Blasphemy I'm sure, but I don't like the sink grid

marti8aNovember 19, 2012

I did finally get it, and didn't have to file with my credit card, so that was all good. But now that it's here, I've found I don't really like it. Silverware drops through and rather than find a place to put it, I don't clean the bottom of the sink as often, so then that bugs me.

Or am I doing something wrong? I have the single sink btw.

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For those reasons and more, I knew I would not like a grid. I really don't think they are for everyone, although some have said they just needed to keep using it for a while to get used to it. Maybe that will happens.

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I'm kind of lukewarm on mine. If I just have a few things to hand wash (like my Wusthof knives which aren't supposed to go in the DW), I feel like I have to fill it up more than necessary just to get the water above the grid. (So I wait until I have a pot or something to hand wash.) I also find that I'm cleaning the bottom of the sink less often.

I like the flat grid better than the one with sides (I have a double bowl), because the flat one I can put in the DW. For the one with sides, the DW has to be fairly empty on the bottom rack for it to fit.

And the bottom of my SS sink is scratched despite having the protection of the grid, so it's not one of my favorite things.

On the plus side, I do like that plates and cutting boards can stand on their sides for rinsing.

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I got the sink grid with my Julien sink. I have never had a sink grid before. I have mixed feelings about it. On the positive side, I can use the grid to drain vegetables, pasta, etc. and my sink, which is a very shiny stainless steel, does not scratched because of the grid. It also takes an inch off the depth which is helpful. On the negative side, I agree that it makes cleaning the sink more difficult. I am still getting used to it.

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I have to say I find it really handy. I put all my cutting boards on it vertically and use it to drip dry frequently used cups/glasses.
Marti I don't take out the entire grid when I soap/rinse the sink everyday, I just pick up one half of the grid at a time and wipe down the grid and sink. I also really like the fact that I can have dishes on top and still spray down the sink(we make a lot of tea and dump the leaves constantly)

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Kind of a mixed blessing -- an additional thing to clean. But on balance it is helpful, even essential it seems with a fireclay sink. Cushions pots and pans going into the sink and as others have said, makes it possible to spray clean the sink even with a couple of items sitting there on top of the grid. Cannot see being without it.

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I didn't like mine at first either (single 30" stainless bowl). I don't care if my sink gets scratches, so it's not about protecting it. It can be annoying and silly chasing little bits of food down to the drain with the sprayer. Once a week I take the grid out and give the sink a good scrub with Ajax, plus the grid itself.

I've decided there are more pluses than minuses with the grid. I love how pots and pans (both dirty and clean) can sit above the sink bottom and water. Big pots can drain and dry reasonably unseen. It really shines for drying cookie sheets or platters. I even appreciate the grid raising the bottom of my sink a tiny bit.

Give it some time, it may grow on you. If not, take it out for a while.

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