" might work.

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Our soapstone is Beleza. Have fun with your remodel!

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Tilenut is right. Natural cherry is wonderful, and really complex -- I knew mine was going to darken, but what's impressive is the range of reds and greens that appear in it after only a few weeks. It would be a terrible thing to stain it.

Black sets it off well. I've gone with a pretty dark-and-restrained soapstone, which is mostly black but also just a hint of green, which picks up the green lurking in the cherry -- you can see this in prospect 711, which has a little more green going on.

is an interesting kitchen, with a palette of dark red, black, and stainless going with the cherry. If you look around on you will also see really nice cherry-and-cream combinations.

I'm sure you've figured this out already, but do see if you can get (a) a not-too-small sample of the cherry that has been aged a little (boiled linseed oil will also bring out a lot of color fast) and (b) samples of countertop, and try them out in the kitchen space - the kind of natural light you get can make a big difference.

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Natural cherry has interesting grain patterns, but I don't find it that busy. It can easily go with a stone that has movement IMO. Here it is with our Azul do Mar counters.

We had a "aged" sample door from our GC that we took with us when choosing other materials. It was a couple of years old so that we could compare with the color that the cherry would be after darkening. Most of the color change happens in a couple of months.

A brand new sample natural cherry door for our family room cabinets with our 5 year old kitchen natural cherry to illustrate the color change (and a more close up look at cherry grain with an active stone).

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I used Typhoon Green granite with my medium stained cherry, but I agree with tilenut that you should look at lots of different choices. Try to keep an open mind. The Sweeby Test (from "New to GW, Read Me...") is an excellent tool to help you find the right counter material.

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Soapstone is a great choice, as is marble (I like the lighter ones with cherry). Another great choice would be Kashmire White Granite, because it has some nice tones that blend well with cherry. Some of it would/should be guided by your overall style of your kitchen.

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We have natural cherry in a modern kitchen. We have white composite counters from ecostone-- perfect as it lets the rich reds, movement of the wood sing.

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Costa Esmerelda looks beautiful with cherry. Here's an example I found by googling for images:

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collins design

Although I really wanted a white/light marble with our natural cherry, I was worried about keeping it looking good for resale, and tried really hard to love a granite instead. We narrowed our choices down to Kashmir White granite, Costa Esmerelda granite, Costa Esmerelda Rosa, and a dark soapstone-look granite whose name I can't recall. In the end I decided to get what I REALLY wanted, marble. My cararra counters have been in for 2.25 years and I'm really happy with them:

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Cherry with a honey stain and coffee glaze, just to tone it a bit. Soapstone that I put in with the help of my DH, though I did all the cutting and finishing. He did the heavy lifting and helped with the measurements and occasional problem solving.

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Eduring, I love the style and stain on your beautiful Cherry cabinets that look great with the Soapstone counters. I wish I had a window over my sink. I also love your backspash.

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OT, but may be of help to the OP.
Hey Lynn2006, I did the backsplash myself and I put those counters in. I was "driven to it" (soapstone) because my cabinet company's suggested fabricator didn't think soapstone was a good idea, too fragile. And then some goofy practices that I didn't like at the suggested stone yard cinched that the deal was off with that fabricator and stoneyard. I went online and researched and learned how to work with soapstone watching YouTube videos. I was nervous but after lots of planning I started the project of fabricating my counters. I had a different stone yard come out and cut my sink hole when I was done placing the counters. I liked them. And today this stone yard just sold me remnant pieces of soapstone for $5/sf. I'll use it for a few bathroom projects in the future. The kitchen soapstone I bought online and had shipped. I love working with the stone. The tile is a marble called Lansdale from The Tile Shop, but I cut the running bond mosaic into individual pieces and set it into a herringbone pattern.

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I'm really partial to Rainforest Green marble with naturql cherry cabinets. It has the streaks of cherry in it against the grey green and is a perfect partner with cherry.

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My cabs will also be natural cherry. We went with porto fino granite. The slabs we found just popped with the door. My advice is to keep an open mind and just see what works that is in your budget.

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In the end, for my natural cherry kitchen, I decided to go with Galaxy Black granite for my perimeter, and Delicatus white for my island. The Kitchen's not done yet, so forgive the unfinished of it all!

I love how the Galaxy Black really makes the cherry look so deep, and interesting. It has these neat little coppery flecks that shimmer, and compliment the cherry color beautifully. And that Delicatus, well, that slab was just love at first sight!

Here is a picture. You can click, to see it bigger.

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