Help choosing kitchen layout

YuliaONovember 17, 2013

Could somebody provide a feedback on two layouts i am choosing between?

I didn't work on upper cabinets yet, just general layout�

the main differenceâ¦
in the first layout the range top is 36 inches and the sink is by the oven
in the second layout the range top is 48" and the sink is on the peninsula/islandâ¦.

Thank you!

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second layout

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I vote for second layout too.

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If you can put the ovens under-counter on the island, you could have the clean-up on the back wall with plenty of elbow room, DW next to the wall.

How do you plan to access the corner cabinet between the cooktop and fridge?

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the small cabinet right by the cooktop is a 12" pullout and the next one is corner (by the fridge) is the corner cabinetâ¦like the one on the picture but with the door on the other sideâ¦

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Definitely layout #2.

#1 is just awful (everyone in everyone's way: DW in prep area, no elbow room on left of sink...)

for #2, face the end base cabinet facing fridge, so that it's a quick/easy reach w/out having to cross into the cooking area. (I have my spices in top drawer and tupperwares under).

if you get 36" sink base, you can put the 18" pull-out trash on 1 side.

How much room do you have between range corner and fridge? because you could "dead-corner" it next to range, to put in a more usable 3drawer next to fridge.
I have 2 corners in my kitchen. I put in the same corner cabinet as above for 1 corner and dead-corner another so I could have a 3drawer in the other corner. And I love that 3drawer (I don't miss the un-used space at all); I rarely use the corner cabinet.

Good luck,

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I agree with Bpathome...if the oven and microwave can fit under the island countertop, it would give you a lot more space. Something like this, maybe? Just an idea :)

From [Kitchen plans](
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i have to note that we entertain a lot so this island will see lots of gatheringsâ¦

i had planned microwave drawer in the islandâ¦
but if i move 30" oven there instead, i can have a 24" column (with steam and microwave) and it will fit by the fridge. 30" does not fit thereâ¦

thank you all for all the input!!

so it would be something like that. What do you think? Kitchen#3

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Place the dishwasher to the left of the sink. Though it shortens the space between the sink and rangetop, it makes clean-up flow much easier.

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Agree with you and others in keeping the island top clear for your entertaining.

Regarding #3,...
1. How about the microwave over the counter next to refrigerator?
2. 30" and steam oven in island.
3. 36" stove definitely if a 48" isn't your dream.
4. With bpathome about DW to left of sink. As said, It's a natural, and for me getting the scullery mess firmly out of the cooking area would more than make up for smaller size. Plus, you have that great island.

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I prep a lot at the sink, and wouldn't like having my back to the island (and people sitting there) while doing it.

You might want to consider the costs of going from a 36" to 48" rangetop and buy only what you need. A larger rangetop means a bigger, more expensive, more powerful hood, which might require make up air. Is the chimney style hood what you want, and have you chosen/budgeted for it? Many of us don't give a lot of thought, or budget, to venting early in our design process and it can cause a lot of angst. And some of us forget that an advantage to a range, or oven below the rangetop, is that wall ovens don't get vented.

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kksmama, i agree, i didn't think about itâ¦.kitchen gets a lot of action and i don't want not to be able to see everythingâ¦.

Chimney hood is for reference only, ikea program does not have any other optionsâ¦i'll be getting a different style

here is #4â¦maybe i could fit veeeeeeeery small prep sink near the range topâ¦.

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Even though it's more intuitive on the left of the sink, in this case the dishwasher will now be in the way of your shins. Not to repeat myself in the other direction, but swap the sink and dishwasher :)

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Do you have other space for dining nearby? I'm wondering if it might make more sense to take and wrap the counters under the windows along the left wall, and then run an island parallel to that if there is room.

A measured drawing of your space on graph paper with a basic floorplan of the surrounding rooms would be very helpful. : )

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Laughable, you are right, i need to show the measured floor plan, will do that tonightâ¦The doorway on the right leads to the dining room.

I can't continue the counters further, because those windows are lower then standard counter hight, unfortunately :(

bpathome, i'll try to do thatâ¦what if i leave sink in the island and move DW to the wall near oven?

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No, then you're dripping on the floor and twisting your back. Ouch!

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you are right, not very comfortableâ¦

i just want to keep the sink in the corner so i have more space for people to sitâ¦

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Sophie Wheeler

Get shorter windows and smaller appliances. The best layout for the space would be a U with a small island, but the too large appliances for the space are overwhelming the possibilities.

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CLEANUP. You could prep on the island with a sink on the back wall. Wherever the sink is is where all the cleanup mess will accumulate. Some people find the sight of scraping plates and pots very unappetizing, as well as even those soaking in a sink, making a cleanup sink in an entertainment island not...optimal. Keeping that as out of sight as possible would be a priority for me. That's when turning your back on people can be good--as a visual barrier.

PREP SINK. In a kitchen that small, you probably don't want a prep sink, but if you did it would normally go where you prep, and you say that would be facing your guests.

CLEANUP SINK IN CORNER. Have you worked with one in that position before and felt it worked fine for you? If so, that is an option. If not, remember that most people would have real problems with seriously restricted arm motion and with only being able to have work flow in one direction. If your clean items were set to the right, and your dirty dishes were waiting to the right...

