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burghmomNovember 19, 2013

Is there a rule of thumb for the size of pendants in relation to the size of a kitchen island? My island is 88" long and 36" wide. I understand that you should have the lights at least 18" in from each end of the island, but what about the size of the dome itself?? I am looking at 3 pendants that are 6.75" wide and 7.5" tall. This pic is the "before" pic of course. Changing the fixtures.

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I have just installed 3 eight inch pendants on an island that is 10 x 3. They are the popular industrial look pendants. I think I could have installed ten inch pendants, but I was told the smaller size would work. They look fine. I have to get used to them as I have never had an island in any house we have lived in. I will say that I am having trouble adjusting to the light in my kitchen because the room is not flooded with light from one or two large ceiling fixtures.

It has been suggested that you make a mock up of the size you are considering and hang it to give yourself an idea of the dimensions.


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Someone told me to blow up balloons to the proposed size and hang them from a string. I did it and it was a good way to visualize the size and number I wanted.

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