Kitchen Design: Bringing it all together?

mommy2nkNovember 6, 2012

We are having our cabinets custom made. They will be a White Shaker Style but will have a bead like trim on the inside edge. I still need to select the white but it will be a creamy white (maybe Mascarpone or Pot of Cream by Behr). Countertops will be satin/leathered Marron Cohiba granite. I still have to pick my slabs but ever since seeing those last year, I haven't found anything else that I love so much. I chose the Kohler Whitehaven sink in white. I am 95% sure I will be getting the Elkay Explore bridge faucet in chrome (like springroz's). I am planning on a white subway backsplash but would like a decorative frame above the range (NXR 36"). I will have an island that has the trash pull-out, middle drawer bank and spice pull out. This section will have the Marron Cohiba. Then on the back of the island we are attatching a table that will have a mahogany butcher block top and legs matching the island. My flooring is a warm slightly reddish toned brown wood floors. My kitchen opens up into my family room. In my family room I have the Brandon Rug from Pottery Barn, love it!

So, as you can see I have certain details taken care of but I am trying to form a picture in my head. I also am trying to figure out other details like lighting, hardware (I like RH's Aubrey and Bistro not sure about polished or brushed)etc.

I am trying to figure out paint color for the walls. Currently my Kitchen/Family room is painted Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. The rest of my living area's in the house are Bleeker Beige, Manchester Tan (both cooler neutrals) and my dining room is Weimaraner (ceiling Tranquility). I LOVE Weimaraner and we rarely use the dining room except for piano and homework. I don't really get to enjoy that color and it is my favorite in my house. I am entertaining the idea of switching the color between the dining room and the family kitchen rooms. So my kitchen/family room would be Weinmaraner with a very light bluish/gray ceiling. I would paint my dining room, either the Comfort Gray or another blue. I have soffets which can not be removed. I painted them the same color as the walls, should I do that the next time around too? What are your thoughts about Weimaraner being my Kitchen color? I will say I love the contrast of my window trim (Pot of Cream by Behr) with the darker color. I would love any input on the design ideas I have thus far. Thanks so much!

Here is a link to my kitchen as it is now, I also included photos of my dining room color. The large entertainment center is being removed. I think it will take you to the whole album.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I only see one photo and I think it is the dining room.

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I was hoping it would have taken you to the full album. I will go ahead and post the pictures here for you. This again is how my kitchen looks now, thanks so much!

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I put this together with the items you mentioned. These cabs are Kraft Maid in dove white (custom colors are hard). I used Weimeraner for the walls. I think the backsplash tile I used is too gray for the Marron Cohiba, but I found it ridiculously hard to find usable pics of subway backsplash tiles (I know, how can that be?). Oh, and I didn't see that you had mentioned a hood, so I gave you a stainless chimney hood.

I'm not sure how reddish your wood floors are, but I kept ending up with images that had very little contrast between the mahogany butcher block and the wood floor.

I hope this helps with your visualization.

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Wow Cawaps!

Thank you so much for putting this together for me. What a neat thing to be able to do, how did you do that? I do have an under cabinet range hood, thank you for adding that. My floors are much darker, here is a picture:

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it will pull together well?

Thanks again!

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I used an online program called Olioboard to make the picture. It's pretty easy to use if you are computer savvy; the hard/time consuming part is finding pictures of stuff that you can snip and put in your design board. I didn't find the library of stuff on the site very helpful.

I redid the board using the floor from your pic, replacing the chimney hood with an undercabinet hood, and I tracked down a warmer subway tile. The tile is more beige than white, but pairs well with the Weimeraner.

My opinion: I think with the changes and corrections it works well together, except for the mahogany table. The reddish undertones don't seem to be a good match for either the Marron Cohiba or the Weimeraner. I think a walnut would be a better match, or maybe something like a reclaimed wood that is a bit bleached out, like the color of driftwood.

I love the Weimeraner. I am planning to paint my Bedroom BM Fairview Taupe, which isn't that far off from Weimeraner (so I may be biased). I'm planning to use BM Beach Glass (pretty close to your SW Comfort Gray) for the ceiling.

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