WORK FLOW. Think of the flow of your work around the kitchen:
Food from storage
to sink AND to prep area,
to cleanup AND to stove and oven for cooking,
to plating/serving AND to cleanup,
to table AND to cleanup,
DW/sink to cabinets,

PREP AREA. How much space you need for your main, everyday prep area depends on you. I find that about 3 feet or a bit over is all I need for family dinners, with extra space available elsewhere when I need to spread out.

The critical issue for me was actually making the prep area a DEDICATED space, without having to share it with scullery mess. Having lived with old kitchens with often poor work flow for a very long time, after securing an adequate space to work in this was probably my single most important item--separating cleanup firmly from prep. For both practical and aesthetic reasons.

U KITCHEN? Moving/enlarging/centering the window and doing a U as Hollysprings suggests could be a fantastic investment of money -- with a far more rewarding payoff in both function and appearance than an expensive counter material. But since you want lots of work space and maybe even a big stove, plus guests pulling up to the counter for a chat, I'm thinking no little island. Make it a real U.

In any case, be sure to play with all possibilities, even expensive ones, before deciding on what you really want. A layout that's excellent for you will please every day for as long as you have the kitchen.

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quick note - the house is already built so can't alter windowsâ¦

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I like the U idea! Having the sink under the window would be nice and that would leave you range on the wall side and dishwasher in the island (if not enough room next to sink). Still lots of prep space :)

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i made a mistake in my plan⦠the small window is 12" from the corner :(⦠very strange placementâ¦

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here are the plansâ¦i think in my previous ikea drawing i put too many cabinets in island, there will be no room around if i leave it as it isâ¦

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builder's plan

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this is what i had in the beginning⦠U shape

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You don't have that big a kitchen and you're trying to cram too many appliances in the small space.

Have you considered a range instead of cooktop/rangetop?

Do you need that 24" deep wall next to the refrigerator? That's 4.5" that could be better used in the cabinets/counter.

Can doors be moved? Can you move the DR doorway?

Is the rangehood vent location fixed? Can it be moved?

Is this a new build or a remodel? It's not clear - you say the house is built but you also reference the builder's design. If all these things are fixed and cannot be moved, then you are limiting yourself as to what can actually be done.

What's the scale on your layout? I thought it was 1 box=6", but it doesn't add up on the top wall (22.5 boxes = 120"). It wouldn't matter if we had all the measurements - the widths of each window/doorway/wall and the distances b/w each window/wall/doorway. Several wall, window, and door measurements are missing.

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I think the kitchen that would serve you really well would wrap around the wall where the windows need to be shortened. This would give you a super-functional kitchen with a nice sized island. Since you have a dining room just beyond, the little eaten area is rather redundant.

Changing out windows isn't that big of a deal (that's what my dh does for a living : )), and even if you had to replace some siding, you're just talking a small section at what appears to be the back of the house. Now if your house is brick, then it does get a bit more complicated.

But if you absolutely must leave the windows alone (and I wouldn't decide this until it's known for sure that they can't be changed), something like this plan might work. If you want the flexibility of 2 ovens, you could look into a double oven range with both of the ovens under the range top. I don't think you can spare the counter space that a wall oven is going to chew into.

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I was going to call ikea to measure the space but i think i'll just go and measure everything myself...i will post exact measurements as soon as i have them....

The house we are buying is new construction but it's almost complete. The contractor gave me the budget i can work with, and moving windows would not be in the budget. Plus, we have a deadline and he is nervous he is not going to finish on time...

i don't want to get a range because i don't need 36" oven, and in 48" range - i don't need 2 ovens, i just need 30" oven and 24" steam oven....

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Yulia, if you hired this guy for a custom build (as opposed to buying a tract home before it's constructed), you could tell him to move/change the window. Period. Easy-peasy. Really.

The cost would be minimal at this point because the workmen, tools and materials are right there on site. As long as you use the same window, labor cost only, AND it would take one of your framers very little time to do--don't be buffaloed into thinking it'd throw off your schedule.

However, if that's the wrong shape and size window, big deal. Change it and don't worry that your contractor won't like you. :) He'd have his guys work elsewhere on the house and place the new window when it comes in in a couple of days.

It's normal for contractors to try to pressure buyers out of considering changes as much as possible, not because changes can't be done quickly and generate profits, but because they worry about the project getting out of control. You are going to be living with in this house, though, and he'll go away and never see it again.

Furthermore, regardless of going to a U or sticking with a peninsula, windows in in rather strange sizes, shapes and positions are something people remodel to correct. Every window is part of the house "jewelry." They should be chosen and placed carefully. That one bears no relation to what's inside the kitchen as it is, and this would be your chance to fix that problem.

Note that nothing about the window placement in these kitchens was left to accident. They just look as if the windows always just had to be right there.

Want a door outside?

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You are right...i will talk to the guy...Maybe we can talk him into changing things around a bit...

We didn't hire him. We bought a house that is almost finished (siding/drywalls etc is there already...) So the contractor IS the seller...

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What if I moved a fridge to the wall where I have pantry right now (on the left)?... Would it be too far?

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