Python Soapstone from M. Teixeira arrived - Problem with edge pro

anotherwhitekitchenNovember 24, 2010

At long, long last, my beautiful python soapstone has arrived! I am in love. Twitterpated.

To start off - we ordered prefabricated countertops from the Denver location. This was a huge leap of faith for me. I have only seen soapstone countertops ONCE in real life. The idea of ordering countertops from another country, based on some photos of slabs, was absolutely daunting. But I didn't like the options provided to me locally (I am in a small city in Western Canada - the local places only offered a greenish, very busy stone based on the photos - nothing in stock - and I wanted something quieter). I had pretty much decided to get something else (leathered granite, corian, etc), but then I found GW. Based on all of the positive feedback here at GW regarding M Tex, I went ahead and took the plunge. And I am SO happy I did.

Dealing with the staff was fantastic. Emails were answered promptly. It arrived on schedule, and INCREDIBLY well packed. I was very impressed. This was one of the very few portions of this long, drawn out reno that has gone well.

Python soapstone is amazing. Fantastic. I actually like it unoiled too, but the movement and depth it has when oiled - well, now I know what you all mean when your heart starts to beat a little faster when you see the stone for you. I started to cry when it was all laid out on the floor - and no one I know would EVER categorize me as 'emotional'. I get little happiness butterflies in my tummy. The photos just don't do it justice. And I just can't stop touching it and grinning.

There is one problem- the edge profile isn't what I ordered. I had asked for a 1/2' bullnose (not a full bullnose to avoid the drip issues) but what came was what appears to me to be a 1/4' t-radius edge profile. My whole kitchen 'theme' is softness, roundness (ie my cabs are a shaker style but with rounded edges), and so I wanted the bullnose to complete that look. I'm also concerned about the drip issue with the curving on the bottom edge. I'm going to email them today to see what can be done about this - I'm wondering - do I pack them back up and send them back to bullnose the top edge? There are customs costs, brokerage fees, not to mention shipping costs associated with that. Nothing can really be done about the bottom, I guess.

They've been great so far about resolving 'issues' promptly and immediately. There may be some other fabrication issues too - I know there was a notch in the template to fit the one cabinet faceframe, but i don't see it on the stone itself - but I won't be sure until the installer comes next week.

Here is a link that might be useful: more pics on photobucket

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I'm not sure what I'd do. An edge profile is kind of a big deal for alot of us but at the same time it would mean a longer wait to send back.

I think it would depend on what kind of discount they gave me. Mtex is pretty good about those things so I'm sure they'll offer you a fair discount. After all, your out of the country for them so I'm sure shipping and customs is one hell of an expense!

It looks beautiful though! Are you going to oil it or keep it natural?

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The stone is beautiful! I look forward to seeing your completed kitchen photos.

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I wouldn't even think about sending them back - you MIGHT be able to get someone local to change the edge - particularly if you can get a small refund from the supplier.

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I was going to say what weissman said--I definitely would not want to send them back just because of the edge. The sheer weight and hassle of transporting the slabs back and forth and the chance of damaging the slabs would be something I wouldn't take a chance on.

Your soapstone is *gorgeous* and even though you didn't get the edge you wanted, the edge you got still seems nice and "soft" to me. Again, I agree with weissman that you could see if you could find someone locally to change the edge profile for you if it makes you that unhappy. I think it looks great! :0)

See what MTex has to say about some $$ off for the error...

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I bet the installer could either help change the edge or will be able to direct you how to get it fixed. It is a no brainer that M Tex should cover the expense as long as it is on your order in writing.
FWIW, the edge they sent you is classic and does have a rounded feel to it, even if it is less round. I know how you feel about wanting it just so, but if they offer to have it fixed and paid for that, I am not sure I'd spend to actually change it after getting the check.

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gorgeous stone!

I prefer the 1/4" edge.

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LOVE python. Your slabs look great.

I would live with it.

If you send it back, you are risking many many problems. What if, en route back, a slab cracks. Would you or MTEiX be responsible? Then what if your replacement slab doesn't match entirely (might not hold oil the same, etc).

I would be hesitant about having someone who does not work regularly with soapstone handle the edge. They could really muck it up.

It looks great and I do think it is one of those small mishaps that can be lived with. Most of us have that in our kitchens.

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Thanks for the responses!

That is probably the decision, I guess - see if I can find someone here to fix it, or live with it. I agree sabjimata - I am hesitant to get a granite guy to work with it. *shudder*

I don't suppose floridajoshua wants to come to the frigid arctic north in the dead of winter? Florida people LOVE 40 below weather, right?

Morgne - in response to your question - I couldn't help myself :). I've oiled once already:

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Wow, that's lovely stone.

In the grand scheme of things, you are the only one who knows which kind of edge you ordered.

If you are really worried about drips, run a thin bead of caulk (black) under the counter, about an inch back from the edge. If a drip runs under, it will hit the caulk and drip down instead of running under the counter.

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All the shipping issues, like if it cracked, is on Mtex. Their responsibility is to provide what was ordered. Period.

