kitchen pendant - which one

kit730November 15, 2013

Need some input -

Attached is a picture of our remodeled kitchen so far. The island is 92x40. Our ceiling height is 7'11".

Here are the two options we're considering for island pendants. Can you please give me your thought on which one would be better.

1. We can go with 2 pendants of this size:


2. We can go with 3 pendants of this size:

Thanks in advance.

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For pendants, flowers, pictures and all sorts of other stuff, my understanding is that odd numbers, 1 & 3 in particular, are far preferable to even numbers, especially 2.

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Pretty long island. I could see 3.

Beautiful granite btw.

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I rather like the 2 pendant option better - really nice!

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V nice photo and selection. When selecting your lighting, do pay attention to the wattage each pendant can support so that you have sufficient light where you need it. For example, my pendants are 14in in sized each holds three bulbs. I have a dimmer but it is a lot of light which is really useful. Good luck w shopping.

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I cannot see the first photo using the link.

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Pretty granite. You'd get more responses if you posted pictures of the pendants into your thread. I chose 2 large pendants for my 63 x 90 island and am happy with them.

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Another vote for three. I like both pendants!

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Thanks for the pictures, oldbat2be. I like the second one best and agree three would look nice.

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Thank you all for your comments, input and the image upload.

Here is what we found - the larger pendant takes one bulb and a max of 100W. With a diffuser, the light that it emits is not much. So we'd have to put a high hat in between the two large pendants and don't like that idea much. The smaller pendant is beautiful, but only 6 inches wide. So even if we went with three, the counter may not be well lit.

So we're now considering going with three of these. I've uploaded the picture.

It is 8 inches wide and so the light will spread a little more. We can put it on dimmer if it is too bright.

We've to go with white glass because they do not have amber. So what do you think of three of these in bronze finish with white glass? Will that look good?

Thanks so much for all your responses.

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I think you should consider what you want the lighting for - is it for tasks, or general ambiance, or to highlight the island? The type of bulb you use will affect color and how much the light spreads, as will a diffuser on the bottom.

How does this choice fit in with your overall vibe and the lighting fixtures in adjacent rooms? Do you need the lights to take your design up a notch, or to blend and harmonize?
Also try hanging balloons on strings from the ceiling to get a sense of how many and what size you prefer.

You might consider buying from your local big box store (Lowe's has an impressive selection lately) so that exchanging is easy.

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If it's task lighting, is it better to have a solid shade so all the light goes down?

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