Now me, I'd probably take a discount and walk away rather than wait but I'd send it back before taking a crappy discount. Because I don't want to be looking at those counters for 30 years thinking... thank goodness I saved 200 bucks on that.

Just sayin.

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I think the edge you got is probably going to be a little more "classic" over time than the .5" bullnose, and is very well-suited to a material like soapstone. Personally I think it's a keeper.

Beautiful stone, btw.

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In our last kitchen renovation, our granite counters came with the wrong edge profile. I wanted the ogee edge and the fabricator made a mistake and made a 1/4" beveled edge. They offered to give me 10% off, as well as credit me for the extra I had paid for the ogee edge. I agreed because 1) I didn't want to wait for them to fix it and 2) I was afraid that they would damage the stone that I had picked out and I would have to start looking for another slab. (And I also felt had for the installer who carried it up to my 4th floor walk-up :))

I know how disappointing it is to not get what you want but your soapstone is so beautiful even with the edge it was sent with! For my current kitchen renovation, we did a waterfall edge on the island and 1/2 bullnose on the perimeter...I personally would have preferred your 1/4" t-radius over the 1/2 bullnose but I let DH decide on the perimeter...c'est la vie.

Whatever you decide, I can't wait to see it installed!

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M. Teixeira works with a company called Greensville Soapstone in Canada but I think they are only on the east coast. Maybe see if they can offer any suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Greensville Soapstone Company

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Would 10% be enough? *she asks retorically* I might send it back unless I got 20%. With a granite you have to deal with maybe not being able to get the exact slabs again or whatever but with soapstone many of the types are interchangeable.

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Did you ever hear back from M tex? I know if was thanksgiving weekend but I'm interested in how it turned out!

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Sorry I've been MIA - and I don't even have the thanksgiving holiday to blame as our thanksgiving was last month. Thank you all so much for the input. Thank you also to lazygardens - i will definitely do the bead of caulk idea. It is so great to have so many TKO opinions!

As an update - I am VERY happy with the resolution that MTex has offered me. Dealing with them has been fantastic. To have a company IMMEDIATELY offer a very generous solution to a problem is such a relief. Especially when, knowing I am in Canada, they probably didn't have to, business wise. You know? Very impressed.

I'm still calling around to see if anyone in the area has experience with soapstone (a girl can dream)and debating whether I should not risk it and just keep it the way it is. I am going to have someone set it in place for me this weekend to see what I think.

Thanks for all the complements! I absolutely LOVE it. The veins hold the oil longer than the rest of the countertops, giving it a darker vein effect which I LOVE! I've never seen anything like it. I can't stop touching it and SO can't wait to see it installed!!

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Anyone handy with tools can rework the edge to soften it. You can too.

Start by watching Youtube videos so you see how easy or hard it appears to be, to you.

For example, you can stand one of the counter pieces on edge so the underside is available to work on, and you work on one of those edges that will not be exposed after install.

By doing that, you will have answered the questions you might have had. ("No surprises; now I've done it, etc.") Then you redo the showing edges that you want done. This is what anyone would do when given a new material. Stones vary in hardness anyway, so it's wise for anyone to do a trial run on a segment to see how the tool and stone go together, whether it's a 1/2 inch long segment or much longer. This approach is very normal, for construction people, when they have new things to do. It's a procedure which is both a confidence booster and a question answerer. Any homeowner telling them it's soft stone doesn't mean they have to take the homeowner's word for it. They just go start on an unexposed edge to see if any minor form of surprise occurs. Then they get to work on the finished edge. Since the particular stone is technically "unknown" it is a nice precaution to adopt this prudent 2-step approach. Someone experienced might say "no need" but there is no pride hurt if you ask them to show you a sample of the edge you want, by starting on a segment of the unexposed edges.

Consult anyone who is good with shapes, with wood, plaster, metal, tile or preferably all of these. Someone with experience in shaping and sanding things will be happy to be given an unexposed edge to start on. While it's uninstalled is the time to try out methods: how hard the hand, which of various tools, etc. Tools used could be a router (following a guide, not free form) and the rest by hand. Dust will be produced.

To lift one of the counter pieces to stand it on edge, you need two people. You lean it against a wall, you protect the wall, you add a spacer so you have enough room to work around it, and so on!!


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I am so glad you got a resolution you are happy with! It's a sure bummer that it happened in the first place, but it's good to hear the company was willing to resolve the issue.

We are currently working with M.Tex on our order, and DH was putting a lot of weight on what your results ended up being.

So even though you are in Canada and they may not have felt as obligated to make you happy, it may have caused us to consider other options. But now I feel better about going ahead with our plans.

We are considering the Monsoon Wave.

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Python is the soapstone that I am considering. Thank you for sharing the pictures... it looks beautiful and helps me with my decision!

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I too was concerned because you were in Canada. From my experience with Mtex they have been a really good company with regards to making things good.... but some companies like to use an excuse to get out of something.

I'm glad to see that Mtex didn't take the easy way out! Go Mtex...!


Don't forget to get those beautiful pictures posted soon!

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